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by Dick Clinton
Part 09, Outdoor Sex

The next morning the boys were aroused by the sound of the horses in the barn becoming impatient for their early morning feeding.  David and John had to go back to where they had left the tractor and wait for the tow truck to arrive.  Aaron had contacted his dad by the walkie-talkie the night before, and let him know that David and John were safe and dry, and would be staying at the cabin with Aaron and Clint until the next day. Aaron’s dad let their parents know, and made arrangements for the tow truck to be there before noon to pull the tractor out of the ditch. 

I had never had sex with David, so when I saw David that morning with a big woody, I jumped at the opportunity to suck him off before he and John left.   Aaron was already on his knees in the kitchen taking care of John’s morning hard-on while I was taking care of David in the bedroom.


David and John were physically so much alike that it was almost like sucking John off all over again. David looked so hot resting on the bed with his big cock throbbing, and his soft low hanging balls nestled between his legs. How can a cocksucker refuse to service a beauty like this?  

Meanwhile, in the other room John wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a good blowjob, and after a few minutes he lifted Aaron’s naked body from the floor and sat him on the kitchen table. Then he lifted his legs and quickly shoved his needy cock into his ass hole. Aaron wrapped his legs tightly around John’s hard naked body and held on tight.

John was already spewing out obscene commands to Aaron as he ‘rough-fucked’ his firm muscular body.  Aaron never complained, but dug his fingers into John’s sweaty back drawing him in closer to increase the depth of this delicious penetration.

The sturdy wooden table scooted a few inches across the floor at each heavy thrusting movement.  An empty tin cup and plate fell from the table making a crashing sound as John shoved violently into Aaron and began gushing cum deep into his willing butt. Their hot sweaty bodies remained motionless momentarily as they collected their strength. John looked down at the boy that had enraptured his body and said.   “Boy oh boy!  The things a guy has to do to get a cup of coffee around here.”

Then he pulled Aaron up into his arms and gave him a sweet appreciative kiss on the lips.  His semi-hard cock eased out of Aaron’s asshole leaving a small puddle of sperm on the edge of the tabletop, which he quickly leaned over and licked up with his tongue. 

David and I had gone to the back porch to take a morning piss. When we came back in the cabin, John was standing looking out the window to see if the rain had passed. He called out to his brother, “David, get dressed now that you’ve had your nuts drained.  It looks like the day is clearing up, and the tow truck might be there by the time we arrive.


Aaron had fixed everyone a hot cup of coffee and as soon as they dressed   John and David headed back to the road to wait for the truck. Everyone exchanged phone numbers and soon the guys were out the cabin door.  

After they left, we went out and checked on the horses. After attending to the horses, I sat on a horse blanket on one of the hay bales with Aaron standing just in front of me.  We began kissing again and soon Aaron was between my legs, caressing my balls and sucking on my cock. After a few moments, he looked up and spoke:  


“Clint, I’ve really enjoyed these last few hours.  I particularly enjoyed getting fucked, so now I want to make you feel as good.  I want to fuck your ass now to see if I can make you cum like you did me. You make me so hot, that my cock is already oozing cum, and I’m lubed enough to put my’ boner’ into your ass.   

“You want to fuck me right here? Well, sure. I always liked outdoor sex.”  I responded.  “It’s fine with me.  I’m sure the horses won’t mind. The harder and rougher you are with me: the better I like it.”   

Aaron pushed me back on the blanket and pushed his hard cock into my welcoming asshole. We both moaned with pleasure as Aaron started making his deep thrusting moves.  He gripped my legs, holding them apart and continued to fuck his first piece of male ass.  

 He fucked and fucked, pausing only a few moments to avoid Cumming too soon. However, the need to release the ache in his nuts took over, and he began pounding faster and harder. He had to release his sperm load or burst.  His cock swelled and then he exploded in an orgasm. 

“Awe, fffuuuccckkkk.  That is such a good feeling.  Oh yeah, Oh yeah.” Aaron moaned out in pleasure. “I’m going to cum. I’m Cumming, Oh shit.  That feels so good.   Oh Clint.  I love Cumming inside you.  Oh yeah.” Aaron said as he pumped away at the ass.   

“Yyyeeesss, Yeesss stud. Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me!  Yeah give it to me stud, Fuck me!”  I begged.

Surveying the Situation

As we were lying there recovering after the intensity of our orgasms, the stable gate opening and the sound of a man’s deep voice startled us.

“My God. What’s going on here?   Hey Rod, you got’ a come and see this.  Looks like we’ve got us a couple of ‘fag boys’ doing their thing.” 

“Maybe we should get some of that,” another voice answered.

We had been so preoccupied with our pleasure ‘fucking’, that we hadn’t seen or heard the men approaching.  Aaron immediately withdrew his hard cock from my oozing ass, and turned to face the two men. 

“What the hell are you guys doing on my property? Get the fuck out of here!” Aaron yelled out to the men.  

Before I could sit up, one of the men pushed me back down on the bale of hay and the other man grabbed Aaron’s arm and threw him down on another bale. 

“Now, Now, my handsome young ‘fag boys’. We are not here to cause you any problem; we were just out here working, and what did we find, but some young pussy boys. Sounded like you two were having a good fucking time.  How about giving us some of that sweet boy ass?” The older man said as he rubbed his hands over Aaron’s ass.  

Aaron tried to shove the man away, but the younger man grabbed his other arm and pushed him down on the hay bale. 

“Come on boys.  We’ve been out here in the woods for two weeks without any pussy, and I am tired of ‘beating my meat’ every night.  I could sure use some sweet young ass to pop my nuts.  How about you Rob?  A young boy can feel pretty good with your dick up his asshole.”  

The older man was about 45 and his partner was around 30.  They were dressed in orange coveralls bearing the county emblem on a front right pocket along with their names, and in large printed letters, ‘Surveyor’, on the back.  

The older man’s tag said ‘Jon’ and the younger man was ‘Rob’.  Neither man was bad looking at all, except for a few days’ facial stubble.  As they talked two more men appeared outside the gate, dressed the same as these two.

I had experienced the forceful approach of men like this before.  They meant no real harm.  All they wanted to do was get their nuts off.  Aaron was still pretty new to being fucked, but who knows, he might enjoy it once he gets over the fear of being raped.  We didn’t have much choice other than to just go along. 

“You’re not serious are you Jon?  This kid is not much older than your son at home.”  Ron spoke out. 

“The fuck I’m not, besides what makes you think I haven’t plugged my son before.  This young farm boy looks like he could use a man size cock anyway.” Jon said as he moved between my legs.  

“Come on boy, spread your legs and take my daddy dick, and if you’re a good boy, I’ll let the other men ‘corn hole’ you too. That’s it boy. Open up wide.  I’ve got a fat dick to plant in ya.”  Jon said as he unbuttoned his coveralls and let it fall to his boot tops. 

Jon grabbed his semi-hard dick with one hand and placed a couple of his thick fingers in my asshole, causing me to jump.  I looked up at Jon and got a good look at his naked body for the first time.  He was a solidly built man with a hairy body and not an ounce of fat on him. He had flashing brown eyes and a crooked snarling smile.  I got a quick glimpse of Jon’s dick before it was completely hard, but it was difficult to clearly make out, because of his thick, dark pubes.  

Jon was not just bragging about his large thick dick.   It was big and was about the width of a beer can.  I was thankful my asshole was already well lubricated with Aaron’s cum.  It would be much easier to take.  I knew this Jon was not going to be gentle.  He was too horny for that, besides Jon had to show his fellow workers what a stud he was.

I braced myself for a rough entry, but surprisingly Jon gently eased the head of his large cock into my ass, parted my legs and moved in slowly.  He moved in slowly at first, but once a good part of his cock was in, he shoved the whole thing deep into me. 

“Awe.  Fucken yes.  What a sweet piece of boy pussy.  Oh Yeah.  I think we’ve found us some good stuff here today men.  Oh, fuck.  That is nice boy.  You are my new sweetheart for today.  I think I might be in love again.” Jon said as the other guys laughed.  

Meanwhile Aaron was being held down on the bale of hay next to his friend.  He watched as the huge cock plowed into me.  At first he was furious but as he accepted that he could not change the situation, he started to relax.  He also seemed astounded at how easily I was taking that monster cock.  He discovered he was becoming aroused again and his cock began to stiffen. 

Ron, the other surveyor, noticed Aaron’s hardening cock and placed his rough hand tightly around his cock and squeezed it. 

“Look what we’ve got here, Jon.  This boy is getting excited watching you fuck his buddy’s ass.  I think maybe I should turn him over and give him a sample of my dick.

Aaron was suddenly aware that he was about to be fucked too, whether he wanted it or not.  He tried to struggle, but was overpowered and held down by the other men who had been watching Jon fuck me.  Aaron’s struggle was useless.  Although he didn’t really want to get fucked by any of these strangers, he knew it was going to happen anyway.  He had to try to relax and accept the inevitable.  Besides, maybe he would actually enjoy it.

Story by Clinton, at

 Word Count, 1,990,

 11/12/2005 End.


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Farm boys from Kansas. Part 07

story by Dick Clinton

Part 07, The New Farm Hand

My father purchased a farm outside town.  Since I was expected to help with the farm chores, I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time as I used to with my friends.    Even so, my father soon realized that we needed more help.  That is when Sean Flanagan, our newly hired farm hand, came into my life.  Sean was a handsome man in his late 20’s with a thick Irish brogue.  I loved to hear him talk and he often sang as he worked with the animals.    This man fascinated me from the minute he spoke to me, especially after he told me I had eyes the color of robin’s eggs and my dimples would make the angels smile.
 He had a firm body with bulging biceps from his heavy work and his previous status as an amateur boxer.  He exercised daily in the barn with a makeshift punching bag he’d made from old gunnysacks filled with straw.  I would sit for the longest time watching his body move as he danced around the room.  He would punch at the bag, grunt and snort until the rippling muscles on his stomach would be covered with sweat that trickled down into his shorts.  He wore no jockstrap and his dick would bounce from one side to the other.  I think at times he would get semi-hard knowing I was watching him exercise. 

 He had a small room in the dairy barn to sleep.  Nearby were a shower, toilet, and sink where he could clean up and a small gas stove for heating and light cooking.  He often ate with the family, but he would sometimes make a snack or toast some bread before sleeping.  It was a nice clean room with a good double bed, dresser, lamp, and a few things of comfort.  My mother was always good about providing the essential things to make him comfortable.  He said he hadn’t lived this well since he arrived from Ireland.  He would tell me stories but never seemed to complain about his previous life.
One day I came into the barn to feed the calves.  No one was around but I could hear the shower running in Sean’s wing of the barn.   The shower was in the open section of the hallway and had no curtain or wall protecting it.  I thought this was my chance to see him completely nude.  I peeked into the room and there he stood under the shower in all his handsome glory.  I had seen most of his body during his workouts and his boxing practice, but to see his well-formed buttocks and his cock hanging under the running water was awesome.  I stood quietly, eying his body, when he suddenly looked up and waved to me.  I looked down in embarrassment but before I could move away, he yelled at me to come on in.  I hesitated for only a few seconds because I was anxious to take a closer look at my man friend. 
 As he showered in the warm water, the steam billowed up around his well-formed body giving him a special wet shine.  Then he dropped the soap, either by choice or by accident.  I was excited to see his long muscular arms reach down to slowly try to secure the bar exposing his firm buttocks, his hairy ass crack and brown puckering ass hole.  I had seen asshole before, but the sudden excitement of this hot stud, caused me to slightly shudder.  Instead of quickly obtaining the soap he kicked it with his foot and it went flying right towards me on the floor.  I quickly picked it up to give it back to him.  As I started to hand it to him, he grabbed my arm and pulled me right into the shower, clothes, and all. 
I struggled to release myself, but Sean just laughed and held me securely in his arms causing my shirt and jeans to get a good soaking. 
“Well, my lad, ye might as well join me now that you’re good and wet.  I need me back soaped down anyway.  That’s what a good lad is for.”  Sean said in his Irish accent.

I laughed along with his playful gesture then took off my clothes and gladly joined him under the shower.  He handed me the soap and told me to soap down his backside.  I did so with enthusiasm and excitement and found myself immediately getting aroused.  My cock was coming to full attention.  I could not help myself.  Here I was in the shower with my latest ‘man god’, rubbing his firm back muscles and hard buttocks.  He turned to quickly notice my hard on, smiled, and said. 
“My, My, The lad is not just a lad but, a full size man.  Look at the staff ye are carrying there, me boy.  Better not let the calves eye that one.  They might try to suck some milk out of ye rod.  Looks like ye has a need to get it drained though.  Shall we jack on ye rod to release ye load?”  Shaw said as he admired my good size boy cock.

I was proud to say I had a good sized 7 ½ inches of cock and I was still growing.  I was surprised, but happy at his brazen approach.  He wasn’t shy about looking and admiring my cock and balls.  He reached down to caress my balls as he manipulated his own growing cock.  His cock grew fast as the excitement grew.  The closeness of our naked bodies in the shower together caused our dicks to grow more rapidly.   I was already so excited by his touch that if he pulled on it much more, I would shoot my load right then and there.  I didn’t want to cum so quickly but my teenage hormones were stirring.  My cock started to throb a few times then I shot my cum into the air and on Sean's leg.  He didn’t pull away, but held onto my balls as I released my load all over his wet body.  He seemed to be fascinated at my sudden ejaculation and just smiled and looked me in the eyes as I came.
“Ye are a hot one, aren’t you?  Want to see if you can help me get off too?  My juices are stirring and the balls are ready to pump out a load.  Put ye hands on me balls, while I pump me rod.  Better still; give it a pump on the shaft there,  Lad.” 


I gladly wrapped my hand around his large uncut cock.  It hardened quickly and the large tulip shaped cock head had already come from beneath the foreskin.  I knew he had a large cock, but I didn’t realize it was so thick around.  I couldn’t get my hand completely around the firm cock shaft of this hunk.  He gave out a sigh as I adjusted myself in position to give it a firm tug.  What I really wanted to do was lean over and suck on his cock but I was hesitant on my first adventure with this man.  I didn’t want him to shun me away, but he was enjoying the jacking of his cock so much that I just couldn’t contain myself.  I leaned over to place my lips over the head of his oozing cock, while placing my other hand under his balls.  He looked down and then placed his strong hand on my head pulling me towards him.  I knelt on the concrete shower floor, placed my lips over the cock head, and then moved my mouth over his thick shaft.  I went down on his thick cock as well as I could.  He sighed with pleasure. 

“May the saints be praised?  Me lad is a ‘fluff boy’.  How lucky can I be?  Oh, my sweet lad, do what ye do best.  Suck it and make love to me sperm maker.  Oh yes!  Oh yes indeed!  That’s it, me lad.  Love that cock to me delight, and drain ye the nectar of the gods.  Awwww Yes, me boy.”  Sean spewed out his love calls to me as I sucked his beautiful cock.

  His cock was firm and hard just like his well-developed body.  His pubic hair was dark and curly matching the hair on his stomach and chest.  I rubbed my hand up his firm rippled stomach, through his hairy mass and to his round pecks to caress his hardening nipples.  His body muscles tensed as he started to shoot gobs of nectar from his hard thick cock.  Gushers of sperm squirted into my welcome eager mouth as I swallowed his manhood.  He held my head as he guided his cock into my mouth making sure I didn’t pull away.  I eagerly continued to drain his cock slurping down each and every drop of my man’s cum.  It was astounding and exciting.  I joined him as I too released another load of my boy juices on the floor of the shower area.
The water continued to splash over our naked bodies as we remained in the shower.  Sean shook with one more last release of pleasure from his exciting orgasm.  Then he pulled me up from my kneeling position, and held me tightly to his naked hairy body and planted a loving warm kiss directly on my lips.  The roughness of his beard pushed against my face like sandpaper, but I responded with a loving lingering kiss until we both became more aware of our boy-man contact.  Sean released me and looked into my eyes.
“May the saints be praised”?  He responded once again.  “Me lad, Clint, is truly a gifted one.  Never have I had such a satisfying release.”  Then once again Sean kissed my forehead and turned off the shower.  We rubbed the remaining water from our bodies.  Sean pulled a towel from the wall rack and tossed it to me, and continued to dry himself with another towel.  There was a noticeable silence until Sean started singing one of his native songs to me.  I laughed with ease and a relief and started to put back on my damp clothes to finish my morning chores.

The week went by smoothly and my school break was about over.  I would be returning to the routine of school as well as helping do the chores and work around the farm.  Thank the wise choice of my father for choosing Sean as our farm hand and helper.  There was no question that we had become very close and had an exciting sexual contact each day.
 My father was amazed that I was so willing to help Sean when he had to go to the back field to repair a fence, or pull an old rooted tree from the ground to make way for more farming land.  It was an excuse for Sean and I to be alone.  We would always find some clump of bushes, a private gully out of sight of anyone, a small-unobstructed cave near a cliff to make love and have sex.  It seemed like the two of us were at it all the time.    I think he was making up for lost time since he left Ireland.  He told me he and his older brother played around a wee bit when they were lads, but it wasn’t anything like the two of us.  I had a very strong feeling for this man and hoped he felt the same for me.  
 Our special place was down by the creek that ran through our back acreage.  We would always swim naked and end up on the bank having sex.  We had had a hard day, and when we finally finished fixing the fence and posting some ‘No Hunting’ signs on the property line, we went for our normal swim, only this day would be unforgettable in more ways than one.  This was the day I would finally get Sean to fuck me.
Sean and I had played around in the water for a short time, and then lay on our favorite grassy knoll at the water’s edge. I brought some oil with me to massage his sore muscles, but planned on getting him aroused so he would fuck me.  We had never attempted this before. I looked into his face as he rested, still anticipating to be jacked off.  I made my move, straddled his body, and guided his cock head to my well-lubricated ass hole.  The minute his cock head touched the sphincter of my asshole, he realized what I was doing. He opened his eyes and gave me a startled look. 
Me lad?  What are ye doing? Ya gonna try to engulf me manhood into ye precious rose bud?” he said in his Irish brogue. 
 “Have ye thought of the consequences of what ye are about to partake?  Once I get me shaft in ye tight rose bud, I could just turn into a wild man. I may just abuse ye rose petals.  I have never plugged the rose bud of a lad before, yet the desire had crossed me mind. Have ye been DE-flowered before, me lad?”
  “I would like to tell you that you’re the first, but it wouldn’t be true,” I said with a smile on my face.  
There was a short silence, and then Sean quickly followed with  “Good. I like the garden to be seasoned before I plant my seeds.”

I laughed inside at the way Sean phrased our next step of lovemaking.  Why didn’t he just say, “Oh yeah, baby. Take that cock up ye ass and let me breed ye.”  But I realized that was just the way he talked.  He was a romantic.  We were going to fuck, and he still made it sound romantic.  He was such a character.  Couldn’t help but love the guy.  
He put his hands behind his head and looked into my eyes as I guided his cock slowly into the depths of my anus.  It took a bit of doing to get his large cock into me, but once it popped through the opening, I engulfed the whole eight inches, right down to his balls.  He gave out a gasp.  I slowly moved up and down on his cock.  

 Oh, man.  It felt so good.  I was so glad he wasn’t upset about me getting fucked by other dudes.  Perhaps he was glad I wasn’t cherry.
Sean was expressing his delightful with moans and groans.  He placed his hands on my hips and lifted me up and down on his hard shaft.  He was in ecstasy and knew he would cum with a few more lunges, but he apparently wanted more control over his movements.  He told me to turn over slowly and get on my back.  We switched positions and now we could look into each others face while we made love.
 I don’t think Sean had never fucked an ass before.  This had to be more exciting and tighter than any cunt he had ever experienced, I squeezed Sean’s cock with my ass muscles as he moved in and out.  It felt so great that I wanted it to last forever, but that was not going to happen.  Sean could not hold back his orgasm any longer.  
 He thrust his cock into me harder and harder.  The rougher he got with me, the more I begged him to fuck me.  And fuck me he did.  He held my legs into the air like a wishbone.  He was about to release his hot Irish cum deep into my welcoming ass. 
Ohhh, my wild Irish rose. You are the best.  I didn’t realize sex could be so fantastic.  Lad, I am about to cum. Oh yeah.  I am planting my seed in your garden and it is great…Oh fuck. I’m cumming.” Sean let out a sigh of pleasure as he deposited his load deep inside me.  
 Suddenly my cock was shooting into the air and landing on my chest and face.  It was as if Sean’s cum had gone into my ass, and out the other side.  We were climaxing at the same time.  The timing was perfect.
Sean moaned out at the new pleasure he had experienced with his farm boy lover.  His body twitched several times as the sensitivity of his cock head was engulfed by the tightness of my asshole.  Sean gasped one more time, and then fell forward, and lay over my body covered with a mixture of body sweat and my own cum. 
As Sean stood he offered me his hand and pulled me to a standing position.  Our eyes met and we kissed.  I kissed Sean’s neck and continued down his pecks, to his nipples, down his abs and to the sensitive cock head of his manhood.  I dropped to my knees in the grass, and sucked in the soft cock, taking it all the way down my throat.  Sean was taken in by the sudden love making of his boy.  He could not resist my expert cock sucking and soon he was hard and ready to shoot another load of cum into my mouth and down my throat.
We jumped back into the cool stream before returning to the farmhouse and barn.  I think we both hoped it would never come to an end. 

Word Count 2983, 09/13/2005
 Story by Dick Clinton at