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Community Service for men, Part 02

Community Service, Part 02

Bobby cums into my service.

Story by Dick Clinton

I heard a small truck coming up the road so went around to the front of the house to see who my visitor was. I had already called in my grocery order, so it must be Bobby.

A small red truck pulled up close to the house with a young teenager, so I assumed it was Bobby, Walters son. He hopped out of the truck and gave me a wave, then he went to the back of the truck to get the supplies.

Hello sir. You must be Clint. I'm Bobby. I have your groceries and some other stuff left for Peter at the post office by UPS. You'll have to help me bring them in the cabin.

We greeted by bumping fist then continued to the back of the truck where we found two oblong containers. I grabbed one end and Bobby took the other. We went inside and set the container down and went back for the other one. Peter must have ordered something before he departed. I went to get the other box of grocery I'd ordered.

This young man was another clean cut country boy. He was taller than his dad, Walter and very well build. He was wearing a ball cap, a high school athletic shirt, sport shorts with bold school letters on the shirt and, of all things, cowboy booths.

What ya got in the boxes sir?” he ask.

Not sure yet, but it looks like flat screen TVs.” I was wondering why Peter didn't have any TVs. I noticed a small satellite disk on the roof of the house and one on the garage. Now I had two new fourty-five inch HDTV flat screen TV's. How could this get any better?

Oh yeah. Now I remember Peter telling me about a month ago he'd ordered the TVs. Wow. Those are cool. Huh? He has a VCR and a disk player on the shelf by the fireplace. I'll help you set them up if you want. We could set one of them on the hearth of the fireplace. I know where there are some DVD movies. He has some hot DVD's in a hidden compartment behind the bookshelf, and another secret hiding place in the bedroom. You want me to show ya?”

Ah, Sure. How come you know of these things. Bobby?.”

Oh we were good buddies, sir. He would entertain me sometime and show me his x-rated sex film. Some are pretty good, but wait until I show you what's in the bedroom.”

I follow the young man into my bedroom wondering what was in store for me. He opened one of the closet doors, pulled on a hanger lever and behold. A small closet opened with all kinds of sex toys and a stack of DVD s. Peter must have been a kinky person....and I loved it.

Oh by the way, sir. That little red truck out there belonged to Peter too. I guess it's yours now. He let me drive it now and then and I happened to have it in my care when he died. Pa told me to hold on to it until you got here. You might have to drive me home if you need it right away.”

Sir, you are much younger than Peter. What are you about twenty five? And I might add, good looking too, sir. Were you close cousins? He was such a nice guy and will sure be missed around here. He sure knew how to please, if you know what I mean. I guess Pa told you about Peter. Huh?”

What was your relationship with Peter, Bobby? Have you know him a long time?”

Yes sir, I've know Pete almost all my life. Pa did some work for him now and then. I think that is when Pa knew he had sort of ah, ah, ah,.. personal interested in him. Pa has been doing things for Peter for quite sometime, and Peter was taking care of him sexually, at least that’s what Pa told me when I was about fourteen.

I had my first experience with Peter when I was sixteen. Me and two of my high school buddies, Sam and Jake were playing pool in the Garage when Peter brought two of his friends into the Garage to show them around. A good looking young married couple. Later on he invited us into the house to have some refreshments with them. The couple was very nice and the woman was really hot and sexy.

To make my story short sir, during our visit and, a few porno movies, the conversation got around to sex, and all six of us ended out in the bedroom. The man ask us if we wanted to watch him fuck his wife.

Isn't that wild sir? Being horny teenagers we were very excited and more than willing. He and Peter instructed us to take our clothes off and jack off if we liked.

We knew at that time Peter was bi-sexual, and while we watch them fuck, Peter went down on us while we watched Gil fuck his wife Mary. It was our first time to have a man suck our cocks, and I might add, not the last time. Then to make things even more interesting, right after the husband finished fucking his wife's pussy, he ask if the three of us guys wanted to fuck her, but without using a condom.

Well, shit yeah! We were so hot we could cum just thinking about it. Since I was the oldest, and had the biggest dick, I jumped on the bed first and slammed my cock into her juicy pussy and started fucking like crazy. It was kind of kinky knowing her husband's cum was still in her pussy. It was my first pussy, and I fucked like a crazy teenager. When I came, Mary came too. It was so awesome, I thought I would pass out it was so good.

As soon as I had dumped my load, I pulled out of her cum filled cunt, and my buddy, Jake, crawled on her and started fucking. He was just as wild as I was.

My other buddy, Sam, walked up to the side of the bed and stuck his cock in Mary's mouth so she could suck on his big cock while Sam fucked Mary.

Jake held out a bit longer than I did, but as soon as Mary came, he came too. He slowly pulled out.

Sam pushed Jake aside and put his dick deep in her with one hard fast move. He fucked the hell out of her as well. I was amazed to hear Mary coming again as soon Sam started cumming. She was a wild one.

After Sam finished fucking and dumped his load, we all took a break while Peter and the husband, Gil went down on our cocks and cleaned the cum and pussy juice from our cock and balls. This made us hard again and we were ready to do some more fucking but before we did, Peter got all three of us off again and swallow our cum.

Gil went back to his wife still on the bed, got between her legs and went down on her pussy. He ate, and sucked out all four loads of the cum from her juicy cunt. This was as hot as when he fucked her the first time. Of course we all got hard again and started jacking off.

Gil sucked all the cum out of her pussy and made his wife cum again. He set up, wiped off his mouth and smiled. He looked as us with a straight face and told us what he really wanted from us.

Gil said he and his wife had been trying to get her pregnant for months, but they discovered he was sterile from an old football injury. He and his wife Mary, wanted a baby so bad, and asked us guys if we would fuck his wife again, or as many times as we wanted tonight in hopes we could impregnate her.

Wow! That was a shocker, but we were willing to fuck her all night if she could handle it. It would be cool if she had a kid from the three of us sixteen year old teenage guys, and that we would be the sperm donors. We all agreed, then Gil said he would give us one hundred dollars each for the nights fun. While we three boys fucked Gil’s wife, he fucked Peter in the ass.

So that was my first close connection with Peter, sir. You can close your mouth now sir, unless you are ready to suck my cock. Reminder of this story made me hard and horny again. Do you want to do it? I sure miss getting my cock sucked by Peter. Oh, and I might warn you, My cock is larger than the average man, and you might have a hard time getting me off by sucking me. Of course I could always fuck your ass if you prefer.....or you can try to get me off by sucking me, then I could fuck your ass later. I love to have sex.

As Bobby finished tell me about his encounter with Peter, and fucking his first pussy, he was kicking off his boots and pulling off his shirt. He had a well developed hard body and fantastic abs. Anyone could tell he was very athletic and worked out. He was taller than his Pa, and had a great head of hair and deep dark brown eyes.

I was anxious to see the big cock that he warned me about. I had noticed earlier how his cock flopped around under his shorts. When he pulled down his shorts, out popped his thick semi-hard ten inch cut cock...and a beautiful set of low hanging balls. He had a smooth and almost hairless body except for his crotch and arm pit hair. No shaved balls or shaved public hair. His piss crack was already dripping clear juices begging me to suck and make love to his manhood.

As I was busy taking my clothes off, I watched this nineteen year old athletic hunk strip. Before he got on the bed, he stood in front of the bedroom mirror and flexed his arm muscles and rubbed his hands down his rippling abs. He reached for his hardening cock, cupped his big balls and gave them a tug. He rubbed his hand over his butt cheeks to check them out. He was giving me a great show as he exhibited his body.

What do you say, sir. Nice looking hard cock, don't you think? I sure like to use this thing on girls and men. You like my bowling ball butt? The girls love that too.”

I dropped to my knees like a man ready to worship a god: a man god in this case. He stood admiring himself in the mirror as I gripped his balls in one hand, and guided his beautiful cock into my mouth with the other hand.

Bobby had a narcissus complex about his body and especially his cock, but who am I to complain. I had to admit he was a handsome hunk with a great cock. Now let's see what I can do with it. I have never had trouble sucking and draining big cocks. I know Bobby will be pleased when I start working his cock over and get him to cum. Bobby looked down at me while I humbly kissed and loved his cock.

Oh yeah, sir. You are a good cock sucker. I think we are going to be good friends, very good friends. Um. That's great. Lick my balls. I love to have my balls licked and sucked on. Yeah. Just like that.”

Let me sit on the bed and you can lick and rim my ass as well. I have a very sensitive butt hole and like to have a tongue deep in my anus; that is if you'd like to eat my ass.”

Damn yes, I'd like to eat your ass. I've thought about doing that from the first time I saw you. I'm hungry for your ass. Now set down and let me show you how your new cock sucker, ass eater and pussy man does his job.”

YES SIR! Get to work, cock sucker. I think I love ya already, sir. Oh Yeah, oh yeah. You sure have a hot tongue. Take your time. I love the way you work and talk. “

As Bobby set on the edge of the bed, I got on the floor and licked his balls once more. Then I lifted his legs and tongued all around his hairy ass hole. I found his sweet pink hole and started licking and tongue him. He moaned again. He placed his hands to his butt cheeks and pulled them apart so I could go deeper in his ass. Man, this guy sure love to have his ass eaten. It makes me wonder if he like to get fucked as well. I will give that a try some other time. Right now I want to suck on that big cock and get the nectar’s from him.

I continued to eat his ass hole and suck on his balls for a few more minutes, then worked my way over his balls, then up to his cock shaft to the end of his penis, to enjoy the sweet flowing juices of his pre-cum. His cock was so long, I thought I might have to stand over the bed to take his whole cock. I sucked and made love that beauty until I knew he was going to cum. He held his hand to the back of my head, moving with my up and down motion. I could only take about 6 inches of his shaft, but enough to give him proper pleasure. He was about to cum. I could feel his balls tighten and I felt the throbbing of his pulsating cock.

Oh sir. I'm gonna pop my load. Gonna cum. Oh please don't stop. I need to cum. Oh gawd, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Suck me, suck me. Aw yeah, aw yeah. Ugh. Drink my cum. Get it all. Yeah. Yeah.”

He wrapped his legs around my neck as he shot a well needed blow. It seemed like he shot a dozen loads of sweet clear teenage sperm before he paused to relax as I continued to service his cock. It started to go limp, but only after I drank down his cum and licked his balls again. I took my t-shirt and dried him.

I thought he was about to fall asleep, but I kept sucking on his soft cock for a few more minutes. He was getting hard again. You gotta give it to young teenagers and their stamina to have sex. He lifted his legs again to offer me his butt hole again. This time I stood by the bed with his legs on my shoulders. I rubbed my hard wet oozing cock over his hole. He looked up and me and smiled.

You want to try my boy pussy sir? If it feels as good as your tongue, you can fuck me if you want.“

Don't look so surprised. I'm not cherry but it's been awhile since I've been fucked. My Pa and I were home alone one night, and I guess he got so horny he came into my room and fucked the hell out of my cherry ass. It hurt at first, but since it was my Pa, and I love him so much, I figured he deserved a good piece of ass now and then.

After he got it in, it didn't hurt that bad, and when he pushed in and out a few times, it started feeling damn good. He fucked me two times that week end during the football game on TV. Ma was out of town for the whole week, so it was a good time to do it. I've been looking forward to Pa doing it more often, now that I know how good it made us both feel.

We've never mentioned this to anyone. You're the first to know. You still want to fuck my butt after I told you about my Pa fucking me? Was that a bad thing to do?

Hell. That makes me want to fuck you even more. I have some lube in that bedside table. Let me get some, then we'll continue on.”

Sir. I would rather you just use 'spit and determination'. That's the way Pa fucked me, without lube, just his juicy cock and some spit. I liked it rough like that, and would like for you to 'rough fuck me too', if that's all right, Sir. “

Oh gawd. I almost came just thinking about fucking this young stud. I lifted his legs once more. I just had to have one more taste of his butt hole before I dumped my load in him, and I could get it wet to prepared him for my thick seven one half inch cock. I think his Pa's cock was about the same size as mine, so fucking Bobby would be okay.

I started tongue fucking his butt hole one more time. I used extra saliva to get him good and wet before we fucked. I stood once again, aimed my cock to Bobby's sweet hole and moved in slowly. I was barely in the opening and ready to continue, when Bobby put his hands around my butt cheeks and pulled me directly into his ass hole. It was fantastic. We both moaned at the same time as I entered his tight muscular hole. He was so tight it almost hurt. We both relaxed to let my cock and his asshole get ready to be used.

Oh man, Clint. You don't know how good your cock feels in my ass. I miss my Dad fucking me, but perhaps he'll be in the mood to breed me again. Fuck me Clint. Fuck me hard and rough. Your cock is already teasing my prostate. I might cum again if you continue to fuck me this way. Fuck me, but take your time. I really needed this.”

His ass muscles gripped my cock so tightly. He was like a virgin ass, but he wasn't complaining. I started to ease in and out slowly at first but as I continued to fuck, I got a little rougher and slam fucked his ass. My balls were pounding against his butt crack. He moaned and groaned like a whore in heat. This young man was really into getting fucked. Wow.

He was so tight it almost hurt my cock, then all of a sudden he shouted out “I'm gonna cum. Oh man. I'm gonna cum without even touching myself. Fuck me, Fuck me. Ugh, ugh, yeah.” He started shooting another big load all over himself. His ass muscles tightened and milked my cock until I came at the same time.

He reached up and pulled my face to his and gave me a deep passionate kiss. We kissed hard and yet lovingly. After a few minutes of kissing I came up for air to ease my cock out of his cum filled hole. I felt someone watching us. I glanced up at the mirror on the opposite wall and discovered Bobbie's Pa, Walter, and another man were standing in the door way watching us. Walter had his cock out of his jeans pounding away and the other man was rubbing his cock through his overalls. I didn't know exactly what to do, so I slowly eased my cock out of Bobby's cum filled hole.

Bobby sensed the looked on my face and looked over to see his Pa and his Uncle Lynn watching our session.

Oh my gawd. I'm in trouble now.” Bobby said in a low concerned voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Story By Dick Clinton
Word Count, 3376

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Community Service for Men, Part 01

Community Service for Men. Part 01

New Territory

Story by Dick Clinton

One of my distant cousins passed on and left me a small cabin and five acres of land near a small town called Lake View on the 'Lake of the Ozarks'. The cabin was located just outside the city limits near a fairly busy state highway exit. I'd only met my cousin one time at a family meeting in Springfield, Missouri when my grandfather was ill. We seem to bond together at our first meeting. I had a special 'Gay-dar' feeling about him and I assumed he felt the same towards me. But why in the hell did he leave me this cabin?

I had some long merited vacation coming, so I thought I would go to the Lake to check it out. I was living in Kansas City at the time and the property was only a few hours by car. I left early in the morning so it would still be light when I arrived. I only stopped once to eat at a truck stop, fill up my gas tank, and check out the area for future cruising.

When I arrived at the Lake it was still light so with the directions the attorney gave me, I had no problem finding it. It was a small log cabin cottage nestled among some pine trees. I was surprised how nice and cozy it looked. One thing that puzzled me at first was the large area at the side of the property that seemed to be used for parking large trucks. I wasn't sure if my cousin Peter was a truck driver or not, but there seemed to be plenty of room to park two or three trucks.

I went inside the cabin to explore the layout. It had a nice entrance to a living room and hallway. A large stone fireplace was centered in the west wall. At the other side of the room was a small eating area directly next to an open kitchen, which was a little out of date, but it had an average size stove with oven and a nice refrigerator and a microwave oven. The place was well stocked with dishes, pans, flatware and other utensils. The oven and frig was clean as well as the remainder of the room. There was a door at the back of the Kitchen which I would explore later.

I went back to the hall way that directed me to one small bathroom and two small bedrooms. The cabin was fully furnished and very neat and clean. I was surprised that someone hadn't broken in and stole anything, but the place had been left in tact. I didn't notice a TV so I would have to find out about that later.

While I was exploring the cabin I was startled to heard the sound of my telephone ringing. I went to the kitchen to answer the old fashion wall hanging phone. When I picked up the phone to speak I was surprised to head a woman's voice.

“Hello. Is this Clint?

“Yes” I quickly said.

“This is Mildred at the phone company. Your attorney called me yesterday and said you were coming. We have connected your phone and I had my brother Walter come over yesterday to make sure your propane gas tank was full and working properly. My daughter and niece came by yesterday to clean your house and put on fresh bedding on both beds and clean towels and more linens in the hallway closet.”

“We saw you come through town today. My brother will be out to show you things about your gas tank, and how to get the water pump going so you'll have some water for your cabin. We've turned the electricity on so you should be pretty well situated. “

“Sorry about losing your cousin. Peter was a good man and will be missed around here. If you have any more questions about the cabin I'm sure Walter can help you out there. I also own the grocery store so if you need supplies all you have to do is call me. I'll fill out your grocery list and have my nephew Bobby bring it out tonight. Your attorney has taken care of most of the expenses so once again welcome to Lake Shore. You'll find a list of phone numbers in the top drawer of the counter.”

“Now have a good day and I'll be expecting your call for the groceries or any other supplies you might need, Got to go now. The mail has arrived and I have to separate the mail for tomorrows delivery. You all be good now. Bye.”

Before I could say anything she hung up. I think she said all that in one breath. What a talker, but now I'm sure I will be well taken care of here. I headed out to get my suitcases, some clothes, and a few box of things I thought I might need at the cabin. Just as I was opening the trunk of the car, up came a pick up truck. It was probably Walter.

“Howdy neighbor. I take it you’re Clint. I'm Walter.”

“Here let me carry some of that stuff for you buddy. I trust you had a good trip from KC. I came by yesterday to set up and fill your propane tanks. I didn't turn on you water pump yet cause I wanted to show you how to do it. You have a well house out back that pumps water from your well and into your cabin. Your septic tank is down the hill there and was drained last month. I gather my sister Mildred called you about most everything else. Nice to have someone living here again. All us men will miss Peter a lot. He was a great friend and fantastic cock sucker.”

We where in the cabin when he said “Peter was a fantastic cock sucker.” I almost drop the suitcases when he said that. I assumed at first it was just a 'man thing' a person says about another man in casual conversation. Walter saw my shock, then he said.

“Oh my gawd Clint. I thought you knew about Peter, since you being a relative and all. Sorry if I shocked you. Why don't you put away some of your things while I pour us a drink and I'll tell you all about good Ole Peter.

I was a way. I knew I felt a close connection when I first met Peter, now I knew why. He was gay and somehow he knew I was also. I quickly set down on the couch while Walter found some liquor and pour us both of drink.

“Here Clint. Have a drink while I tell you about Peter.”

“Peter was a Missouri Highway Patrolman for many years. He lived here before, and even after he retired. He 'entertained' many truckers and biker friends that he met over a period of time, and I might add many of the locals, visiting fishermen, and hunters that came down during the seasons. Yeah I said the 'locals' as well.”

“We have a certain close knit buddy system here amongst us men. You might say it is like the military, 'don't ask, don't tell. Most all of the local men would come by to see Peter on a regular schedule for 'man sex'. Our wife’s didn't know, or if they did know they never let on. I think some of our women folk had suspicions. about Peter, but were never told the whole truth. I think they were glad we would visit Peter for sexual relief.

Peter was like our local whore. The women never complained or said anything about Peter. If they knew he was gay they figured he wasn't gonna take away their men folk because he was a man and not a woman with a pussy. Little did they know Peter's ass was some of the best 'pussy' in town and had the most talented mouth that he used as our cum dump.”

“How did Peter die?” I ask.

“I'm not quite sure, but I was told by one of the bikers that works in town, that when there was a 'biker run' through this part of Missouri, they would always make Peter's places one of their yearly stops. He told me Peter volunteered to take on as many men that wanted to use his man pussy for fucking. There were over 50 men here for the party and most of them fucked him at least one time. The next day Peter had a heart attack while sucking off another dozen men. Bless his soul, he died the way he wanted, full of man sperm. He had one of the biggest funerals in this part of the state and was attended by almost one thousand men from all around. They even had a biker escort to the lake where his ashes were thrown into the lake. It was awesome. “

I set there dumb founded, and took another drink of whiskey.

“I hope you aren't upset by me telling you this.”

I just set there in a stupor as Walter continued to talk. 'Naw. Glad you told me and have so much understand about his gay lifestyle.”

“Don't forget to call Mable to get your food order. I should go and let you ponder this.”

“Yeah. I'm okay with this, just shocked that everyone knew about Peter except me. Thanks Walter for setting up the gas and water stations for me. I don't have much money on me to give you for your service until I go to the ATM tomorrow. If there's any thing that I can do for you, just let me know. Okay?”

He hesitated for a few seconds then smiled and tugged on his cock through his pants.

“Now don't take offense, you're a nice looking young man, and not that you look gay. but I was hoping since Peter left you this cabin, that you know...take over where he left off. There are a lot of good looking, well hung men that would be so grateful for your continued service....and, well... I could sure use a good blow job before I leave today. I haven't had any sex since Peter left us. I hope I 'm not being too presumptuous thinking you might like to suck cock and get fucked like Peter did.”

“It would give me a good opportunity to test out your cock sucking ability so I could tell the other men to call on you. I'm a good ambassador and spokesman for the other men in town. What do you say?”

I set quietly on the couch as Walter slowly walked over to me and started unbuckling his belt and unzipping his Levis. I looked up at this forty-ish, tall good looking country hunk as he offered me his cock to suck.

Being a devoted dick worshiper and cum hungry cock sucker, I anxiously waited to see what he had to offer. I was not disappointed. When he dropped his pants his hard cock almost hit me in the face. He was not huge but a good thick uncut 7 ½ inches of man cock. He was oozing precum juices from his piss slot. I gently gripped his firm hairy balls and place my warm mouth over the end of his juicy cock. I encircled my tongue inside his wet lacy foreskin. He smelled and tasted like a man should. The minute I went down on him I heard him utter firmly.

“Thank the gods! Our savior Clint has arrived. Suck my cock and drain my baby makers. I have stored up a months load for you. Oh thank you Jesus.”

I almost laughed but kept on sucking and making love to his cock and firm hairy balls.

I dropped to my knees on the floor and continued to sucked on this hunk for about ten minutes until he couldn't hold out any longer. He grabbed my head and pumped a huge load down my throat. He became weak and almost fell to the floor as his knees buckled from the experience. I swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

“Man oh Man. What a relief. My nuts were beginning to ache from all the cum I'd stored in my ball sacs. I needed that so much. Thanks again. You never have to tip me for doing things for you as long as you suck my cock like you just did.”

“That was even better than Peter ever did. Man are you going to be popular around here. Can't wait to tell my buddies. Most of the men around here are in good healthy shape and have bigger than average cocks. You know us hill billies, we love our sex. “

“Can I give some of the 'locals' the phone number, so you can get acquainted with some of the studs around here? I should warn you that you might be visited by some horny Truckers this week end. Some of them don't know Peter is no longer with us. Peter had a number of horny truckers and Highway Patrol mates that would come by now and then. I know they won't be disappointed with your cock sucking. I'm anxious to fuck your butt sometime soon, if you let me. Make sure the truckers bring their own beer otherwise they'll drink you out of house and home.”

I wish I had time to get another blow job, or fuck that hot looking butt of yours, but I gotta get back to the store to help Mildred. Be sure to call in that grocery order and I'll have my son Bobby deliver it to you. And by the way, he loves to be sucked off too, so don't be shy with him. He's a good looking teenager and is hung like a horse, so have fun. Once again I'm damn glad you're here. See you later.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After Walter left I thought I'd take a closer look around. I went out the back door and found a small laundry room attached to the cabin with washer and dryer. Two wall gym lockers hung on one wall and in the back room was a large shower with duel shower heads. I guessed it might be used for the visiting truckers. Peter was very thoughtful to his visitors.

I looked out the back door to see a garage close by. I was hoping for another car or truck for extra use, but the drive way was empty. I went in the side door of the garage to check it out, but still no truck or car. It must be used for a guest house because it had two sets of bunk beds against one wall and a small kitchenette and refrigerator. At the end of the building was another large shower, and an enclosed sink and toilet. In the center of the garage was a standard size pool table. A large 'L' shaped vinyl couch was facing a blank wall and an empty table where a TV should be setting. I saw wires going outside to the roof for an antenna or a satellite dish.

This must have been Peter's 'Man Cave' used by his visiting men. Peter must have been quite the entertainer. Here I thought when I came down here I'd be bored and longing to find me some hot men to service or have them fuck my welcome ass. Perhaps I was wrong. By the sound of things, they would be calling me to be serviced sexually.

* * * * * * * * * *
Story By Dick Clinton,
Word Count, 2644
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