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Monday, October 10, 2016

Farm Boys From Kansas, Part 11

Books by Dick Clinton Gay Erotica Books by Dick Clinton ©FARM BOYS FROM KANSAS

Story by Dick Clinton

Part 11, Return to School-Classmates

I was up early this morning to finish my routine farm chores with the Shawn the new farm hand. I was anxious to catch the high school public bus for another year of education. I was to return to school today after a nice and eventful summer vacation.

I had taken on a part time job in the boy’s locker room at the school to earn some extra money for the year. While I was picking up the soiled towels and discarded clothing left around by the students, I saw one of the guys that I had sucked off beneath the bleachers during one of the ball games last season. We had never spoken before, but when he recognized me, he nodded and started getting a hard on. He was standing by his locker, stripping and getting ready to go shower. I was sitting on the bench nearby. He casually walked over to me, dropped his towel and offered him his hard cock. I can never resist a big hard cock pulsating in my face. He was anxious to generously give me some hot young stud juice. I cupped his balls in my hand, and guided the boy’s dick into my mouth. He quickly became ready for action. I quickly slurped down the his sweet juicy cock, and within a few minutes of deep throat cock sucking, and the talented tongue action of my warm mouth, he moaned out a soft purring sound of pleasure and released his juices into my mouth.

We were still enjoying the last few minutes of the quick blow job, when the captain of the football team, Joe Fox, came walking around the end of the lockers. The guy quickly pulled his cock from my mouth, took his towel, and quickly headed to the showers. Thank goodness, we had finished, and I had just finished milking down the last drops of cum from his sweet cock. I remained seated as though nothing unusual had happened. Joe had returned from the showers and was still naked and wet. He looked at me and began drying himself, then said to me.

“Hey, aren’t you Clint?” He said to me. I just nodded and looked down at the floor. “So you’re the cocksucker the guys were talking about. Well I’ll be damned!” then there was a silence. I continued tying my gym shoe trying not to be traumatized about his comment. Then I started to leave.

“Where the fuck do you think you are going? I have something I want to say to you fag.” Joe continued as he looked around to make sure no one was listening to our conversation.

“I’ll be working-out in the ‘weight rooms’ after school. Meet me here after your last class! Do you understand cocksucker, and if you are not here, then I may just beat the shit out of you next time I see you. Now get the fuck out of here.” Joe said as I quickly gathered up some stray towels and headed to the laundry room.

I began to tremble! I don’t know if it was because I was frightened or just excited, by the way Joe demanded my presence after school today. I had all intentions of showing up.

I was surprised that Joe, the captain of the football team, wanted me to meet with him. Did he want to have sex with me, or was it just a maneuver to get me alone so he could clobber me? I was aware of the attitude of some of these macho ‘redneck’ dudes. They enjoyed getting their nuts off with some queer, but after they had their pleasure, they felt guilty and angry for what they had done. Those were the dangerous ones.

I had known Joe’s family since I was a young pup and never figured Joe to be dangerous. He lived with his father and two younger brothers just down the block from me, when I was living in town. Mr. Fox ran a small construction company and worked the boys on weekends and holidays to help in the family business. I never saw their mother around and it was rumored she passed on when the last boy was born.

I had seen Joe in the locker room many times and always admired his well-developed body and his large uncut cock. Joe was a very private person and was known to keep to himself. He was more interested in developing his body rather than have any social activity. I felt a bit privileged that he requested my presence tonight. I was still nervous at our first close encounter.

The school day seemed to drag on, but after my last class, I hurried over to the gyms ‘work out’ room to meet Joe. I saw the coach and nodded, as I passed by his office. He assumed I was here to do my job of stocking clean towels and supplies in the locker room.

The ‘work out’ room was a secluded area behind the last row of lockers at the end of the gym. As I walked into the room, Joe was doing some arm lifts. He looked up slowly and nodded, sat up and took a few deep breathing exercises before he spoke to me.

“Hand me that bottled water on the bench near you, Clint!” He took a quick swig of water then looked into the wall mirrors to admire himself before he continued to speak.

“You showed up, didn’t you? Come here and feel this bicep while it is still firm.” He said to me.

I stood briefly looking at Joe’s hot and sweaty body then I bravely felt the firm bicep.

“Wow Joe! It feels hard as steel.” I said as I gripped Joe’s arm. Joe smiled proudly and said.

“Let’s go to the locker room so I can get out of these sweaty clothes, and then I’ll show you something else hard.” Joe said as he got up from the bench and headed to the lockers. “Come on dude, if you're not scared.”

Joe swaggered to his locker in the back of the room. He was in the process of removing his wet t-shirt as we walked. Joe straddled the bench, lifted his feet to untie and remove his gym shoes. His body glistened with sweat. He stood to remove his shorts and his sweaty stained jock strap. His big flaccid cock flopped from his strap. He stared at me, scratched his balls, stretched the foreskin of his semi-hard dick, and threw his jock strap to him.

“Keep em if you like.” Joe said, “I have another pair in my locker.”

“Thanks!” I said stunned at Joe’s sudden maneuver.

“So, have you ever seen a prick this big?” Joe said proudly as he gripped his semi-hard cock. Joe’s large hand could barely fit around his element.

“It gets bigger, and believe it or not, that sometimes can be a problem. I don’t have any difficulty picking up the chicks, but I can’t get them to have sex with me because it’s too big, or at least that’s what they say. Damn it, anyway! I’m proud of my 11 inch cock, and someday I’m gonna find a pussy that can take it comfortably.” Joe said while looking down at his proud male organ.

I had to admit it was a handsome giant cock. It was partially cut, and foreskin that could be pulled over the large round head of his penis. I could understand why Joe’s large manhood frightened the girls. I was wondering how it might feel in my ass canal. I’ve never taken one this big, but since I was not a virgin anymore, it might not be so difficult.

I was mesmerized at Joe’s proud man meat. My eyes were almost glued to the amazing cock that was hanging before me. I’d never seen such a cock on a human before.

“Go on! You can touch it if you want. It won’t bite you. It might grow but it won’t bite.” Joe said jokingly.

I cautiously reached out to run my fingers over the soft meaty shaft and touched the balls. I caressed and lifted it reverently before carefully moving the loose foreskin back over the glands and to gaze at the piss slit. I leaned forward to kiss the cock in respect. I quickly positioned my moist tongue under the foreskin to savor a light scent of manly smegma from Joe’s cock head, and then to the opening, to taste the salty trickle of developing pre-cum. The scent of Joe’s body was not what I expected from a guy that had just been working out. He smelled wonderful. A little musky, but wonderful.

I was mindfully distracted from my state of ecstasy when Joe cleared his throat and said.

“Now that was a first for me. You showed respect for my ‘pussy stretcher’, and that’s excellent, but make sure you haven’t started something you can’t finish. I become very demanding and controlling. You have to understand, I’m not queer and have never made it with a dude, so don’t expect anything in return. I’m just interested in getting my ‘nuts off’, and if you don’t think you can get me off, one way or the other, we’d better stop now. I’d heard rumors that you were a good cocksucker; otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing this. I just want to get off. Understand?”

“Yes sir. I understand. I have no doubts I can satisfy you, Sir, but is this place secure and private enough for us to have sex here? The coach is still in his office, and might come back to see what we’re doing.”

“It’s all right. I told him I was going to ‘work out’ longer tonight and he told me to lock up before I left. We should go back to the ‘work out room’ and use the massage table. We’d be more comfortable on a soft padded table than these hard benches. Follow me.” Joe continued.

I followed Joe back to the work out room where I had first contacted Joe today. Joe was still naked except for a towel he had thrown over his right shoulder. He was proud of his body, as well he should be, and especially of his large over sized prick. I kept my eyes on his firm buttocks as we walked. They looked good enough to rim.

No one else was in the locker rooms, the coach had gone, and we could relax in privacy.

Joe went to the back of the room and sat on the edge of the leather padded massage table. He took a look at himself in the wall mirrors, shook his head and ran his fingers thru his dark hair, flexed his bicep to admire himself. His strong muscular legs hung over the edge of the table and his feet rested on the floor. He adjusted his balls, pulled on his soft cock again and motioned for me. He was ready to be serviced by his newly found cocksucker.

“Get you ass over here, Clint. Get on you knees and let’s see what you can do to pleasure me. Suck the sperm from my cock. I need to know if you really want my prick or are you just a tease? You better be prepared to swallow because I’ll have a big load for you. Take your time and make your ‘man’ feel good.” Joe said as I followed his requirements.

I took pleasure of the commands of my new buddy. I fell to my knees between Joe’s legs, took a respectful look at the semi-soft low hanging cock, resting on Joe’s large testes. I was privileged to be the one to make love to this Narcissist hunk’s manhood. I thrilled at the idea of drinking down the tasty nectar’s from his dick.

I moved between Joe’s thighs to inhale the pheromones of his body. I carefully lifted the soft, low hanging ball sacs and licked them into my caring mouth. One of my fingers I slid under the balls and massaged that tender warm moist place, which few rarely touch. I slithered up his thick firm shaft of Joe’s cock, kissing and licking, until I reached the topmast of his shaft.

The membrane of his foreskin moved over his bulbous cock head revealing his dramatic tender crown. Pre-cum juices were flowing profusely from the large piss slit. Sweet salty cum oozed from his cock. I quickly devoured and licked it clean.

Joe sighed out with a quiet mumble and whimper of approving pleasure. I gripped Joe’s large appendage with one hand and placed my affectionate warm lips over the crimson tender cock. I realized from the substantial circumference of Joe’s cock, that I could never acquire but a few inches into my mouth, but with careful tonguing and talented hand movements, I could bestow a superior blow job, and a satisfying climax.

I wanted to please Joe the best way I could. I thought it would be exciting to let Joe use my asshole for his sexual pleasure, but this might not be the right time. First, I didn’t know if Joe would consider fucking a dude, and second I didn’t know if I could ever receive that 11-inch monster into my body. It was an incredible cock. I found Joe was such a hot dude; I was primed to do anything to please him. Since I had recently discovered I enjoyed to be fucked up the ass, I would almost certainly be pleased as well.

I was maneuvering Joe’s big cock up and down, and was obviously beginning to give him pleasure. He was moaning and groaning with gratification. My craving to take the sperm from Joe’s cock and savor this sports stud’s nectar’s was overwhelming. His cock expanded. His balls were contracting. More juices were flowing from his cock opening. Joe began to move his body with the rhythm of my movements. He gripped the back of my head, urging me on to a full pinnacle of an ejaculation. His body tightened, shook and then vaulted up to meet my mouth. A loud murmuring grunt was sounded, and then Joe started to cum.

“Oh fuckin yes! Fuckin yes! That’s good. You’re gonna get my load. Yeah. Keep that going! Oh Yeah. Uunnnn, Suck, suck, suck. Uunnnn. Damn! You’ve got it cocksucker. Take it! Uunnnn Huhhhh” Joe moaned out as I eagerly swallowed Joe’s gusher of cum.

Unless you have experienced the joy of taking a man’s hard cock into your mouth while he releases a stream of his sperm, you haven’t lived. There is an unexplained satisfaction of knowing you have brought your man to sexual satisfaction. It has to be one of the most fulfilling joys of man-to-man contact.

I was proud of himself. I hadn’t gagged even once, but easily received every thick surge of the gushing cock’s sperm he had to offer me. I had acquired a special taste for man sperm, especially from a hot guy like Joe.

I continued to savor the gushing cock load that Joe had blasted such a big load that I had to swallow fast to take it all. Finally, after six, seven or more gushing discharges, Joe lay quietly and took another deep relaxing breath. I continued to enjoy the flaccid penis, licking and cleaning it like a kid enjoying an ice cream bar.

“Now that’s what I call a blow job! “ Joe softly spoke out. Clint, you really surprised me. That was better than any bitch I've ever had suck my cock. I guess it takes a man to know how a man likes his cock sucked.” Ha Ha. He laughed softly, then set up and said. “Let’s go take a shower. Want to join me? You’ve had a good work out as well.”

Joe slowly got off the table and offered his hand to me, still kneeling on the floor between Joe’s legs. Joe threw me a towel and headed towards the showers. Meanwhile I stripping and joined Joe. I still had a tremendous hard on. I had a better than average size cock and nothing to be ashamed. I didn’t have 11 inches like Joe, but I had a nice firm 8 inches of solid cock when it was hard. I jokingly hung the towel over my cock and walked into the showers. This brought a big laugh from Joe seeing me use my hard dick as a towel rack.

“Hey, cocksucker, you’ve got a good size weapon there too. Bet you could fuck up a storm with that prick. I didn’t notice before, but you have a well-developed body as well. How come I’ve never see you working out, or see you at ‘tryouts’ for the school sports? What’s the deal?” Joe questioned me.

“Naw. Never much for sports, but I have plenty of work out activity on the farm, and being sexually active helps too.” Then I smiled, turned his ass towards Joe, slightly parted my ass cheeks and padded my firm buttocks. Perhaps Joe would get the idea.

“That’s a nice set of buttocks, Clint. You’re starting to tease me again. Be careful you could get me excited again and I’ll have to throw you over that bench and ‘corn hole’ you right here. “Joe winked.

“Who the fuck is teasing? I would be pleased if you ‘corn holed’ me sometime.” I said as I turned and gripped Joe’s semi-hard cock.

The warm water from the showers stimulated our firm bodies. Joe looked down at his hardening cock as I dropped to my knees to suck on Joe’s member.

I don’t think Joe ever had such admiring attention over his prevailing cock. Sure, the girls liked his body and his cock, but none of them knew how much he needed to be stimulated by a blow job and a comforting orgasm. There’s nothing more relaxing for a man, than to just ‘kick back’ while getting his dick sucked.

I guided my tongue under Joe’s foreskin for more of the sweet pre-cum nectar’s. I milked down the thick long shaft to discover a few remaining sweet pearls of sperm. I encircled my warm tongue around and around the large bulbous cock head. Joe’s dick was on the rise once again. Even soft, his prick hung down a good 8 inches.

I moved from Joe’s cock head, down to his balls and under Joe’s muscular firm legs to the perineum. Joe lifted one leg and placed it on the near by bench in the shower area. This allowed me extra room to enjoy an unexplored area of Joe’s body. I roamed further until I found the rim of Joe’s sphincter, the sensuous tender area of Joe’s anus.

Perhaps Joe might be ‘grossed out’ knowing someone was placing their tongue and mouth near his ass hole, but he parted his ass cheeks so I could go in deeper with my tongue fucking action. He was enjoying the sensation.

“Damn, Clint! You’re a fucking sex machine. Where did you learn all these tricks? God, you’re a stimulating cock sucking slut, and I love it. Man, I want to fuck your ass now! Get your body over this bench while I plow your farm boy ass.” Joe instructed me in his crude redneck manner.

“I don’t know where we’re gonna put this hose of mine, but you’ve got me so turned on, I might just shove it up your ass and stretch you a new hole.”

“How about we lie down on that wrestling mat in the other room and be more comfortable? I have some body oil we can use to lube up my cock and your boy-pussy hole. That will make it easier for both of us. Huh?” Joe said to me.

That sounded better for me too. I didn’t want to be injured by Joe’s big 11-inch cock. I wanted to enjoy it too.

I took the oil from the table and lubed his hard cock. Joe threw his head back enjoying the sensuous feeling of my hands manipulating his dick. After a few minutes, Joe cried out.

“Oh, fuckin, stop! Shit. I could cum with you doing that. You don’t want me to shoot this way, do you? I anxious to get my dick up your ass before I shoot my load. Let me lay down on my back and you straddle me and slowly set on my dick. I’ve seen that done in a movie and it might just work for us.” Joe said as he placed his firm body on the mat.

I admiringly gazed down at this hunk that was about to impale him. I was amazed at the almost faultless physical muscle structure of Joe. He was perfectly proportioned except, for his big cock. I had no complaints about that either. I loved a big perfect cock.

What was I going to do if I couldn’t receive Joe’s big cock? Would Joe be like a sexual animal and impale me whether I wanted it or not? Would I be rape by this guy? I don’t think he’d do that, but that might be rather exciting. I was going to do my best to let Joe enjoy the warmth of my warm boy-pussy.

I insert some oil up my anus track before I would set on Joe’s cock. I had taken big cocks before, but nothing like this. This was a challenge I wanted to accomplish. Slow and easy at first, I thought to himself. Easy does it.

Joe tried to relax his body without letting his dick get soft, but he was having no trouble staying hard. Joe looked up at my face and was concentrating.

Joe was thinking to himself as he studied Clint. His blonde curly hair hung down over his forehead like a Greek boy. His light blue eyes were the most unusual he had ever seen. They seemed to sparkle when he smiled. He never noticed how good-looking he was until now. He was a ‘looker’ that was obvious. His body had a solid strong masculine structure and….”what the hell! Joe thought to himself. “Am I going queer for this guy? No way! Clint was just a sexual object to him, just a way to get his nuts drained by his cock sucking mouth and now a fuck hole to enjoy his boy-pussy. ‘What’s going on here? What is this guy doing to me? Is he causing me to go Queer?”

Just then, I had managed to get Joe’s cock head into the tight warm opening of my anus.

“Oh Wow! That was good. Queer or not, I’m going to enjoy this.” Again, Joe felt his cock slide in a few more inches.

“Man it was tight. He’ll never take my whole cock.” Joe thought, but just then, another few inches eased in.

Then without warning, something give way and my body engulfed his whole 11 inches of cock, right down to Joe’s balls. My body shuttered and gasped out with a sound of pleasure and pain. I shot a sudden load of cum.

Joe found himself covered with a wet covering of my cum. We were both surprised. Joe had stimulated my prostate and caused my cock to shoot a huge load of cum up and over Joe’s stomach, chest, and directly into Joe’s face. I looked down at Joe’s shocked expression while I continued enjoying my sudden orgasm. Joe looked up at me and burst out in laughter then said.

“Shit dude! You shoot like a fire hose. Fuck man, you came without touching yourself. What caused that?” Joe asked

“Look man, you shot on my face and on my lip. That was hot.” He said then took his finger to wipe the cum off his face and surprisingly put it in his mouth and tasted it.

“Not bad. Not much, taste at all. Hum? That was interesting,” Joe said as he scooped up more of my cum from his abs and put it to my mouth.

“Here eat some of your own cum.” Joe said as he stuck his cum coated finger in my mouth. I sucked it clean while Joe used his other hand to taste more of the cum from his face.

“Well dude, are we gonna fuck or not? You’ve got the whole damn thing in your ass, and I might add it feels awesome. Congratulations. You have done what no pussy has ever done before. Come on farm boy, ride my dick as you ride your horses. Let’s fuck, but take it slow. I’m so hot I could pop in just a few strokes. Oh Yeah Clint, this is awesome.” Joe continued. Let’s fuck, farm boy. “

Joe had never had such a fantastic feeling. He love to have sex but never had the opportunity to relax and enjoy it without having to worry if he was hurting his partner. Clint was a perfect person to have sex.

Joe lay back while I moved up and down on his hard cock, now buried in the warm crevices of my body. It felt indescribably satisfying. He lifted my buttocks to maneuver me up and down on his cock. Joe could cum any time now, but just as he was about to reach his pinnacle, I suddenly stopped and said.

“I want us to change positions. I’ll lie on my back and place my legs on your shoulders while you guide your dick back into my love hole. You can fuck me and cum whenever you desire. I’ll lift my ass from your dick and we will have the pleasure of putting it back in again.” I explained to Joe.

Joe shrugged his shoulders, nodded his head and agreed. He would have more control over the situation, besides he would be in command again, as a man should when screwing pussy.

Soon we were in position. I was on my back, legs lifted and placed on Joe’s strong masculine shoulders. I was ready to receive this dick again. It didn't take long for Joe to automatically take control, and soon I was guiding his dick back into my tight fuck hole. He was using me for his pleasure. His dick slid back in me with no trouble at all. It felt even better this time. Perhaps I could relax and enjoy a good man-to-man fucking.

We fucked for a few minutes before Joe paused briefly before he came, and then start all over again. The pleasurable fucking went on for another 20 to 30 minutes. In the last few minutes before his ultimate orgasm, he leaned over me as if he was going to kiss me... I had become more than just a sex partner to him. Joe must have felt a twinge of passion for me. As we lay entwined on the wrestling mat, we seemed to melt into each others arms, like one person.

Joe’s dick swelling in my ass for the last time. I knew he had to release his load deep in the depths of me. His breathing became heavier, the body movements faster. Sweat dripped from Joe’s body as if he was in a tedious work out, but this one was more pleasure than pain. He began cumming and leaned over to make love to me. Our cheeks touched and our lips met in a soft loving kiss, but quickly turned into a passionate wild tongue-searching kiss during the climax. This brought both of us to a moment of ecstasy.

My penis began spewing out spasms of wet cum just as Joe’s large cock expanded and rubbed that special spot on my prostate. Joe released load after load of warm body fluids into me his new ‘fuck partner’. Moans and sounds of passionate lovemaking echoed thru out the empty locker room and into the gym.

We immersed our bodies together during an ultimate climatic orgasm. We resembled a Rodin sculpture of two hot and sweaty Greek wrestlers in their last moment of victory. The wrestlers had scored a ‘down’. There was a tie, and we were both were winners.

Joe moved off me and turned to the side with his cock still buried in my cum filled ass. We were exhausted from the pleasant encounter and fell asleep still wrapped in each others arms. A few minutes later, we were awakened by the sound of a door closing. Perhaps the coach had come back to check on something or go to his office. Joe’s soft dick was released quickly from my ass.

“Let’s get dressed. I think someone just came into the gym. Maybe it’s the coach. I think we better hurry before he sees us.” Joe said quietly to me.

Then I grabbed the towels as Joe went to turn off the showers that had been running during our time on the mat. I put on my clothes while Joe went quickly to his locker to dress. It was still quiet, and no one had appeared yet. I looked in the Coach’s office but the light was off, so it wasn’t the coach.

Just as I was about to step into the room I felt something wet underneath my feet. I looked down, thinking it was just water, but wondered why it would be here in the doorway? I knelt, placed my finger in the puddle, put my finger to my mouth to discover it was cum. Oh my God! Someone had been watching us fuck while we were on the mat. They must have stood in the dark room, masturbated, and left this large puddle of cum on the floor.

“Clint? Is everything all right? Did you see the coach or anyone in the gym? I don’t see anyone around anywhere. Perhaps it was just the wind or one of the night security guards checking the door.” Joe commented to me as he stood in the doorway by the puddle of cum.

“Is anything wrong,” Joe, questioned.

I shouldn’t tell Joe of the voyeur visitor. He might become paranoid and avoid having sex with him at the gym. The coach was the only person I could think of that might have a key to get back in. Why didn’t the coach interrupt us, or chase us out, unless coach had other things in mind. Time will tell.

“Oh! No Joe, no one here either. Perhaps you’re right. It might have been the wind. Say Joe? Can you give me a lift home? I missed the last ride home and my parents might be wondering about me. I told them I might have to stay later tonight to clean the showers in the locker rooms.”

“Sure Clint. I was about to ask if you wanted a ride. Hope you don’t mind riding on my Harley Sportster ? I have to stop by my place on the way to tell my Dad where I’m going. He’s strict with us boys and I don’t want to stir up any shit, besides I’d like to introduce you to him. He’s a good man and I think you’ll like him.” Joe explained.

“Absolutely. I could make a quick call home to let my parents know I am on my way. It would be perfect. Let’s go, stud.”

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Farm Boys From Kansas, Part 10


Story by Dick Clinton
This story is about man-to-man sexual contact.  If this type of story offends you, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, then stop now. 

 Part 10, Arron’s Turn

The men had physically overcome Arron and forced him to get on his knees on the barn floor, and bend over the bale of hay next to me.  He looked over at me and I gave him an encouraging smile, and nodded my head, assuring Arron it was going to be okay.

One man was holding Arron face down against the hay moved, while the other dropped his coveralls, spread Arron’s legs and placed his hand on his buttocks.  He gave Arron a hard slap on first one cheek, and then the other. Wincing from the stinging sensation, Arron yelled: “You fucken asshole! Take it easy.  Take it easy.  If you’re gonna use that ass you should treat it with respect. Kiss it, you fucking prick!”   The men all laughed at Arron’s sudden authoritative tone.

“Yeah, Ron.  If you’re gonna use his ass, you should make a little love to it first. Get down there an lick him out.” 

“No way am I gonna eat this farm boy’s ass. I don’t even like to eat pussy,” Ron retorted.

Jon pulled his cock out of my ass and gathered some of the wet juices remaining around his cock.  Then placed a wet finger into his Arron’s anus. He was lubricating Arron’s ass with his own cum, the same cum he had just deposited in my asshole.

Ron parted the firm ass cheeks and guided his dick to Arron’s tight pink hole.   Ron had a large cock as well, not as fat as Jon’s, but about two inches longer.  He was justifiably proud of his 10-inch monster. That asshole looked very small, but nice.  No matter what, once he got it in him, he was going to keep pumping that ass until he came, no matter how much this boy yelled out for him to stop.

Ron managed to get the head of his dick partially into the boy’s ass.  It was exciting, and he was obviously going to take his time. Inch by inch his hard cock slowly slipped in.

 Arron must have finally relaxed, because he slowly started backing into the hard cock.  Ron stopped shoving his cock violently into Arron’s hole and let the boy take over the pushing action.  He balanced himself and gripped his rough hands on the slim rocking hips before him. He looked down and watched his cock disappear all the way in the boy’s ass.  Arron was obviously beginning to enjoy the feel of his cock. A slight body shudders and sigh of pleasure was heard from the boy. No complaints, no squealing in pain, and no one trying to push him away 

While all this was going on, I was rubbing my fingers threw Jon's hairy chest and massaging his firm pectoral muscles.  His eyes were glazed over and almost shut.  The monster cock buried in my ass was almost mesmerizing.  Only my concern for Arron kept me aware of what else was going on.

Bill, one of the other men, had opened his coveralls, released his cock from the opening, and was manipulating his semi-soft cock right by Arron’s head.  It was a nice, larger than average, uncut cock.  Pre-cum juices were oozing from under the foreskin. I had never seen this much foreskin on a man before.   Arron began to explore the opening with his fingers for a short time, and then leaned closer to place his tongue into the opening hood of his throbbing cock. As the cock became harder, the loose foreskin began moving back on its own exposing a large tulip shaped head. With his free hand Arron drew him closer, caressing his balls as he guided the cock into his mouth.   

The pounding fuck I was receiving from Jon jerked my attention back.  We acquired a definite synchronization of movements and soon Jon was going to plant his seed in my ass.  He was definitely about to ejaculate.  I pulled my man fucker closer, devouring every inch of his dick deep within me.  Jon started mouthing obscenities, mumbling and telling me how he was enjoying the pleasure of the fuck, and proceeded talking as he blasted his seed into his pussy boy’s body. He pounded harder and faster as he came and continued to utter sexual demands as his juices flowed into my welcoming asshole. 

“Oh yeah, baby.  You’re pleasuring my cock so well, making my body feel fantastic. Shit you’re a great fuck.  My nuts were begging for release.  Oh baby, I’m cumming. Oh my baby; you are so good to my cock.  Awe, awe, right there, now boy, tighten that asshole around my meat and milk me dry, Ooooohhh baby.  Ooooohhh. What a feeling …shit.awwww.” 

  “What’s your name, son?  He asked in a soft low voice.  You’re going to be hearing from me again. Very few people can take my thick cock and satisfy my needs. You’re a good piece of ass, and I want to plug you on a regular basis.

“Sure Jon.   My name is Clint and I live over on Beacon Hill about 2 miles from here.  I’ll give you my phone number and we can meet again.  You are a good fucker. Jon, and you know I enjoyed it as much as you did.”

Jon looked to the other man, Bill, who was getting sucked by Arron who was still getting fucked by Rob.  He motioned for Bill to come over and take his place in the fuck hole.

‘Bill. You have to share this young punk's ass.  He has so much muscle control in his ass, that you’ll pop your nuts in no time flat.  Come here and get some of this sweet ass.  I’ve filled his hole with a big load of my cum, but that will make it even better. A juicy hole is always better than a dry one, so I know you won’t mind seconds or perhaps thirds on this one. He is a hot fuck.” Jon said as he slowly pulled his fat wet cock from my hole and moved up to position his ass over my face.

Bill released his cock from Arron’s cock sucking mouth. He was very close to cumming but wanted some ass to fuck. I felt Bill between my legs and reached down to guide his cock in my hole.  Bill’s cock was not as big around as Jon but he had a nice 10-inches of uncut meat. I could tell by the roughness of Bill’s hands that he was a hard working person, but he was gentle as he firmly gripped my legs and placed them on his shoulders.   

Bill moved into position and with one thrust, shoved his cock deep into me.  Bill moved out and then back into my asshole with slow deep moves.

Jon turned to face Bill while I continued rimming his ass. The excitement of seeing Bill fucking away got Jon so hot that he shot his second load onto my abs and pubic hairs. Some of the shooting cum, landed on Bill’s stomach, but he didn’t seem to mind. Bill rubbed Jon’s cum over my stomach, and then licked the remaining cum into his mouth. This seems to surprise Jon a bit. Jon lifted his ass from Clint’s face, stood motionless for a moment then stepped away.

Jon went too the end of the barn and took a long piss.  He noticed his nephew Randy was still just standing by the horses watching.

“Randy, come over here and get in on this.  Don’t you like sex or are you just shy around your uncle?  I’m going back to our camp to check on our gear. Why don’t you go over and watch Bill fuck that sweet ass. Go and have a good time.  Tell the other men I will be back later so take your time and enjoy yourselves.   See ya later. Now go!”

I motioned for Randy to get closer. As he came over, he pulled his hard cock out of his jumper.

“Take your jumper off and get closer to my mouth so I can suck the cum from that beauty,” I called out to him.

Randy shyly pulled off his boots, jumper, and white Jordan shorts. He moved closer as I encouraged him to get up on the bale of hay and place his cock in my mouth. 

The scent of his clean college body delighted me, but I wanted more of him and pulled him closer, I started licking his shaft, then down to his balls. I maneuvered over until Randy’s firm buttocks were directly over my face.  I pulled his butt hole directly over my mouth and started licking his butt crack.  I gripped the boy’s body and pulled him down closer until I could force my wet tongue into the tight pink hole. Randy closed his eyes and started to jack on his cock.

 Bill looked into Randy’s eyes as he leaned over closer to him and gripped Randy’s cock. Randy moved in a bit closer to Bill and, reaching out, braced himself against Bill’s shoulder.  Bill leaned into him and soon the two were resting their heads on each other. Bill started kissing Randy’s neck and nibbled on his ear.  

Randy turned his head to meet Bill’s soft lips and soon they were locked into a deep kiss.  Bill started humping harder and harder on my ass and jacking on Randy’s cock at the same time.  Randy’s cock started shooting gobs of boy cum directly on Bill's chest and on my stomach.  Bill was pounding hard and shooting his juices into my hole, while I reached and grabbed my own cock. I was still burying my tongue deep into Randy’s twitching asshole when I shot my load, joining my cum with Randy’s. 

  Cum was flying everywhere. The moans and groans of Bill, Randy and myself caused Ron to cum again for the second time. Soon Arron joined in with his sounds of pleasure as his sperm spewed out on his body, Ron laid his body onto Arron’s wet sperm covered body and kissed him with deep passionate kisses.  

All that was heard for the moment was exhausted heavy breathing and a neigh of one of the horses.  This caused someone to softly laugh, and then everyone joined in as someone said we were scaring the horses.  

Arron was the first to speak.  “There is an open shower behind the stables, so why don’t we all go get cleaned up. One thing though, it’s been a good day and we’ve all had fun, but just remember when you are on our property, 'No Hunting'! or absolutely no more sex! Do you pricks understand?”  Everyone laughed and headed towards the showers. 

Story by Richard Barber at
Edited by Dale M. 11/16/2005, Word Count 1,637