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College Dorm Slut, Part 03

College Dorm Slut,
Part 03

After I left coach Robin's bedroom, I headed to my room to get my towel and shaving kit so I could clean up before Mike arrived with the Hockey Team player. I was to seduce him and hopefully entice him to pledge here at the 'Spartacus House' Sports Fraternity I just hoped he was turned on to me and I to him. It would be much easier to seduce someone nice. Now that I know my duties, I was more at ease, but never dreamed that when I first arrived here a few months ago, that I would be hustling my body to some unbelievable hot young athletes. I think I found my niche in life. I was to be used to please men, a male whore, a pussy boy and cum dump for 12 or more athletes and the coach.

It was still early before I would be introduced to the Hockey Team member so I thought I would strip down and take a nap on my new bed. I fell asleep right away but was wakened by the feel of a warm hand on my butt cheeks. I didn't bother to look around but casually spread my legs and hoped I was going to be used by one of the men.

When he saw I was aware of his presence and had spread my legs so he could use me, he stripped off the remainder of his clothes and got on the bed between my legs and started fingering my ass hole. I was still lubricated from the last fuck and was ready for his entry. He guided his hard on to my hole and slowly entered my welcome hole. He had a good size dick and after he entered me he paused to let me get use to his dick. I backed up a little to let him know I was ready for breeding.

He started slowly at first then as I got use to his good size dick he started humping me at a good rhythm. He felt damn good and soon we were both moaning and groaning until I knew he was going to cum. He started talking to me under his breath and was using obscene words of encouragement calling me his whore and pussy boy. Then he started cumming inside me. He was wild and gave me a good fucking.

After he came he slowly pulled out his wet cock and left the bed. He put on his clothes and left without saying a word. No sooner had he left me another guy came into the room and crawled in between my legs, felt my wet hole and shoved his hard cock into my boy pussy. I was now starting to earn my keep as the house 'cum dump'. I loved it.

He fucked me real slow and easy as if he didn't want to cum too fast. That was all right with me. I like a nice long fuck. He was getting hotter and started fucking me harder and plunged his good size prick in deep into my body before he let out a pleasant moan and came. Then he laid on me for a short while, kissed the back of my head and said. “Bravo, bravo!” Then he got up slowly grabbed his towel from the near by chair and left the room. I saw him in the mirror and thought it might be one of the twins I saw earlier.

I thought now that I had a good fill of athletic sperm up my ass, I would go and take a nice douche and get ready for some more hot studs. I threw the towel around me and headed down the hall to the community john. I immediately went to the toilet to do my thing then went out into the room to take a nice shower.

I went under the showers and realized I was alone, but only for a short time. Two more guys came into the shower room and hung up their towels and joined me. I know I had been introduced to both of them but I was not too good at names. I knew I would recognize them later after I saw their good size dick. They both nodded at me and started talking to each other as they showered. I was wondering if these two were the ones that just gave me a good fucking in my room. If not hopefully I could get them to fuck me later. I noticed they were not shy about their cocks and had started manipulating them for some action. I thought this was a message for me to wet my fuck hole and turn my back to them to encourage them to fuck me. I wasn't wrong.

Once of the guys reached for my wet ass and placed his finger in my welcome hole. He put one of his hands on my butt and pulled me closer to him. “Bend over slut. It's time I tried out that fuck hole before it's used up. Hey Bob want a piece of this hot ass? I've fucked dudes before and this one looks really welcome.'

I bent over slightly for his entry. He quickly found my hole and slid his nice size cock right in my hole.

Oh Yeah! This one is gonna be nice to have around. Un huh. Good tight boy pussy. Un, Un, Un.' He said as he fucked me deep and hard. Our wet bodies made a nice noise as we fucked. He fucked me for a few minutes then said to his bud. “ Hey Bob. Come over here and get some of this. I'm about to cum but will wait until you unload that big prick of yours. Are you ready? Come on. He's nice and wet and ready for your big load. God I didn't know you were that big. Don't stretch him out too much before I unload. Go to it dude.” 

Bob come up to me as rubbed his big prick up my ass crack looking for a place to put his dick. I reached around my body and found his big thick cock and guided it to my hole. He was big. I think he must have had a good 9 inches of man meat and very thick around. I leaned against the wall and let him have his way with me. Oh Gawd. It was big but I've had bigger.

Hold on bitch. I'm going in deep.” At that he slowly pushed his cock into the depths of my body. We both moaned with pleasure at the same time.

Damn bitch. I didn't think you could take it. My girl friend won't let me fuck her ass. Your ass is warm and tight. I see why my friend said you were a keeper. Oh fuck! Good ass, Good ass. Now let me pump your ass and fill you with a week load of sperm. Oh fuck you are good. Bend over just a little more. Yeah. That's it, Now hold on. I gonna fuck you deep and hard.”

By the time he started to really pump my ass we had drawn a viewing audience. Four more guys had entered the shower room and were getting naked. Some were jacking off and waiting to use me. I loved being the center of their sex fantasies. I know these guys were liberal but they all seemed to want to have sex with me. Bob fuck me long and hard and at some times he would pull almost all the way our of my hole then shove all the way back in again. I could hear little comments from the guys as the watched in awe and lust. I could tell he was about ready to empty his seed in me. I pushed back from the wall and encouraged for him to cum. Then he really started to pound me faster and faster then his cock expanded and he emptied his weeks load deep in me. I thought at first he was pissing but it was all cum. It felt good and I almost came but held back to enjoy some more ass fucking from more of the guys.

After he filled me with his sperm he slowly eased out of my ass. The shower washed over our bodies but I turned quickly to suck and clean his big cock. While I was down on my knees 2 other guys stuck their dick in my face to suck and enjoy.

I was surrounded by several hot athletes with hot bodies and nice size dicks. It was a hot scene and too soon 2 of the guys came on my face and in my mouth. As I got up from the shower floor the first guy that had started this shower orgy gripped my body and put his dick back into my fuck hole. He pumped hard and rough and came quickly. As soon as he finished another guy guided his dick to my hole and filled me with another warm load of sperm. Then slowly everyone started to leave the shower and dry off.

Wow!” one of the guys said. That was fucken hot. I could go for ass more often. I won't have to go out looking for some pussy when I can fuck this dudes puss ass. Wow. That was good.” I heard the other guys laugh and agree with him and added more comments on the way out of the shower room.

Hey buddy. Did you know you got fucked by that hockey dude earlier today? He liked your ass so much he went right down to the coach and ask if he could register here for a room.. The other guy with him was just a visitor but sure enjoyed your ass as well. He plays on the same team. Bet he wants to come by to check out your ass again. You're a really a good recruiter.” The he laughed and slapped me on the ass. “I'd like some for of that later after dinner. Okay?”

Yes Sir! It would be an honor to serve you again. You know my room but you have to check the clip board to check my schedule.” He winked and nodded his head then headed out to his room.

I headed back to my room and ran across John heading my way.

Hey Dick, Just got back from early morning class and the coach stopped me and ask if I'd give you a message. He wants you to drop by the office in about an hour. Are you okay with that? And if you have some time I'd like to visit you before you go see the coach. My dick has been throbbing all day and I could use one of your great blow jobs or a good fuck if you can spare me some time.”

Hell yes Big John. I can always make time for you. Come on to my room. I just got out of shower where I had to service several of the guys. My first orgy. I got fucked by two of the guys then sucked off 3 others before I could finish my shower. Wow. That was exciting. I guess I'll be earning my keep around here. I just hope the guys don't get tired of me. I also met the hockey dude and he is going to register for a room here. I'll tell you about that later, Come on John. We are wasting time.”

Sounds like you've been busy already and this is only your 2nd day. I know you have a shower in your room. Did you go down there to fuck around with the other guys?”

Well that wasn't my intentions but it worked out great. I just may shower down there all the time from now on. These men are sure Alphas and I love it. I'm glad they just took over and fucked the hell out of me. I have cleaned my self out since then so if you need to fuck me this morning. You are more than welcome to do as you wish.”

Man you are making me even hotter than I already am. I knew you'd fit right in once the guys got acquainted with you and learned of your special talents. I'm gonna have to sign up on that clip board to get to have sex with you!”

Big John I'll always have a place for you. Now come on and take off your clothes. I'm anxious to swing on that big cock of yours again.”

I led John over to the bed and dropped my towel to the floor. He had kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts. His big 11 ½ inch cock was a beauty to behold. I kissed  up and down the shaft and milked down some of his pre-cum to give it a taste. His cock throbbed as I engulfed the cock head and ran my tongue around the big bulbous cock head. He gave out a deep sigh and ran his hands through my hair.

Oh Gawd. You know how to make love to a cock, don't you cock sucker? I'm sure  horny toady. I could blow my load right now but I want to take my time. I could shoot now and come back later and pump a load up you ass as well.”

That would be great too. Just let me keep on sucking and you fill my mouth with your cum so I can swallow it for my tummy. I love your cock Sir. Please take your time but give it to me when you're ready. I'll have my ass clean and ready for your next load after I go see the coach. He might want you to fuck my ass again then I will be nice and lubricated for you load. Now relax and let me make love to your cock.”

I sucked his big cock the best I could and licked his balls and licked his ass. After a short time he started moaning and making sounds and I knew he was ready to cum. It seemed like he hadn't cum in a day or so but I remembered that just yesterday he fucked me twice and gave me a fantastic load. I love this guy. He was such a nice person and had such a nice body and extra big cock. I looked forward to a good fucking when I go back from the coach's office.

After big John finished pumping me a big load he relaxed and fell asleep on my bed. I got dressed and headed down to the office. I figured if John was still there when I returned I let him fuck me again. I also remember the guy in the shower telling me he would drop by for another fuck right after lunch.

When I arrived at the office I gave a knock and waited for Coach Robin to answer the door. Last time I visited he greeted me with nothing on but a towel. He was a real hunk. I mean real hunk. I hoped he wanted to have sex with me again like last time. I sucked him off and he fucked me 2 time. It was great.

The door opened. “Hey there Dick. Come on in. I wanted to fill you in on a few things. I guess you got the clip board so you can use to keep control of your visitors. I understand you had quite a time in the shower this morning. Are you gonna keep that engagement every morning or was this just a one time thing. I have no complaints but if it gets to much for you just let me know and I will handle it. I want to congratulate you on your seduction of our new house member. That was easy huh? He asked me if he can get a room close to yours so he can fuck you on a daily basis. His co-partner now wants to join us here too. We might have to open another frat house. Ha Ha. “

Any way I want to inform you about our once a month meeting with the fathers of the men at our frat house. It's a casual gathering. They chat with each other, sometime order dinner or pizza then play pool or watch a ball game on TV. I know you will fit in. I think some of my boys have told their dad's of the sexual arrangement we have. You might like some of the dad and take some of them up to your room and show them a good time. They are all financial donors and perhaps you might entice them to donate more to the frat. Who knows. Only do what what you feel like doing. The main thing is to keep the boys happy...and me too. Which reminds me. Are you in the mood to suck my cock before I go to a meeting at the Deans office?

Sir. I am here to serve! And at that we went back into his apartment. He dropped his pants and out flopped that big beautiful semi hard dick. I immediately dropped to my knees and took the whole thing right down my throat before it got completely hard. What a fantastic cock and balls. It grew to a good 9 inches. I struggled at first but still managed to give him a good blow job. I made love to his cock for about 15 minutes before I got him off. He almost drown me with his precious load of delicious sperm. When he came down from his sexual high he pulled me up to his mouth and gave me a nice warm kiss.

Great as usual. That should hold me off until I get back from my meeting. I'll give you a buss when I return and you can come back for a good night fuck. Thanks fagot. You are the best. See you later.”

He called me 'fagot' but I liked it coming from him. I left and looked forward to a good nightly fuck from the coach.

When I got back from the office and returned to my room, Big John was still napping on my bed. I took off my clothes and went to the bathroom to lube my fuck hole before I let him fuck me. I loved being fucked by John but figured I still need a small bit of lube before he entered me with that big 11 ½, thick cock.

I enjoyed looking at this straight stud and he spread out on my bed. I was amazed at the size of his cock and wondered how I ever took that beauty in my love canal. I went down of his soft cock. He stirred slightly then placed his hand to the back of my head and moaned with pleasure. It didn't take him too long to get hard. I straddled his firm body and guided his cock to the opening of my ass. It slowly and pleasantly slid in. He placed his hands on my hips and pushed me down further on his dick. It went in nicely. I almost came it felt so good. I paused to get accustomed to the size of his cock then set all the way down on it. I almost came. I had it all the way in. I reach back and felt his balls against mine.

Fuck. I miss that feeling. We have to do this more often. I take it Coach Robin didn't pound your sweet ass because you feel so tight and I don't feel his cum in your boy pussy.”

No he was in a hurry to go to some meeting, but I did give him a quick blow job. He wants me to come down later for a good fuck. You'll have to fill my hole with your cum so it will be easier for him to fuck me. Besides I think he enjoys knowing you fuck me and leave your juices in me. Now relax and let's enjoy this. You feel so good deep in my body. Damn I love the way you feel.”

I was easing up and down on his love pole and thinking how lucky I was to have such a handsome dude to use me for his pleasure as well as my own. I loved pleasing my men. This was going to be a good job.

We fuck this way for awhile then he turned me over on my back side. I wrapped my legs around his muscular body and let him have his way with me. I like looking at his face as he fucked me. After about 30 minutes of solid fucking I could feel his cock getting harder and his breathing was faster. He was about to unload his cum deep in my body. As he pounded away at my hole he started to sweat then he bend over me and laid his full body on mine. I loved the feel of his muscular body on mine and his big dick sliding in and out of me. Just as he was about to cum he turned his head and placed his lips to the corner of my mouth then started kissing me for the first time. Then he came. Even though I was being roughly pounded I could feel his sperm shooting in my fuck canal.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. You feel so good. You are the best fuck I ever had. You take my cock like no woman has ever done. I love fucking you. God do I love fucking you.”

Date 3/1/16
Story by Dick Clinton 

Ready and willing to do my daily duties to the men at the dorm.
Who's Next?

Yum, Yum, Good fountain of youth..

 The coach cums a lot.

What's Your name again?

More? You can give me another load stud.

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Mardi Gras Sailor, Part 05

Mardi gras Sailor
Adventures of Mike the Sailor.

By Dick Clinton

Part 05. Seduced by a teenager

As he passed the teenager that Robby had blown earlier, the boy grabbed Mike’s ass and said in a low voice. “I’d like to get me some of that ass. Meet me in the alley to the right of us.”
Mike was surprised at the request of the young stud. He continued his way thru the crowd to find his buddies, but the more he thought of getting fucked by this hot number, the more excited he became. “Why not?” He wondered to himself. “After all, that’s what he is here for, to have fun.”
The crowd was as noisy and wild as ever. He must have gotten ‘felt up’ three times before he finally made it to the opening of the alley. Even the entrance was filled with people, but as he made his way thru the crowd, he saw an opening. Down the alley he went. He was happy to find a vacant place where he could take a well needed piss. There were a couple of large dumpsters against one wall. He found an opening between them and stood there to piss. He wasn’t aware that the teenager had followed him so quickly, but there he was ready to ‘get some ass.’.
Hey Dude. You ready for some more dick up your punk ass? It took me awhile to realize what was happening, but I finally figured out you were getting your sailor ass pumped by those big dudes.” The young man said as he took a gulp on his beer.
That other dude sure sucks a mean cock. Are you a cocksucker, too? How’s bout you letting me fuck your sailor ass. My old lady is such a prude. She won’t let me fuck her until we get married. Shit. I can’t wait that long. A man’s got to get his rocks off several times a day. What the hell’s wrong with these cunts anyway? Don’t they realize men have needs?” He kept talking as he pulled out his dick and started pissing next to me.
I could see the young man was a bit drunk, but still hot looking. The teenager couldn’t be any more than 18, perhaps younger. He was built very well and was clean-shaved with short-cropped hair. Mike was checking out his penis as he pissed and saw he was about seven inches of soft uncut teenage meat. I smiled at him and asked. “Do you think you are sober enough to get it hard?”
The teenager continued to piss and looked up into Mike’s eyes. He grinned and braced himself against the edge of the trash container. “I’m not sure,” he said, then he giggled, shook his dick, and put it back into his jeans. 
I smiled again as I placed my arm on the boy. “I think you are ready for a cup of coffee. What do you say I buy you some Java and we can talk about this?
The teenager suddenly stopped and said. “I’m gonna be sick.” Then he bent over and threw up. After a few moments the teenager said.
I just live in the neighborhood. Would you take me home? I share a loft in that building.” He pointed to a nearby warehouse in the alley. “We can take the freight elevator up to the 3rd floor loft. There’s a back entrance right here in this alley.”
Mike agreed to take him home and soon they were in the warehouse and on the elevator heading to the 3rd floor. On the elevator Mike told him his name and found out the young man’s name was Jason. He was from a small town in Texas and had just graduated from high school. He was now going to a computer training school here in New Orleans.
Today was Jason’s birthday, and he was trying to get his first piece of pussy but without much luck. When he saw the action between me and the three other guys in the store doorway, he was curious, and when that guy groped his hard cock, took it out of his jeans, and gave him his first blow job, he was enchanted. It was so hot having a dude give you some head.
The elevator creaked its way up to the 3rd floor and stopped with a jerk. Mike followed Jason into a large upper floor warehouse converted into a loft apartment. 
Make yourself at home while I go to the head and clean up a bit and take another piss. I don’t know why I drink like this. I hate what it does to me. Be right back. The kitchen section is over behind that area. Please find some coffee for us.” Jason said as he closed the door on the bathroom.
I went to the kitchen area and found a coffee pot already prepared and ready to pour. I found some cups in the cabinet and poured two cups of coffee, found the living area, and sat down waiting for Jason to return. The large loft had several divided section that were probably bed rooms for other people. Jason said he shared the loft with others, but didn’t say how many or whether they were male or female. Mike heard the door open to the bathroom and behold a new looking Jason appeared.
Jason had changed into tight jean cut-offs, a tight white body shirt and no shoes. He had showered, shaved, and looked more sober and refreshed.
Ta DA!” Jason said as he made his entry to the area with outstretched arms. “How do I look now? I took a shower and feel much better. Did you find the coffee? Oh yeah. I see you found everything. Thanks. I should be waiting on you.”
You look good enough to eat.” I said to Jason. “And I mean that!”

Jason. How many people live here anyway?” I asked as I continued to look Jason over very carefully. Damn, this guy was a handsome and well-built son of a gun. The other clothes he was wearing were not flattering on him at all. He even showed a nice size prick under his tight cut-off jeans. This teenager was getting better and more desirable to look at all the time. He had such a nice smile and amazing deep brown eyes. The tight jeans also emphasized his firm round butt. He was a hot little dude.
There are three other guys here. One dude owns the building and the rest of us rent from him. I am only here temporary until I find my own apartment, but this place is cool. I very seldom see the other guys so most of the time I have the whole place to myself. The owner, Pierre, is out of town on business and the other two guys; Robert and William are students at some business school during the day and are male dancers for ‘Chippendale’s’ or something like that. They seem to pull in the money from tips. They have been trying to get me to ‘try-out’ at the club, but I am not a good dancer at all, besides, I’m shy.” Jason continued. “I’ve never been to the club, but heard them talk about how hot and available the ‘pussy’ is there. I told them to bring some of that ‘stuff’ home for me, but they just look at each other and laugh.”
Jason and I sat and talked for a while then Jason said the guys had some adult VCR and wondered if I would like to watch some. They were a real novelty to Jason, because, being raised in a strict religious home, he never saw such things. He said it made him so horny that he jacked off several times during the movies. This sounded good to Mike and would break the ice between the two guys. Jason put the movies in the machine, pushed a button and a large movie screen dropped from the ceiling and a ceiling projector TV flashed on the ten-foot screen.
How’s that for life size sex?” Jason proudly uttered. “You think you’ve seen some big dicks in your time, are you ready for a 10 foot dick?” Then Jason laughed and flopped down next to me.
Why don’t we just take our clothes off now before the movie starts? I suggested.
Sure. That’s a good idea. My dick is getting hard just thinking about getting another blow job, that is, if you still want me.” Jason said in his shy boyish voice. He removed his cut-offs and threw them on the floor. 
As I watched Jason remove his cut-offs, I was removing my bell-bottoms. I had already removed my shoes and top while Jason was in the bathroom. I observed Jason’s taut firm body and the rippling abs. A tiny amount of soft downy hair nestled on the flat of his stomach below his navel, but became thicker as it surrounded the base of his semi-hard uncut cock. There was just an adequate quantity of foreskin surrounding the cock head to make it appealing. A trifle amount of clear pre-cum was forming at the notch of his penis slot. He reached down to stretch his foreskin and arrange his low hanging balls before he sat down.
I was already hard and ready to make love to Jason, but I didn’t want to act too aggressive to this straight teenager. I wanted Jason to relax and enjoy his first man-to-man sexual experience. I was prepared to pleasure Jason in ways he never thought possible. 
Soon the x-rated adult movie began. I laid one hand on Jason’s firm leg and his arm around his muscular shoulders. Jason’s dick was growing at lightning velocity and soon reached its peak. The head of his penis was stretching the pink foreskin until it slid from it hooded covering. More pre-cum juices were oozing from his piss slot. I could not resist the temptation to begin sucking on Jason’s cock. I leaned over to take a savoring taste of Jason’s the salty pre-cum. Jason leaned his head back on the couch, closed his eyes to enjoy my excellent cock sucking. I went all the way down on his cock several times before Jason’s cock started to discharge a torrent of cum. He was too hot to restrain himself any longer and had an incredible climax. He gasped out with pleasure releasing gushers of hot teenage cum.

Dude, that was awesome.” Jason said.
I’m not done yet, so kick back, relax, and prepare yourself for another round or two of pleasure. I hope you took your vitamin ‘E and zinc today, because you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Now shut up and enjoy this.” I said as I continued to suck on Jason’s hard cock.
Oh fuck yeah! This is sure better than ‘beating my meat any day’. Look Mike, My dick is still hard. Work it dude, work it. I love getting sucked. Wow!” Jason continued to enjoy Mike sucking his dick.
I continued to suck and make love to Jason’s perfectly proportioned cock and maneuvered my way down to the golf ball size nuts. Jason whimpered in pleasure like a puppy. My fingers were exploring Jason’s moist ass crack causing Jason to spread his legs apart for more pleasure. Soon I had my face between Jason’s warm muscular legs and found his sweet puckering ass hole. Jason surrendered his body to me, letting me survey every inch of his body. As Jason lay upon the couch, I gently lifted his legs and buried my face deep into Jason’s warm hairy ass. My tongue penetrated the virgin edges of the asshole.
Jason was slowly masturbating his big juicy cock and enjoying this new sensation. He never had anyone even touch his ass hole before, but now he was enjoying this sailor tongue fuck his ass. It was his first experience with a male and it was sensational. The feel of a soft tongue up his ass was great.

I replaced my tongue with a finger and shoved it deep into his ass. He was so excited I knew he was going to cum again. Jason’s balls tighten and the cum shot from his long shaft. Squirt after squirt he jacked it from his cock while I kept finger fucking his ass. His cum shot onto Jason’s stomach, up his chest, and directly into his face. Jason’s body jerked for a few wonderful moments then he relaxed and said.
Mike. That was great. Never had a tongue up my ass before…. or a finger. Does it always feel that good? Maybe you should fuck me, instead of me fucking you. Damn, no wonder you like getting a dick up the ass. I never considered taking a prick before, but who knows.” Jason said, and then laughed.
I licked Jason’s balls, continued up his stomach, licking his cum from his body. I moved up his chest, neck, and face, savoring the wet teenager’s juices. By the time I reached Jason’s face, Jason was getting hard again. I nibbled on Jason’s ear and then Jason turned his face to me and gently kissed me on the lips, and tasted his own cum.
Are you ready to try some other things?”
Jason just smiled at Mike. He was ready.
Story by Dick Clinton at eyeMrich1@msn.com
Word Count 2257