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Community Service for Men, Part 01

Community Service for Men. Part 01

New Territory

Story by Dick Clinton

One of my distant cousins passed on and left me a small cabin and five acres of land near a small town called Lake View on the 'Lake of the Ozarks'. The cabin was located just outside the city limits near a fairly busy state highway exit. I'd only met my cousin one time at a family meeting in Springfield, Missouri when my grandfather was ill. We seem to bond together at our first meeting. I had a special 'Gay-dar' feeling about him and I assumed he felt the same towards me. But why in the hell did he leave me this cabin?

I had some long merited vacation coming, so I thought I would go to the Lake to check it out. I was living in Kansas City at the time and the property was only a few hours by car. I left early in the morning so it would still be light when I arrived. I only stopped once to eat at a truck stop, fill up my gas tank, and check out the area for future cruising.

When I arrived at the Lake it was still light so with the directions the attorney gave me, I had no problem finding it. It was a small log cabin cottage nestled among some pine trees. I was surprised how nice and cozy it looked. One thing that puzzled me at first was the large area at the side of the property that seemed to be used for parking large trucks. I wasn't sure if my cousin Peter was a truck driver or not, but there seemed to be plenty of room to park two or three trucks.

I went inside the cabin to explore the layout. It had a nice entrance to a living room and hallway. A large stone fireplace was centered in the west wall. At the other side of the room was a small eating area directly next to an open kitchen, which was a little out of date, but it had an average size stove with oven and a nice refrigerator and a microwave oven. The place was well stocked with dishes, pans, flatware and other utensils. The oven and frig was clean as well as the remainder of the room. There was a door at the back of the Kitchen which I would explore later.

I went back to the hall way that directed me to one small bathroom and two small bedrooms. The cabin was fully furnished and very neat and clean. I was surprised that someone hadn't broken in and stole anything, but the place had been left in tact. I didn't notice a TV so I would have to find out about that later.

While I was exploring the cabin I was startled to heard the sound of my telephone ringing. I went to the kitchen to answer the old fashion wall hanging phone. When I picked up the phone to speak I was surprised to head a woman's voice.

“Hello. Is this Clint?

“Yes” I quickly said.

“This is Mildred at the phone company. Your attorney called me yesterday and said you were coming. We have connected your phone and I had my brother Walter come over yesterday to make sure your propane gas tank was full and working properly. My daughter and niece came by yesterday to clean your house and put on fresh bedding on both beds and clean towels and more linens in the hallway closet.”

“We saw you come through town today. My brother will be out to show you things about your gas tank, and how to get the water pump going so you'll have some water for your cabin. We've turned the electricity on so you should be pretty well situated. “

“Sorry about losing your cousin. Peter was a good man and will be missed around here. If you have any more questions about the cabin I'm sure Walter can help you out there. I also own the grocery store so if you need supplies all you have to do is call me. I'll fill out your grocery list and have my nephew Bobby bring it out tonight. Your attorney has taken care of most of the expenses so once again welcome to Lake Shore. You'll find a list of phone numbers in the top drawer of the counter.”

“Now have a good day and I'll be expecting your call for the groceries or any other supplies you might need, Got to go now. The mail has arrived and I have to separate the mail for tomorrows delivery. You all be good now. Bye.”

Before I could say anything she hung up. I think she said all that in one breath. What a talker, but now I'm sure I will be well taken care of here. I headed out to get my suitcases, some clothes, and a few box of things I thought I might need at the cabin. Just as I was opening the trunk of the car, up came a pick up truck. It was probably Walter.

“Howdy neighbor. I take it you’re Clint. I'm Walter.”

“Here let me carry some of that stuff for you buddy. I trust you had a good trip from KC. I came by yesterday to set up and fill your propane tanks. I didn't turn on you water pump yet cause I wanted to show you how to do it. You have a well house out back that pumps water from your well and into your cabin. Your septic tank is down the hill there and was drained last month. I gather my sister Mildred called you about most everything else. Nice to have someone living here again. All us men will miss Peter a lot. He was a great friend and fantastic cock sucker.”

We where in the cabin when he said “Peter was a fantastic cock sucker.” I almost drop the suitcases when he said that. I assumed at first it was just a 'man thing' a person says about another man in casual conversation. Walter saw my shock, then he said.

“Oh my gawd Clint. I thought you knew about Peter, since you being a relative and all. Sorry if I shocked you. Why don't you put away some of your things while I pour us a drink and I'll tell you all about good Ole Peter.

I was a way. I knew I felt a close connection when I first met Peter, now I knew why. He was gay and somehow he knew I was also. I quickly set down on the couch while Walter found some liquor and pour us both of drink.

“Here Clint. Have a drink while I tell you about Peter.”

“Peter was a Missouri Highway Patrolman for many years. He lived here before, and even after he retired. He 'entertained' many truckers and biker friends that he met over a period of time, and I might add many of the locals, visiting fishermen, and hunters that came down during the seasons. Yeah I said the 'locals' as well.”

“We have a certain close knit buddy system here amongst us men. You might say it is like the military, 'don't ask, don't tell. Most all of the local men would come by to see Peter on a regular schedule for 'man sex'. Our wife’s didn't know, or if they did know they never let on. I think some of our women folk had suspicions. about Peter, but were never told the whole truth. I think they were glad we would visit Peter for sexual relief.

Peter was like our local whore. The women never complained or said anything about Peter. If they knew he was gay they figured he wasn't gonna take away their men folk because he was a man and not a woman with a pussy. Little did they know Peter's ass was some of the best 'pussy' in town and had the most talented mouth that he used as our cum dump.”

“How did Peter die?” I ask.

“I'm not quite sure, but I was told by one of the bikers that works in town, that when there was a 'biker run' through this part of Missouri, they would always make Peter's places one of their yearly stops. He told me Peter volunteered to take on as many men that wanted to use his man pussy for fucking. There were over 50 men here for the party and most of them fucked him at least one time. The next day Peter had a heart attack while sucking off another dozen men. Bless his soul, he died the way he wanted, full of man sperm. He had one of the biggest funerals in this part of the state and was attended by almost one thousand men from all around. They even had a biker escort to the lake where his ashes were thrown into the lake. It was awesome. “

I set there dumb founded, and took another drink of whiskey.

“I hope you aren't upset by me telling you this.”

I just set there in a stupor as Walter continued to talk. 'Naw. Glad you told me and have so much understand about his gay lifestyle.”

“Don't forget to call Mable to get your food order. I should go and let you ponder this.”

“Yeah. I'm okay with this, just shocked that everyone knew about Peter except me. Thanks Walter for setting up the gas and water stations for me. I don't have much money on me to give you for your service until I go to the ATM tomorrow. If there's any thing that I can do for you, just let me know. Okay?”

He hesitated for a few seconds then smiled and tugged on his cock through his pants.

“Now don't take offense, you're a nice looking young man, and not that you look gay. but I was hoping since Peter left you this cabin, that you know...take over where he left off. There are a lot of good looking, well hung men that would be so grateful for your continued service....and, well... I could sure use a good blow job before I leave today. I haven't had any sex since Peter left us. I hope I 'm not being too presumptuous thinking you might like to suck cock and get fucked like Peter did.”

“It would give me a good opportunity to test out your cock sucking ability so I could tell the other men to call on you. I'm a good ambassador and spokesman for the other men in town. What do you say?”

I set quietly on the couch as Walter slowly walked over to me and started unbuckling his belt and unzipping his Levis. I looked up at this forty-ish, tall good looking country hunk as he offered me his cock to suck.

Being a devoted dick worshiper and cum hungry cock sucker, I anxiously waited to see what he had to offer. I was not disappointed. When he dropped his pants his hard cock almost hit me in the face. He was not huge but a good thick uncut 7 ½ inches of man cock. He was oozing precum juices from his piss slot. I gently gripped his firm hairy balls and place my warm mouth over the end of his juicy cock. I encircled my tongue inside his wet lacy foreskin. He smelled and tasted like a man should. The minute I went down on him I heard him utter firmly.

“Thank the gods! Our savior Clint has arrived. Suck my cock and drain my baby makers. I have stored up a months load for you. Oh thank you Jesus.”

I almost laughed but kept on sucking and making love to his cock and firm hairy balls.

I dropped to my knees on the floor and continued to sucked on this hunk for about ten minutes until he couldn't hold out any longer. He grabbed my head and pumped a huge load down my throat. He became weak and almost fell to the floor as his knees buckled from the experience. I swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

“Man oh Man. What a relief. My nuts were beginning to ache from all the cum I'd stored in my ball sacs. I needed that so much. Thanks again. You never have to tip me for doing things for you as long as you suck my cock like you just did.”

“That was even better than Peter ever did. Man are you going to be popular around here. Can't wait to tell my buddies. Most of the men around here are in good healthy shape and have bigger than average cocks. You know us hill billies, we love our sex. “

“Can I give some of the 'locals' the phone number, so you can get acquainted with some of the studs around here? I should warn you that you might be visited by some horny Truckers this week end. Some of them don't know Peter is no longer with us. Peter had a number of horny truckers and Highway Patrol mates that would come by now and then. I know they won't be disappointed with your cock sucking. I'm anxious to fuck your butt sometime soon, if you let me. Make sure the truckers bring their own beer otherwise they'll drink you out of house and home.”

I wish I had time to get another blow job, or fuck that hot looking butt of yours, but I gotta get back to the store to help Mildred. Be sure to call in that grocery order and I'll have my son Bobby deliver it to you. And by the way, he loves to be sucked off too, so don't be shy with him. He's a good looking teenager and is hung like a horse, so have fun. Once again I'm damn glad you're here. See you later.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After Walter left I thought I'd take a closer look around. I went out the back door and found a small laundry room attached to the cabin with washer and dryer. Two wall gym lockers hung on one wall and in the back room was a large shower with duel shower heads. I guessed it might be used for the visiting truckers. Peter was very thoughtful to his visitors.

I looked out the back door to see a garage close by. I was hoping for another car or truck for extra use, but the drive way was empty. I went in the side door of the garage to check it out, but still no truck or car. It must be used for a guest house because it had two sets of bunk beds against one wall and a small kitchenette and refrigerator. At the end of the building was another large shower, and an enclosed sink and toilet. In the center of the garage was a standard size pool table. A large 'L' shaped vinyl couch was facing a blank wall and an empty table where a TV should be setting. I saw wires going outside to the roof for an antenna or a satellite dish.

This must have been Peter's 'Man Cave' used by his visiting men. Peter must have been quite the entertainer. Here I thought when I came down here I'd be bored and longing to find me some hot men to service or have them fuck my welcome ass. Perhaps I was wrong. By the sound of things, they would be calling me to be serviced sexually.

* * * * * * * * * *
Story By Dick Clinton,
Word Count, 2644
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College Newbie

College newbie, Part 01
Story by Dick Clinton

It was my first day at the University. I had already registered and paid my first year of schooling and my dorm fees. I was lucky to get a room at one of the better dorms on campus and was excited to meet my new roommate. I had seen his picture before registering and knew a few things about him but never met him in person. He was 23 and in his 2nd year of college. By the looks of his picture he was nice looking dude. I just hoped his personality was a nice as his looks. Most of my clothes and personal items had arrived and in storage at the front desk for me to pick up.

The dorm was nice looking and clean so I knew I could adjust to the surroundings. I was located on the 2nd floor facing the front of the building. The floor plans I was given gave me an idea of the floor plan of my room and of the entire building. As I entered the dorm building, Kansas Hall, I was searched and required to show my registration papers and ID before I was given my things in storage. I only had one suitcase and my backpack. I was shown the stairs and the elevator and since I had luggage I took the elevator to the second floor. I found my room, #212 and nervously gave a light knock on the door.

The door suddenly opened and there stood my handsome roommate naked as the day he was born. I was shocked but in awe at this good looking stud. He was about 6 foot 2 inches tall, dark hair, and had an awesome body and a nice size dick. He didn't seemed shocked or embarrassed about being naked in front of me and immediately introduced himself as Castle Collins and held out his fist to bump fist with me in greeting. He grabbed my suitcase and motioned for me to come in.

You're Carl DuPont my new roommate huh? Didn't expect you until tomorrow. I was just getting settled in and was taking a couple pictures to send to my girl back home. I'm glad you're here cause I need another hand to take my close ups and side view of my cock on my i Phone. Hope this doesn't shock you but you'll get use to my openness and nudity.”

Put your bag and backpack over there by your bed and I tell you what I want you to do. As you can see I'm partially hard for my picture. She loves my cock and this will keep her happy for awhile until I get home to fuck her.”

I was still getting over the shock of him being naked but was secretly enjoying the view. He pick up his i Phone and handed it to me. Then rubbed his hand over his cock head to retrieve some pre-cum juices and continued to massage it on his semi-hard dick. I was getting exited watching this hunk. I feared he would notice the bulge under my shorts. I didn't know if he knew I was Gay or not, but he was really getting me excited. What an introduction!

Now come over here and get a good side view of my semi-hard on. Come on. Don't be shy. I'm sure you seen a dick before huh. Now take a couple shots from the side then get one from the floor looking up at my balls and dick while I look down at the camera. Yeah. That's it. Man you're a pro. I'm starting to drool some pre-cum so get another shot as I milk it down. That should get her hot.”

While I was down on my knees looking up at his awesome cock and balls, a small amount of pre-cum dripped on my hand. With out thinking, I automatically licked it from the back of my hand. Then I realized what I had just done. There was silence, then his dick started getting harder. I knew right then I'd been outed. What straight guy would lick another guys cum juices from his hand unless he was gay? 
What the fuck? You just lick my dick juice off your hand. Hot. Give me the i Phone. Grab my dick and milk it down some more if you want. Go ahead buddy. And take another taste if you want. I didn't know your were gay until now, That's cool and I'm thankful you've 'come out' to me.” then he laughed softly. “ I did get you into an awkward position, didn't I?”

Well what the hell are you waiting for dude? Suck on it. I could use some good head right now thinking about my girl. You've got me hot and ready to drop a load. Suck it newbie.”

I already had 'come out' to my new roommate within the first 15 minutes of our acquaintance and I was already about to suck his cock. How could I resist? I might as well enjoy sucking on this awesome dick before he 'outs me' to the dorm or knocks me upside the head. Being a dedicated cock sucker, I took his balls in one hand and guided his hard dick to my lips. His cock was not only long but thick around.

As he stood aggressively over me he placed his hands on my shoulders and balanced himself as I honorably devoured his manhood. He suddenly stopped me and said for me to get my clothes off while he locked the door.

Turn around and let me get a good look at you. You've got a nice body on you dude and a good size dick. I'm not gay but I'm glad you're willing to suck my cock. Let me check out that ass.” he said as he continued to jack on his cock. “I hope you like to get 'ass fucked' as well cause I enjoy a good tight asshole to drop a load in now and then. Spread your butt cheeks and let me see your man pussy. Yeah.” I noticed he took a picture of my ass. “That's gonna be a tight pussy. Now back on your knees and suck out a big load from my cock. Fuck man. I can't believe this. My own 'live in' cocksucker. We're gonna get along fine.”

I was rather taken back by our first meeting. I continue to suck on his cock as he stood by the mirror admiring himself as I blew him. He had an awesome cock and looked forward to our new friendship. I could feel his cock swelling and ready for me to drink down his nectar. He started moaning, grabbed the back of my head and dumped several loads of juicy man cum load down my throat.

Fuck man. I needed that. It was damn good. I'm looking forward to more of that action after you get settled. Oh by the way, I took a couple shots of you sucking my dick but not gonna sent these to my girl. She'd have a fit. These are personal so don't worry about them getting around.”

Oh shit. He took pictures of me sucking his cock. Now he has something to hold over me in case he needed anything. I continue to unload my suitcase and hand up my clothes in my closet. Meanwhile Castle went to the toilet to take a piss. He didn't bother to shut the door. He was a hot guy and I was already under his spell.

Hey Carl. I've made several friend on campus this past year. I'd like to introduce you to a few of them. I think you'll like them and they'll like you. We need a good cocksucker around here. Most are very athletic and have good bodies and big dicks. After I show you around the dorm I'll take you to campus cafeteria for dinner. Nothing much happening around here yet so we can come back to the room and you can give me another blow job. Boy that was one of the best BJ I've had in a long time.”

Castle showed me around the dorm then we headed to the cafeteria for lunch. While we were at one of the tables a couple of hot looking guys came over and Castle introduced us. I noticed Castle said something to the guys in a low voice so I couldn't hear them talking. I was getting nervous and a bit paranoid about these two guys. I thought they looked at me kind of funny when we left.

We headed back to the dorm and to our room. On the way there Castle stopped by an open door and chatted with some guys. Once again Castle introduced me to his buddies. We stopped by the dorm restroom and showers where Castle stopped to take a piss. He directed me to one of the end booths where he showed me a large glory hole, then we went back to the room.

The minute we were in the room Castle shed his clothes, turned on the T.V. and flopped down on his bed.

I'm gonna call my lady friend and I want you to suck on my cock while we talk to each other. Every evening I call her and jack off while we talk dirty to each other but why jack off when I got you to suck me off. I won't put you on camera but keep quiet. Get over here between my legs and get me hard.”

Once again I was aghast at the way Castle was so open about sex. So far I found it exciting. I got on the bed between his muscular legs and started by licking his low hanging balls. Meanwhile he was dialing his girl while I was serving his cock and balls. I was glad he didn't shave all the hair off his balls or crotch. I like a man that is natural like his uncut cock. He smelled so nice and manly.

He started talking to his girl on the phone as I suck and admired his cock and balls. I couldn't hear the conversation but I knew he getting pleasure from me as I sucked him. This continued on for awhile then I knew he was about to cum. He put one hand on my head then started moaning and telling his girl he was gonna cum. I increased sucking and brought him to a bed shaking climax. He put down the phone and leaned back against the pillow and fell a sleep. I cleaned him up before leaving the bed. Fuck he looked so handsome spread out on the bed like that.

I had some time to finish up some paper work and view my class scheduled for the first semester. Castle slept peacefully while I worked. It had been an unusual and exciting first day and I was ready for some sleep. I turned off the lights and TV and crawled under my sheet to sleep naked as requested by my hot new roommate. I kneel by the bed admiring his naked body and magnificent soft cock and whipped out a well needed load.

About four AM I felt Castle pulling the sheet from my body. I could see a silhouette of him standing there with another hard on. What does this man eat that causing him to want sex so much? He got on the bed between my legs and fingered my asshole. He must have place some lubricant on his fingers because it didn't hurt even when he continued to put 3 finger in my hole. After I was well lubricated he lifted my legs to his shoulders and scooted closer and guided his hard cock into my man pussy. We never spoke. Up I went and in he went until his big 10 inch cock was all the way in. I trembled and sighed at the sensation. He paused so I could get use to his entry then he started moving in and out of my hole.

He never said anything to me but sighed and kept fucking at a slow but deliberate pace. I reached up and pulled him down on me to enjoy the hot warm body of my new love.

Oh man. Your man pussy is so tight and warm. I love fucking you.” Ugh. Ugh., he kept saying as he fucked me. He leaned back and spread my legs so he could get closer and fuck deeper.

I just let him use me as he wished. His big cock kept touching just the right spots inside me and I thought I was going to cum before he was. I think he sensed it and slowed down, but he had gotten to the point of no return. He started pumping me harder and faster until he gave out a deep moan and shot his load deep into my body. This caused me to cum at the same time. I held him tight as my cum squirted between our bodies. Our sexual release was outstanding. We rested for a few then Castle pulled out of my well used hole and he went back to his own bed.

Get yourself over here and clean me before you go back to sleep.”

I went to our bathroom to get a warm wash cloth and towel then I headed to his bed. I washed his cock and balls very carefully then leaned over his body to lick up the cum I had gushed on his abs. He didn't say anything but I notice he was bit ticklish when I licked his abs. I milked down a few leftover juices from his cock and savored his remaining juices before washing his abs with the warm cloth and went back to my bed.

Suddenly out of the darkness I heard him say. “Good fucking piece of ass. Thanks buddy.” Then he fell asleep.

, Story by Dick Clinton.