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Trailer Trash, Mike, Part 04

Trailer Trash, Mike, Part 04
Garage Mechanics Visit

Story by Richard Barber

The next morning I was fixing Tommy his breakfast. We had a nice night together, even after I told him I might be moving into the College Dorm and working there for the college students. He seemed concerned, but gave me some instructions before he left for work.

Mike. I left my 1953, Ford Pick Up truck at the garage this week and the mechanic, Peter, will be dropping the truck by the house. Tell him to come in to pick up his check for the expenses. Offer him some coffee and be nice to him. His Nephew will be by later to pick him up and take him back to the garage. I’ve know Peter for several years and he has done work on my cars and hog off and on. He’s a good guy and great mechanic. He’ll give you the keys and some paper work on the Ford.”

I’ve gotta go to work now. I’ll call ya later, babe. Have a good day…and thanks for a great night.”

Tommy headed out the door to leave me to clean the house before I went to Rob’s Truck Stop to do my morning work and tell the manager/owner, Rob, I have another job at the College. I will continue working there this next week until he can find a replacement. Rob has been a good employer and a good sex partner. He has been very faithful to fuck me or let me give him a blow job everyday since I started working there. He’s married but said it’s been ages since they had sex. He’s gonna miss my ass.

I had just finished my shower, dressed and waited for Peter to deliver Tommy’s truck. I set down at the computer to check on my e-mail when I heard the truck pull into the car port. The door bell rang and I went to answer it.

Hello. Are you Mike? I’m Peter the garage mechanic. I’m dropping off Tommy’s truck. I have to call my nephew to pick me up. Can I use the phone?”

Sure Peter. The phone’s on the wall in the kitchen.” I pointed to the phone and took a quick look at Peter. He was a rugged looking man about 35, light brown hair and a short brown beard. He was wearing a baggy garage uniform so it was difficult to check out his body. I could only tell he had a nice form and deep voice. He moved quickly to the phone and made his call.

Damn that boy. He’s never around when I need him. He drives the tow truck at the shop and is on the other side of town making a pick-up. It’ll be a while before he gets here. Do you mind if I wait here?”

Not at all Peter. Would you like some coffee or something to drink?”

Great. I missed my coffee this morning. Black would be fine.”

I motioned for Peter to take a seat at the kitchen counter while I got his some coffee.

Tom told me you were living here with him. He’s a cool dude. Huh? He’s always looking for something to fuck. He’s such a pussy hound. Has he ever gotten you into a three way yet? He’s fucked my girlfriend a couple times while I watch.”

Yeah! I walked in on him one time when he was getting a blow job. He tried to get me to join them but I’m not much into girls. He jacked me off while I watch. It was hot. I came all over his chest and he made his girl lick my cum off his chest.”

Your brother is kinky at times. You wouldn’t’ believe some of the things he’s done. He also told me you gave his good head and let him fuck your ass. That sounds hot to me. Would you like to get fucked right now before my nephew shows up. This sex talk has made me horny.”

He said as he suddenly stood, unzipped his coveralls, and let them drop to his ankles. He wore no underclothes. I was surprised but pleased to see his firm hairy body, tattoos on his muscular arms, one on his left shoulder and back. He grabbed his big semi-hard uncut dick and shook it at me.

Come around here fag, and suck on a man’s hot cock. Your kinky brother told me you are a ‘cock hound’ and a ‘cum freak’. I shoot a big fuckin load so I’m sure you’ll like my load.”

I walked around the counter and dropped to my knees to take his cock in my mouth. He was uncut and the foreskin was slowly pulling back over his cock head. His body was covered with hair. I loved a hairy man. He kicked off his shoes as I pulled the coveralls over his boots. He had an oily garage mechanic smell. He roughly grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth down over his hardening cock. I ran my hands up and down his hair chest.

That’s it, ‘fag boy’. Suck a real man’s cock. Lick that juicy cock. Oh yeah. You’re fucking brother was right. You love cock. Suck my balls, cocksucker. Lick em good. Umm Huh. Feels good, ‘fag boy’. You like the taste of my cock? That’s pussy juice you’re cleaning from my cock. I fucked one of the bookkeepers at the garage this morning. Taste good, does it? Suck it cocksucker. Lick all that pussy juice off before I give you some man juices. Oh shit. This is good.”

I continued to clean his tasty cock. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted a man cock after he’d fucked pussy. Tommy would often come home after a date and have me suck his cock, and clean the pussy juices off his big cock. I know it turned him on making me do his bidding.

Peter moaned in appreciation as I continued to clean and suck on his eight inch uncut cock. The hood was now pulling back from the cock head and was ready to fuck me.

Stand up fag. Strip off those shorts. I’m gonna fuck your punk ass. Turn around fagot. Show me your ‘boy pussy’. Show me. Oh yeah. That looks nice.” He continued to talk to me as I stopped sucking on his cock stood, dropped my shorts and showed him my boy pussy ass. I leaned over the back of the nearby couch and spread my buttocks for him.

He spit on his cock, grabbed my buttocks, run his cock up and down my ass crack until he found the opening of anus. He eased the head in, then shoved it into me without mercy. Gawd he as horny and rough but I liked it.

My cock was so hard. I was glad my asshole was still filled with my brothers cum in me, otherwise Peter could have injured me. I groaned and pushed back on his intruding cock. He continued to talk dirty to me trying to degrade me as his ‘fag boy’. I leaned against the couch as he banged my ass.

He slapped my buttocks several time, then moaned a few more times. His cock expanded then warm juices stated shooting up my love canal. He rubbed my prostate and I started to cum without touching myself. I shot my juices on the floor by the couch.

Fuck boy. You’re a good piece of ass. If I had only known about you earlier, I would have been fucking you long ago. Damn that was good. Turn around now and lick off my dick. You need to taste my cum.”

He pulled out his cock and started milking down the last of his cum. I turned around and started to clean off his wet cock. He had a sensitive cock, but I was gentle and careful. He stayed hard then he took the back of my head and started face fucking me again. He wanted to shoot his next load in his newly discovered fag’s mouth.

I continued to suck him until he gave me another load. His cum tasted good. I drained him and cleaned off his spent cock. He set down at the counter and sipped on his coffee while still naked. I wiped up the cum I had shot on the floor then walked over to him and rubbed his hairy chest again.

You like my hairy chest? Perhaps next time you can give me a tongue bath and explore my hairy pits, chest, and ass crack. Would you like that fagot?”

I shook my head yes. He pulled my face to one of his arm pits. I inhaled his musky sweaty garage smell. I felt my dick getting hard again. He had a hot body.

Next time, ‘fag boy’, Next time. I better get dressed before my nephews come by. I think you have a check for me and I have something for you. Tom told me to give you these papers and the keys to the truck.”

Peter continued to get dressed and handed me the envelope. Inside was a nice note from Tommy. He told me the truck had been freshly painted and repaired and he was giving me the truck as a gift. Included were the Pink Slip, owner’s papers, and the keys. I was pleased but surprised.

Tommy must have been pleased with your ass. I can see why too, you are damn good sex. I think that is my nephew’s tow truck pulling up now.” Peter said as he went to the door. “Thanks buddy. Come by the garage anytime you want some more of my cock.” Then he left.

As I looked out the door to see what his nephew looked like, I saw Peter talking to him. Then his nephew headed to my door as Peter got into the truck. The nephew came to the door and knocked. What did he want?

I opened the door. His 19 year old nephew was about to ask me a question.

Hi. I’m Aaron, Peter’s nephew. Do you think I could use your bathroom? I’ve gotta piss in the worst way.”

Come on in Aaron. The heads right down the hallway. Follow me.” I said to this good-looking teenager. He seemed a little shy about asking me to use the head, but I think Peter put him up to it. He opened the door, lifted the toilet seat, and started to piss in the stool. He didn’t bother to close the door as he continued to piss for the longest time. I took a quick look at his hanging cock and leaned against the hallway wall. He finally finished and milked it down a few more times to drain it. He looked over at me and shook it again.

My uncle put me up to this and if you don’t want to do anything, I’ll understand. He said you like to suck cock, and since I’ve never had a guy give me a blow job, I though, ‘what the hell’.”

He started to put his cock away when I walked into the bathroom with him.
As I slowly took hold of his soft cock, he undid his belt buckle and opened his Levis. He pulled his soft cock and balls over his whites and let it all hang out.

How could I neglect this young hottie? He was cute and reminded me of one of the neighbor boys that come by after school to be sucked off. I turned him facing me, got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He gasped, spread his legs as I pulled his pants down further. I wanted to lick on his hairy, tightly formed ball sack, then his seven inch of cut cock.

His cock grew hard quickly and I continued to give him a good suck job. I knew he was in a hurry to go and besides he was hot to shoot his load. When he came it was like a sudden squirt of cum. He shot about 6 or 8 times. His knees buckled as I drained the last few streams of delicious cum. I cleaned him good, dried his cock and balls, pulled up his pants to let him dress himself.

Oh man. That was sweet. I liked that. Peter said I’d like the way you sucked my cock. He was right. Do you think I can come by again for more cock sucking?”

You’re cum was sweet too. Anytime Aaron, but call me first before you drop by. Now you better get going before Peter comes looking for you and I’ll have to blow him again. You have my phone number, so call and we’ll do more of the same.”

Aaron was putting his shirt in his pants as he was walking down the hall to the door. He turned, waved, and smiled. I knew he’d be back again.

After Peter and his nephew left, I started packing a few things I would need at my new job at the College Dorm. I’d miss the Trailer experiences I’d had since I lived with my step-brother Tommy, but now I had a new source of hot men to suck at the College Dorm.

I had to set up a new daily routine. The first thing I wanted to do is keep Tommy sexually satisfied. I’d stay at the Trailer for a while until I got established at the Dorm. I’d fix Tommy’s breakfast, after we had our morning fuck. Then after he left for work, I’d go to the Truck Stop and do my cleaning of the Trucker’s lounge, get my regular daily fucking from Ray the owner/manager. Suck off a few horny truckers, if they were around, then I head off to the College Dorm to clean and pick up after the twelve young college men and the house ‘father’, the coach.

The first week at the College Dorm, I’d seek out and seduce some of the students willing to have sex. Then after I cleaned up the Dorm, I’d head back to the Trailer and take care of a few men friends of mine that would come by on a regular basis, including the men working on the Modular in the Trailer Park.

Early in the afternoon Tommy would be home ready for his beer and blow job before he ate dinner I’d fixed earlier. After dinner he would take his shower while I’d clean up the dinner dishes, go to his bedroom, and wait for him to come in and fuck me before he went to sleep. Then I stay the night and start my routine all over again.

It looks like I would have a busy week. As I said earlier, if I moved to the college dorm I could lose my status as Trailer Trash, but perhaps I could earn my next status as College Dorm Slut, or keep both titles.

Story by Richard Barber 
4/13/2009, Word Count 2,441

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Trailer Trash Mike, Part 03

Trailer Trash Mike, Part 03

Construction College Student Visit.

They continued to build the new Modular home across from the trailer where I presently lived with my step brother Tommy. My electrician friend, Eric and his brother in law, Fred would come by on a regular basis to get a blow job, or if they had more time, they would fuck me. Fred told me to drop by the building site sometime before they finished and he’d introduce me to the two young college student helpers he’d hired for the summer.

Fred took it on his own to bring one of the students by one day so we could get it on. The student, John, had noticed Fred and Eric coming to my place to visit so he asked what was going on. Fred told him about the cocksucker that lived here, and how they were getting blow jobs during their visits. John thought that was hot, and wanted Fred to bring him by.

One day when I answered the door bell I found Fred and John standing on my porch.

Hey Mike. I’d like for you to meet John one of my carpenter’s helper. I happened to mention to him about your cock sucking abilities and he thought I was kidding, so I’ve brought him by to prove I wasn’t lying. I have to get back to the work site, so you two get acquainted during his lunch hour. You two have fun and I’ll see you in about an hour.” Then Fred left us standing at the door. It was an awkward moment but I reached out to shake his hand and invited him in for a drink.

I’m sorry for the intrusion, but Fred is so full of bull, I never know when he kidding or telling the truth. I should go, but to be polite I would like a glass of your famous iced lemonade that Fred told me about. I’d asked you to forgive my appearance but I am a working man.”

I invited John in and tried to make him feel as comfortable as I could. I poured him a glass of lemonade and switched on the Adult film that I always have ready my male friends. I motioned for him to set down and relax.

John was a good looking young college student about 23. He was taller than most men and had a lean muscular body. His dark hair was messed and he needed a shave, but all in all he was hot looking. He was still wearing his leather tool belt, but casually unloosened it and set it on the floor. He was wearing a tight sweaty sleeveless top and tight worn work pants. His sweaty body emphasized his firm, well developed chest. and rippling abs. He had just a small about of dark hair on his chest, under his arm pits and around his lower abs. His hazel eyes immediate turned their attention to the TV screen where a well hung man was fucking some chick’s wet pussy.

I trust you like to watch porn?” I said as I dropped between his legs and started unlacing one of his work shoes as he plopped down on the dear by couch.

Fuck yeah. I love porn but never get much chance to watch it at the dorm. A an a a…You sure you want to do this? I’m kind of raunchy from working. I showered this morning but…..” As he was talking I had his one boot off and was working on the other.

Oh sure. You’re okay, in fact I rather like the scent of a working mans body than one covered with cologne. Please stand so I can remove your pants.”

He stood as I pulled down his working pants. He wore no underwear and his big hard cock jetted out like a thick spear. I was surprised at the size of his cock. It was even bigger than either Fred or Eric. It was at least 10 ½ inches long and very thick around. He was partially cut but as he got harder, the present foreskin slowly eased away from a perfectly shaped cock head. I think I gasp as he set back down on the couch.

Wow dude. You have a big fucken cock. I love it. Why don’t we go to my bed room where you can lay back and let me work your cock and balls in the way they should be done. Come on John. Just follow me.”

I led him to the bed room. He lay upon the bed, pulled up the pillow and put it under his head, closed his eyes, and rested his arms behind his head. Wow. He looked great. I pulled off my cutoffs and t-shirt and got between his legs. His big balls nestled softly between his legs and his semi-hard cock lay across his lower stomach and abs. A small amount of pre-cum juices dripped from his piss slot. I inhaled his musky low hanging balls and gave them a gentle lick. Then I caressed them in one hand and lick myself up his cock shaft, put my warm mouth over his cock head, and rand my tongue around his glands. He moved somewhat with this new awareness. I licked his salty sweaty stomach and took another lick of his cock.

Oh fuck man. I never had another dude suck my dick before. This is hot. Lick my balls again, I love that feeling. Most chicks don’t seem to understand how a guy likes to have his nuts loved. They are so sensitive. Oh fuck. This is hot.”

I moved his legs further apart so I could have better access to his balls. I licked and sucked his balls into my mouth to pleasure his requests. I eased my finger to his moist anus, lifted his long muscular legs, pushed them backwards and started licking up and down his ass crack. Even thought he had the scents of a working man, I found him clean and tasty. I found his tender brown anus and licked around the edges of his tender hole. He moaned and talked to me.

Oh fuck, Oh fuck. Damn that feels good. Lick my hole, cocksucker. Lick my sweaty butt hole. Oh fuck. Yeah. Do that again. Again. Gawd. I never knew I was so sensitive back there. Do it again.” He kept telling me.

I licked around his hole, and then surprised him by bearing my face into his butt, sticking my tongue deep in his butt hole. I pushed my tongue in and out of his hole in a fucking motion. I continued for a few minutes then went back to his balls and let his legs rest again on the bed.

I licked my way up his big juicy cock again and went as far down on his cock as I possible could. He was so hot I knew he was going to cum at anytime, so I started concentrating on my cock sucking routine. He was soon humping my mouth, moving his body up to meet my mouth. Large amounts of pre-cum juices were flowing from his cock head.

I scooted my knees under his buttocks and kept sucking until he was moaning and groaning so loud he could be heard across the street. He was wild especially when he started to cum. He grabbed the back of my head and held me over his gushing cock and came. And cum he did. 

I had to hold on to him as he humped upward fucking my mouth. He started to shake and tremble and then several big squirts of sperm shot from his cock. More than I thought possible, but I kept swallowing and swallowing until his last squirt of cum. He moaned one more time then collapse while catching his breath. 

I continued to savor his man juices until I had swallowed them all. I licked up the remaining overflow that dripped down on his balls. As he rested and pondered his orgasm, I took a nearby wet cloth to cool him off and a towel to dried his body as he rested.

He opened his eyes, looked down at me and said.

Gawd damn, dude, that was awesome. No, awesome doesn’t even describe that orgasm. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve had since I could cum. Damn dude! That was the best ever. Man I never knew what I was missing when I turned down a blow job from a cocksucker at college last year. I didn’t know it could be this good. Can we do this again this week before we finish the Modular across the street?”

He said as he slowly set up from the bed and shook his head. He stood and headed into the living room where I’d stripped him of his boots and pants. He put on his pants, then the remainder of his clothes and boots.

Can I ask you what kind of work you are doing? Fred told me you worked a Truck Stop cleaning up after the truckers. Is that right?”

I live here with my step brother and clean and cook but early in the mornings I go to the truck stop, change sheet, clean up the dorm and the commutable showers. Then I come home about noon and spend the rest of the day around here. Why do you ask?”

Because I was just thinking. I live in a large renovated private house used as a dorm for athletic students from the college. It has 8 bedroom for 12 of us slobs and an assistant coach that live there. The place needs a person to straighten up after us, do some laundry, and keep us in line. You know how most of us guys hate doing house work. The assistant coach lives on the first floor and is always bitching about our upkeep. We had an older fat woman that use to work there but she quit and told us to, more or less, shove it. Now we can’t find anyone that will put up with our mess. We need someone like you to work for us.”

We are having a house meeting tonight and if you are interested I could put in a good word for you. We could only pay you about $500 a week from our house fund, but each of the guys would also chip in another $20 a month. So that would be $2,240 plus extras. The house also has a small private room which could use while staying there. If you don’t have transportation, me or one of the guys could give you a lift to and from home, or you could stay there over night or weekends, or full time, if you liked.”

I’ll talk to the guys tonight and let you know their decision tomorrow; that is if you will consider the job. There might be some fringe benefits on the side, if you know what I mean. After all 12 hot horny young college athletics around every day. What do you say? Would you think about it?”

John. That sounds too good to be true. I like living here with my step brother, but feel I’m just in the way at times. He does work long hours and I only see him late at night or on the weekends. I could still clean for him and live at the dorm. I’ll talk it over with him and see what he thinks.

These living arrangements were just supposed to be temporary until I found another job and could move out. This would take care of both. Yeah. Call me tomorrow and let me know what the guys think at the dorm. Do you think they would be disturbed to know I was a ‘fag’, or do you think that would be a problem?”

We don’t need to tell them anything. I know they will like you just as you are and you’re masculine enough to keep them guessing. One condition. If you take the job and live there I want you to take care of me now and then. Your blow job was fantastic, in fact I’m getting another hard on just thinking about it.

I better head out now and get back to work. Give me your phone number and I’ll give you a call either tonight after the meeting or tomorrow morning. I’d also like to stop by during my lunch brake tomorrow for another session if you don’t mind. Wow. That was so good. I gotta go. I’ll call you. Thanks for everything.”

John took my phone number and headed out the door. He was a hot number. I am looking forward to teaching him to fuck me. He might be a challenge at first, but that big cock looks so inviting.

I am excited thinking about the possibility of working at the College Dorm and being around all those hot athletic studs. I like truckers but young college studs would be a new experience for me.

That evening after Tommy came home I talked to him about the possibilities of my new job at the college dorm. He thought it would be good for me but he would miss our nightly and morning fucks. I promised him I would not neglect him. He smiled and started taking off his clothes so we could go to bed and make love.

That night Tommy took me to bed and started making love to me. He’d never been one to do much kissing, but tonight he seemed different. Perhaps he did appreciate me after all, and the thought of me moving out and to the college dorm made him think. After we cuddled and kiss for a few minutes, Tommy lifted my legs and gave me the best rim job I’d ever had from him.

Soon as I was wet enough for his big cock, he gently eased his hard cock into my love hole. It always gave me a thrill to be fucked by him. He was so good at fucking. He would fuck me for a few minutes, then come back to my lips and kiss me. After about 15 minutes of serious fucking he came in me but left his semi-hard cock in my hole. We slept for about an hour then we woke up again and fucked again until he came a second time. Early in the morning before he got up to shower and go to work, he fucked me one more time and caused me to cum. It was a good night to be living with my hot and hung stepbrother.

The next morning I got a phone call from John at the college dorm. He told me they had discussed hiring me for 30 days on a trial basis, then if things worked out, I would be hired permanently. He would pick me up Monday and I could look things over and decide if I would really like the job.

If I moved to the college dorm I would lose my status as Trailer Trash, but perhaps I could earn my next status as College Dorm Slut. 


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