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Brother's Journal, Part 02

Brother's Journal, Part 02 

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The Stable Boys

Story by Richard Barber

We have a small stable of horses near the house. It’s managed by a hot looking English man. He had been a professional horseman and won several metals and awards. Fredrick was injured during one of his jumps and had to give up his profession. My father hired him to manage the stables and 12 stable boys that worked under him.

The men lived in a dorm behind the stables. After a horseback ride in the country, I would often drop by and watch them play cards and drink their beer. I was too young to drink but sometimes I would sneak some beer from our storage stock and furnish them with a case or two and became their friend. 

One evening when they were telling stories about the girls they had fucked. One of the men mentioned he’d heard that the gardener had raped me in the woods this past summer. I was taken back at first but quickly explained to them it was not a forcible rape but I was a willing subject and enjoyed it tremendously.

There was a moment of silence and disbelief until one of the guys confessed to fucking his younger brother several times, and said it was better than any pussy he’d ever had. The guys uneasily laughed. He looked at me and asked if I would let him fuck me. I quickly stood, started stripping off my clothes, and headed to the empty bunk in the corner of the dorm. When I got on the bed he was already pulling off his shorts and jacking on his 7 inch cock. I put a pillow under my hips, laid on my stomach, and spread my ass cheeks. He crawled on top of me, rubbed his oozing cock around my anus and guided his hard cock to my hole. I heard the sound of feet as the other 11 guys rushed to watch their buddy fuck me....and fuck me he did.  i

It was a great night. I got fucked by most of the guys and sucked off the rest of them. It was the beginning of a great friendship. All of the guys are under 25 years old, in good physical condition, good looking and hung better than most guys I’d had at school.

I drop by to check on the stable boys quite often, and usually got fucked by several of them. I am trying to think of a way to get the 'Head Stable Master' in bed, but that will come in time. I think he's beginning to suspicion that something is going on because the stable boys are in a much better mood now that they are getting good sex.

One evening after I’d been fucked by several of the stable boys, I went by to visit Jeff, my chauffeur lover. I told him I had just got fucked by several of the stable boys and still had a few loads of cum in me. He got so excited. He wanted me to drop my jeans immediately and suck out the boy's cum. He’s still kinky but that was one thing that made him interesting. 

The Pool Repairs.

Every year we have our pool drained, cleaned and repaired. I was off for the summer when the pool repairmen and painters started their work. Most of the men were young college students working during their summer vacation. I began to see some potential fun seducing some of the hot young men. I couldn’t use the pool but could sun bathe, watch and flirt with the workers. 

Some of the pool guys.

 A young worker with a big cock...and a nice set of balls.  

 Show off worker with a big dick.
Fucked me every day that week. 
His wife was with child and he needed some sex.
So I was his release.

Uncle Bob stopped by after one of his tennis matches. He started talking to the foreman of the work team. After a friendly chat, Bob went into the Pool House and motioned for me to join him. He told me he knew the Foreman well and the two of them had been in college together.

Bob was ready for his afternoon fuck and I was ready for him. I undressed and took my position on the cot. His favorite position was with me on my back, legs in the air and wrapped around his body. He was always hard and ready to take the plunge. We fucked for a few minutes when I heard the side door open. Bob assured me it was okay and that he had asked the foreman to join us during our fuck session.

The foreman’s name was Roy. He’s about 35 years old, weighed about 210 and 6 foot 2 inches and a real manly hunk. He was still wearing his work clothes, heavy construction booths and a hard hat. He looked so hot and sexy. Bob nodded to him and said it was okay to watch us for a while then he could have me after he shot a lubricating load in me.

Bob was an exhibitionist any way and positioned us around so Roy could take advantage of every view. While we were fucking I was trying to check Roy out. He never bothered to remove his clothes but unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his cock and balls and began to jack off. I soon discovered why Bob wanted to lubricate me first before Roy fucked me. It seemed Roy had an unusually large cock. I guessed he was thicker and larger than Angelo, my Italian gardener’s cock. Roy had a good 12 inches of thick manly cock. I was nervous for the first time about having Roy fuck me, but I was always up for a good challenge.
 Sucking One of The Pool Construction men.

Bob fucking me.

Bob did shoot a nice big load up my ass and we put on a good show for Roy. He would shove it all the way in me; fuck some more, then shove it in again and again as hard and as rough as he could. I almost came but was holding back so I could cum with Roy. Bob gave me a good fucking and slowly pulled his wet cock out of my ass and spread my legs to exhibit my wet and ready ass hole.

Bob got out of the bed and motioned for Roy to have me. He still hadn’t removed any of his clothes, but lifted my legs, rubbed his big cock head around my wet ass hole and started to ease into my ass. I was still nervous about taking such a big cock, but I was psyching my self up to relax and enjoy this one.

I reached up and unbuttoned his shirt and found he had a sexy hairy chest. I always had a thing for hairy men. Roy looked so serious and intent on guiding his cock to my hole. He almost seemed to be afraid he might hurt me but his desire soon overwhelmed him and he had about 4 inched in me before I realized it. He stopped for a moment, took a deep breath, looked down at me and moved the other 8 inches deep in my body. I shook with excitement and shot a big load all over myself. He paused and then started to move in and out of me like a jack hammer. 

It was exciting getting fucked by such a butch straight man fully clothed in his work clothes and work booths. He was really fucking me hard and rough. I think it was the first time he’d ever had his big cock deep in a warm willing ass. I know he was enjoying it as much as I was. I was afraid he would get too excited and cum too soon. I wanted him to enjoy this fuck and hopefully it was pleasant enough that he would want to fuck me again soon.

I got my wish. He fucked me and fucked me until he was about to cum, then he would pause, wipe the sweat from his brow, let his cock soak up the warmth of my wet hole, then start fucking again. He was a good fucker and too soon I could feel his cock expand, his body tense, his breathing shorten and then he pulled my buttocks tight against his cock and shot out a huge load of cum deep in my body. I also tensed and came again at the same time. Bob was going wild watching his buddy fuck my ass. He’d been watching Roy’s cock going in and out of my asshole and while jacking on his cock, he came up to my face and shot all over my mouth and lips.

When Roy finished fucking me, he leaned down and kissed my forehead and smiled for the first time. He spoke for the first time and said I was the hottest fuck he’d ever had and wanted a repeat of this good action. I smiled and said yes, yes, yes, about a dozen times. When he pulled his cock out of me I could feel the warm juices trickling down my ass crack. I pulled Roy’s cock up to my face and started licking and cleaning him. It was still a big cock even while it was getting soft. I managed to engulf the soft cock down my throat and give it one more good deep throat.

He and Bob talked briefly and just before he left to go back to his pool crew, he winked and gave me the thumbs up. I was pleasantly exhausted and fell asleep but only to be awakened by Uncle Bob shoving his cock back into my used and overflowing hole. He was so excited watching his buddy Roy fuck me that he came quickly and fell asleep next to me.

For the next few weeks, while the pool crew was working on the pool, Ray came by every day and fucked me, then one at a time over the next few hours each and every one of the young college students would come into the pool house and drop a load either in my ass or down my throat. At the end of the day, Ray would come by again and throw another fuck to me. This time he would take off all his work clothes and fuck me, take his shower and go home to his wife. He began to start making love and kissed me during our sex and he even starting rimming and eating my ass like he did his wife’s pussy. I kept some of the workers cum in my ass so he could suck some of the college boys loads out of my cum filled ass. He had a nice long tongue and a hot mustache and it felt so good. Damn I loved being fucked by these men.

After a nice long day of getting fucked by the pool crew and Uncle Bob I still made time for the stable boys and would always take on most of them during the early evening. One night on the way home the Stable Master stopped me and told me to come into his office. He started asking me why I was so friendly with his stable boys. I finally admitted I was having sex with them. He didn’t seem shocked and asked if I was still in the mood to give him a blow job now and then. I stripped down, bent over his desk and told him I wanted him to fuck my ass and use my boy pussy. He whipped out his huge 12 inch cock and almost immediately shoved it to me. I was glad I still had several loads of stable boy cum up my ass because he was not very gentle with me. He rough fucked me without mercy for about 15 minutes before he came. I finally got my wish. Now the Stable Master was on my list of fuckers. I think he was into ‘S and M’ and would like to tie me up sometime. 

 Soft but big.

When I returned to my room in the main house, Uncle Bob was waiting for me. He had been out of the city this week and missed a few fucks. Now he was going to make up for lost time. I told him I had to shower and empty a couple of cum loads and would be ready for him soon.

When I returned he was naked, hard and ready to fuck me. I took position and he crawled on and guided his hard dick up my well used asshole. He said he was amazed at my muscle control and how tight my hole felt even after being fucked so much this week. He asked how I liked Ray and that he had another surprise for me tonight after he fucked me. Bob fucked me harder and rougher than ever before and dropped a week’s load in me. He said he missed me and was addicted to fucking my perfect ass. After he came the first time he stayed in and fucked me for another 15 minutes.

Uncle Bob left early the next morning but I felt lazy today and stayed in bed longer than usual. I heard someone in the hallway but I thought it might be one of the house servants or my father’s man servant that will sometime brings me some orange juice or coffee when I first wake up. I dosed off again until I felt someone setting on my bed and a warm hand touching my bare bottom. I thought it was Uncle Bob returning for another round of fucking so I squirmed and moved my butt around teasingly. He caressed my bare butt and moved his hand down my ass crack to my overflowing ass hole. He proceeded to insert his finger. I just moaned and moved back to encourage his penetration.

I heard his undressing and move upon my bed between my legs. I spread my legs and hunched my ass upward ready to receive his cock. Uncle Bob usually liked to fuck me while I’m on my back with my legs tightly wrapped around his body but I liked it either way.

I felt his warm legs between mine and the head of his cock searching for my fuck hole. I reached around to help guide it to my wet ass crack and much to my surprise it was not Uncle Bob’s cock but a much larger and thicker cock. Before I could turn around to see who was about to fuck me, he had started the cock head into my opening and pushed it half way in. Then he leaned over me and I heard a familiar voice say.

I hope you don’t mind giving your dad some of that sweet ass you’ve been passing around.”

It was my dad. He had seen me and Uncle Bob early that day fucking as he stood at the door watching until Bob came out and he confronted him. Uncle Bob and he told him everything. Dad wasn’t angry but jealous that I hadn’t shared my love and body with him.

I was shocked but pleased that Dad was finally getting some pleasure from my ass. I had always had the ‘hots’ for him and fantasized about making love to him every since I could get a hard on. I use to make excuses to go into his bathroom so I could see him naked, or taking a piss. I saw his cock many times but never thought I would have it fucking my welcome ass. It was also much bigger than I had dreamed. He felt so good he made me shiver.

He was gentle at the beginning but when I pushed back into him he knew right away I wanted him to use me hard and rough. I was surprised that Dad had such stamina and came three times before he pulled out, leaving me wanting more. He was a great fucker.
 Dad fucked me for 20 minutes.

He suggested that he and his brother Bob try a ‘double fuck’ on me sometime in the near future. Now that would be a real feat getting fucked by both these hot men at the same time. I just smiled at dad and told him that if it pleased him I was willing to try. He kissed me deeply and told me he loved me very much before, but now we were much closer and he loved me even more.

He told me to rest up because he was home for the week and we would do this again all week. I was looking forward to getting to know dad better. We had always been so distant because of his long hours at his office.

I have many other stories I could tell about some wild things that happened to me during my time away at school and the swimming team orgy, and about my favorite man at school, my hot and hung straight coach that fucks me all the time.

However, my main reason for leaving this Journal out was to let my favorite brother read it and know his little brother is not so innocent and understand that I love sex with men. I consider myself a sexual human being that loves to make other men enjoy themselves. Some might say that I am a male pussy and cum slut. I have to agree. I love to get fucked by men and love to suck cock and drink down their juices.

This last sentence is for you, Brother Jason.”

After you get over the shock of me being a male whore, I hope you will come into the pool house and let me make love to your body and worship your big beautiful cock. I am ready to let you fuck me anytime you desire and suck our family sperm from you big beautiful cock.

I love you Brother Jason, what do you say? Are you ready for me?
Signed, your loving younger brother.

Story by Richard Barber

Word Count, 2988, Revised 7/10/2008
Original dated 02/2004

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Trailer Trash, Mike, Part 04

Garage Mechanics Visit

Story by Richard Barber

The next morning I was fixing Tommy his breakfast. We had a nice night together, even after I told him I might be moving into the College Dorm and working there for the college students. He seemed concerned, but gave me some instructions before he left for work.

Mike. I left my 1953, Ford Pick Up truck at the garage this week and the mechanic, Peter, will be dropping the truck by the house. Tell him to come in to pick up his check for the expenses. Offer him some coffee and be nice to him. His Nephew will be by later to pick him up and take him back to the garage. I’ve know Peter for several years and he has done work on my cars and hog off and on. He’s a good guy and great mechanic. He’ll give you the keys and some paper work on the Ford.”

I’ve gotta go to work now. I’ll call ya later, babe. Have a good day…and thanks for a great night.”

Tommy headed out the door to leave me to clean the house before I went to Rob’s Truck Stop to do my morning work and tell the manager/owner, Rob, I have another job at the College. I will continue working there this next week until he can find a replacement. Rob has been a good employer and a good sex partner. He has been very faithful to fuck me or let me give him a blow job everyday since I started working there. He’s married but said it’s been ages since they had sex. He’s gonna miss my ass.

I had just finished my shower, dressed and waited for Peter to deliver Tommy’s truck. I set down at the computer to check on my e-mail when I heard the truck pull into the car port. The door bell rang and I went to answer it.

Hello. Are you Mike? I’m Peter the garage mechanic. I’m dropping off Tommy’s truck. I have to call my nephew to pick me up. Can I use the phone?”

Sure Peter. The phone’s on the wall in the kitchen.” I pointed to the phone and took a quick look at Peter. He was a rugged looking man about 35, light grey-brownish hair and a short brown beard. He was wearing tight jeans . I could only tell he had a nice form and deep voice. He moved quickly to the phone and made his call.

Damn that boy. He’s never around when I need him. He drives the tow truck at the shop and is on the other side of town making a pick-up. It’ll be a while before he gets here. Do you mind if I wait here?”

Not at all Peter. Would you like some coffee or something to drink?”

Great. I missed my coffee this morning. Black would be fine.”

I motioned for Peter to take a seat at the kitchen counter while I got his some coffee.

Tom told me you were living here with him. He’s a cool dude. Huh? He’s always looking for something to fuck. He’s such a pussy hound. Has he ever gotten you into a three way yet? He’s fucked my girlfriend a couple times while I watch.”

Yeah! I walked in on him one time when he was getting a blow job. He tried to get me to join them but I’m not much into girls. He jacked me off while I watch. It was hot. I came all over his chest and he made his girl lick my cum off his chest.”

Your brother is kinky at times. You wouldn’t’ believe some of the things he’s done. He also told me you gave his good head and let him fuck your ass. That sounds hot to me. Would you like to get fucked right now before my nephew shows up. This sex talk has made me horny.”

He said as he suddenly stood, unzipped his Jeans, and let them drop to his ankles. He wore no underclothes. I was surprised but pleased to see his firm hairy body, tattoos on his muscular arms, one on his left shoulder and back. He grabbed his big semi-hard cut dick and shook it at me.

Come around here fag, and suck on a man’s hot cock. Your kinky brother told me you are a ‘cock hound’ and a ‘cum freak’. I shoot a big fuckin load so I’m sure you’ll like my load.”

I walked around the counter and dropped to my knees to take his cock in my mouth. He was uncut and the foreskin was slowly pulling back over his cock head. His body was covered with hair. I loved a hairy man. He kicked off his shoes as I pulled the coveralls over his boots. He had an oily garage mechanic smell. He roughly grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth down over his hardening cock. I ran my hands up and down his hair chest.

That’s it, ‘fag boy’. Suck a real man’s cock. Lick that juicy cock. Oh yeah. You’re fucking brother was right. You love cock. Suck my balls, cocksucker. Lick em good. Umm Huh. Feels good, ‘fag boy’. You like the taste of my cock? That’s pussy juice you’re cleaning from my cock. I fucked one of the bookkeepers at the garage this morning. Taste good, does it? Suck it cocksucker. Lick all that pussy juice off before I give you some man juices. Oh shit. This is good.”

I continued to clean his tasty cock. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted a man cock after he’d fucked pussy. Tommy would often come home after a date and have me suck his cock, and clean the pussy juices off his big cock. I know it turned him on making me do his bidding.

Peter moaned in appreciation as I continued to clean and suck on his eight inch , thick cock. The hood was now pulling back from the cock head and was ready to fuck me.

Stand up fag. Strip off those shorts. I’m gonna fuck your punk ass. Turn around fagot. Show me your ‘boy pussy’. Show me. Oh yeah. That looks nice.” He continued to talk to me as I stopped sucking on his cock stood, dropped my shorts and showed him my boy pussy ass. I leaned over the back of the nearby couch and spread my buttocks for him.

He spit on his cock, grabbed my buttocks, run his cock up and down my ass crack until he found the opening of anus. He eased the head in, then shoved it into me without mercy. Gawd he as horny and rough but I liked it.

My cock was so hard. I was glad my asshole was still filled with my brothers cum in me, otherwise Peter could have injured me. I groaned and pushed back on his intruding cock. He continued to talk dirty to me trying to degrade me as his ‘fag boy’. I leaned against the couch as he banged my ass.

He slapped my buttocks several time, then moaned a few more times. His cock expanded then warm juices stated shooting up my love canal. He rubbed my prostate and I started to cum without touching myself. I shot my juices on the floor by the couch.

Fuck boy. You’re a good piece of ass. If I had only known about you earlier, I would have been fucking you long ago. Damn that was good. Turn around now and lick off my dick. You need to taste my cum.”

He pulled out his cock and started milking down the last of his cum. I turned around and started to clean off his wet cock. He had a sensitive cock, but I was gentle and careful. He stayed hard then he took the back of my head and started face fucking me again. He wanted to shoot his next load in his newly discovered fag’s mouth.

I continued to suck him until he gave me another load. His cum tasted good. I drained him and cleaned off his spent cock. He set down at the counter and sipped on his coffee while still naked. I wiped up the cum I had shot on the floor then walked over to him and rubbed his hairy chest again.

You like my hairy chest? Perhaps next time you can give me a tongue bath and explore my hairy pits, chest, and ass crack. Would you like that fagot?”

I shook my head yes. He pulled my face to one of his arm pits. I inhaled his musky sweaty garage smell. I felt my dick getting hard again. He had a hot body.

Next time, ‘fag boy’, Next time. I better get dressed before my nephews come by. I think you have a check for me and I have something for you. Tom told me to give you these papers and the keys to the truck.”

Peter continued to get dressed and handed me the envelope. Inside was a nice note from Tommy. He told me the truck had been freshly painted and repaired and he was giving me the truck as a gift. Included were the Pink Slip, owner’s papers, and the keys. I was pleased but surprised.

Tommy must have been pleased with your ass. I can see why too, you are damn good sex. I think that is my nephew’s tow truck pulling up now.” Peter said as he went to the door. “Thanks buddy. Come by the garage anytime you want some more of my cock.” Then he left.

As I looked out the door to see what his nephew looked like, I saw Peter talking to him. Then his nephew headed to my door as Peter got into the truck. The nephew came to the door and knocked. What did he want?

I opened the door. His 19 year old nephew was about to ask me a question.

Hi. I’m Aaron, Peter’s nephew. Do you think I could use your bathroom? I’ve gotta piss in the worst way.”

Come on in Aaron. The heads right down the hallway. Follow me.” I said to this good-looking teenager. He seemed a little shy about asking me to use the head, but I think Peter put him up to it. He opened the door, lifted the toilet seat, and started to piss in the stool. He didn’t bother to close the door as he continued to piss for the longest time. I took a quick look at his hanging cock and leaned against the hallway wall. He finally finished and milked it down a few more times to drain it. He looked over at me and shook it again.

My uncle put me up to this and if you don’t want to do anything, I’ll understand. He said you like to suck cock, and since I’ve never had a guy give me a blow job, I though, ‘what the hell’.”

He started to put his cock away when I walked into the bathroom with him.
As I slowly took hold of his soft cock, he undid his belt buckle and opened his Levis. He pulled his soft cock and balls over his whites and let it all hang out.

How could I neglect this young hottie? He was cute and reminded me of one of the neighbor boys that come by after school to be sucked off. I turned him facing me, got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He gasped, spread his legs as I pulled his pants down further. I wanted to lick on his hairy, tightly formed ball sack, then his seven inch of cut cock.

His cock grew hard quickly and I continued to give him a good suck job. I knew he was in a hurry to go and besides he was hot to shoot his load. When he came it was like a sudden squirt of cum. He shot about 6 or 8 times. His knees buckled as I drained the last few streams of delicious cum. I cleaned him good, dried his cock and balls, pulled up his pants to let him dress himself.

Oh man. That was sweet. I liked that. Peter said I’d like the way you sucked my cock. He was right. Do you think I can come by again for more cock sucking?”

You’re cum was sweet too. Anytime Aaron, but call me first before you drop by. Now you better get going before Peter comes looking for you and I’ll have to blow him again. You have my phone number, so call and we’ll do more of the same.”

Aaron was putting his shirt in his pants as he was walking down the hall to the door. He turned, waved, and smiled. I knew he’d be back again.

After Peter and his nephew left, I started packing a few things I would need at my new job at the College Dorm. I’d miss the Trailer experiences I’d had since I lived with my step-brother Tommy, but now I had a new source of hot men to suck at the College Dorm.

I had to set up a new daily routine. The first thing I wanted to do is keep Tommy sexually satisfied. I’d stay at the Trailer for a while until I got established at the Dorm. I’d fix Tommy’s breakfast, after we had our morning fuck. Then after he left for work, I’d go to the Truck Stop and do my cleaning of the Trucker’s lounge, get my regular daily fucking from Ray the owner/manager. Suck off a few horny truckers, if they were around, then I head off to the College Dorm to clean and pick up after the twelve young college men and the house ‘father’, the coach.

The first week at the College Dorm, I’d seek out and seduce some of the students willing to have sex. Then after I cleaned up the Dorm, I’d head back to the Trailer and take care of a few men friends of mine that would come by on a regular basis, including the men working on the Modular in the Trailer Park.

Early in the afternoon Tommy would be home ready for his beer and blow job before he ate dinner I’d fixed earlier. After dinner he would take his shower while I’d clean up the dinner dishes, go to his bedroom, and wait for him to come in and fuck me before he went to sleep. Then I stay the night and start my routine all over again.

It looks like I would have a busy week. As I said earlier, if I moved to the college dorm I could lose my status as Trailer Trash, but perhaps I could earn my next status as College Dorm Slut, or keep both titles.

Story by Richard Barber 
4/13/2009, Word Count 2,441