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Farm Boys From Kansas, Part 01

This story contains male-to-male sexual contact. If you are offended by love between males or you are under legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Otherwise read and enjoy. 
Story written by Dick Clinton
      1. Part 01, Tractor Ride 

I could hear the tractor coming up the road towards my house. My heart pounded as it neared, because I knew it was the neighbor boy heading to the nearby fields. I had observed one of the Rickie brothers going by my place for several days now and he was on his way to one of the nearby fields to plow.
I was still in high school and my cock seemed to be always hard and ready to go. I was attracted to men all of my life and had already experienced sex with several of the boys my own age. I was very sexually active, but was always looking for a new adventure. I was cruising one of the hot young Catholic high school boys that lived down the road from me. I was trying anyway I could to get his attention and I was nervous about it. 
I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off when I spotted him. I let my towel drop exposing my body and hard cock as he drove by in the tractor. He glanced quickly my way, and saw me standing there completely nude, and then he was gone. I was trembling at the excitement and immediately jacked off and shot my load in my towel. 
Later on that day I heard his tractor coming up the road from the other direction and once again my body temperature went up, as well as my cock, but this time I was dressed. I heard the tractor slow down and noticed him glance at the house where he had seen me naked before. When he didn’t see me this time, he sped up his tractor and went home. 
The next Saturday I waited for him to come by again, but thought I would keep my clothes on and sit on the porch watching for him. He came up the road once again on his tractor pulling a bush hog cutter. As soon as he got even with the house he slowed down to a stop, hopped off his tractor, and went to the bush hog as if to adjust the blades. He glanced over to me then nodded slightly. My mouth became dry with anticipation. He messed around for a few minutes with the cutter then motioned for me to come out to the tractor. My heart began to beat harder and my breathing increased. I feared that he was going to curse at me or pound on me because I exposed myself to him last week, but instead he halfway smiled and said.  
Hey there, buddy. How ya doing? You don’t suppose you’d mind if I fill my water container from your hose. I forgot to do it before I left the house. If you don’t mind I’ll just help myself.” He said as he took the water container from the back of his tractor and headed towards the hose at the front of the house.
Sure. Help yourself.” I said very nervously as he swaggered over to the hose. I turned the hose on and took a quick look into his face. I hadn’t seen him up this close before, and he was better looking than I realized. He was a senior in High School, stood about 5 foot 11 inches tall, and had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and a deep tan. He was one of the six brothers in the Ricki family.
Well, that should be enough water to hold me for today.” He said as he headed back to the tractor.
Are you doing anything right now? Would you like to go with me while I drop off this bush hog? We won’t be gone long. What do you say buddy? Come on! Hop on the side by me and hold on.” I pulled my way upon the tractor and stood close to him on the tractor seat.
He started the tractor and we headed out. We didn’t say anything along the way because of the noise of the tractor. We drove a short distance up the road, then into an open field, and down a dirt road to the edge of some trees. He drove the tractor close to the trees, hopped off the tractor, and quickly unhooked the machinery as I watched.  
He pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it on the tractor seat. His darkly tanned body glistened in the sun. I gazed at his abs, arms, and back muscles as he strained and pulled at the attachments until they were undone, and drop to the ground. He moved the tractor forward a few feet, hopped down to the ground, and walked over to the shade of the nearby trees where I was standing. He sat the water container on the ground and looked up at me.

Now see, that didn’t take long, but I can sure use some of that water. You want some?” He poured some water in a cup, took a quick drink, then poured another cup over his head and let the water run over his body. He poured more water in the cup and handed it to me.
The water trickled over his muscular body. I was infatuated over this farm boy’s hot looking body. These farm boys work hard and have well developed bodies. His torso was so tanned from the sun that it was almost brown. He didn’t have any underclothes because I could see the impression of his cock and the outline of his balls hanging down the right side of his tight jeans. He sat down beside me still dripping with water. After a few minutes of small talk, he stood, walked over to a clump of bushes under the trees, and started to unbutton his jeans. He reached in his jeans, pulled out his cock, and started to take a piss. He was so hot looking that I must have had my mouth opened as the first stream of piss started to shoot out of his cock. I tried not to be too obvious or stare. He looked down at his cock, and as if to give me a view of his cock, pulled back the foreskin while he pissed. I could see about six or so inches hanging out of his jeans. I wanted to touch his cock but I was standing about three feet from him. He started to talk as he relived himself on the tree and ground. 
Oh boy it feels good to piss in the open air. Stand over here. Don’t be shy. Let’s see if you can piss as far as I can.” I stood and slowly walked closer to him. I struggled to pull out my semi-hard cock to join the piss ritual. I was so excited just watching this older boy piss that nothing came out of me. He continued pissing until it came to a slow trickle shook it a few times and said to me.  

Do you like to look at older boys cocks? Let me show you how big you might be someday.” He said as he opened the top buttons of his jeans and pulled them down more over his hips.  
His cock started to get hard as he continued to pull out his hairy balls from his jeans. It was getting bigger and I was fascinated. Not that I hadn’t seen big cocks from older boys and men, because I had, but I was hot for this guy. He reached for my arm and pulled me closer and then he put my hand on his cock. I thought I would cum right then. My hand trembled as I caressed it carefully and watched the cock head come out of the foreskin. I hadn’t seen many uncut cocks before and I was intrigued. He put his hands on his hips and closed his eyes as I played with him. 
Pull it back and forth. Make it feel good. I know you want it. Yeah. That’s the way. Put your mouth over the cock head and taste it? Go ahead. I won’t tell anyone. Just tongue and lick it a bit.” He said, as I bent over to taste his hard cock.  
His cock was growing to full size and the foreskin was pulling away from the big pink head. Small droplets of pre-cum were now oozing from his penis piss slot. I slowly bent over and put my mouth to the tip of his cock. I place my tongue on the head and quickly ran my tongue over the large growing cock. He suddenly pushed my head down on his cock. I fell to my knees in front of my farmer stud, and started licking his tasty cock. It was bigger than I had ever dreamed of. He was forcing me down on his cock causing me to gag. I pushed away at first but after awhile I relaxed and soon I was going down on him with ease. It was very exciting, sucking on this hunk. My fantasy had come true.
Yeah. That’s good. I like getting my cock sucked. You’re doing a great job boy. Go ahead. I won’t tell anyone. Just tongue it a bit.” He said as I continued to suck on his manly tasting cock. 
I cupped one hand beneath his low hanging balls as I sucked his dick. I could take his cock further now, and with the movements of my hand, I was giving him pleasure. He sighed as his cock slid further and further down my throat. He held my head with one hand and pumped my mouth for a few minutes. He released my head. I took a deep breath, licked up and down his shaft and then licked on his hairy balls. 

Oh Yeah. That’s a good cocksucker, lick my balls, and lick me clean. You’re good at this. You must have some experience.. Yeah, boy, lick those hairy balls. You’re making me so hot. Get back to my cock cause I’m going to shoot my cum down your hot throat. That’s it. Do it right and I’ll let you do this again. Oh Yeah. I’m gonna shoot. Uh huh.”
His body humped faster as he shoved his cock down my throat, but this time he began to come. He held my head down on his shooting cock. The warm cum gushed into my welcome mouth. I tried to swallow all of his sperm but I needed air. He released my head just long enough to let me catch my breath and swallow. I went back down on him again and held it there as he continued to cum. He shook and moaned as his hot cock emptied his juicy into my mouth. I breathed deeply and remained on his cock until it softened in my mouth. I savored the last few squirts of cum as my tongue continued to lick under his foreskin. He sighed and stood quietly enjoying the last few moments of his orgasm, then slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and put his cock back in his tight jeans. He buttoned a few buttons then looked down at me still on my knees.
You are a hot little cock sucker. You don’t know how many times I have tried to get a girl to do what you just did. They never want to put it in their mouth. One even told me it was dirty to do that. Stupid bitch! That was good. I like getting my cock sucked and you like sucking cock. Don’t you? We make a good pair. I want you to be my regular cocksucker from now on. Do you think you can handle that?” He said as he reached his hand down to lift me from my ground position.
I was a bit surprised at his suggestion that I become his regular cocksucker, but the idea really turned me on. I licked my lips of the last tasty drops of his cum. I smiled at him while trying to adjust myself and put my semi-hard cock back into my jeans. I got so excited sucking his cock that I had shot my load on the ground when he came.
Well? What do you say? …a.a.a; I don’t even know your name. Mine is John and yours is? He asked as I stuttered my name out.
Clint.” I said nervously looking into his handsome young face. 
He smiled at me again and turned to go back to the tractor. 
Pick up the water container and throw it on the tractor. You might as well make yourself useful, after all you are my cock slave from now on. You better get use to doing as I say. Is that understood”? He said as he got back on the tractor.
Did I hear correctly? He said I was his cock slave. What did he have in mind? I followed obediently and hopped back on the tractor next to him. Before he started up the noisy tractor he said to me. 
I told you I would not tell anyone your were a homo cock sucking slut but only with one condition. You must do as I say and suck my cock whenever I need it, which is almost every day. Now that I know where you live and what you like, you are my cocksucker. Do you understand that?” He said in a demanding voice. Then he started the tractor and we headed back to the main road.
I wasn’t sure exactly how to take this new position in life. No one had ever insisted that I suck his cock or be his cock slave. It was rather exciting to me but I was frightened at the same time. I thought he wanted to play this game so I would go along with it but I didn’t know what was in store for me over the next few months.
John dropped me off a few yards before my driveway and made me walk the rest of the way. I assumed he didn’t want anyone to see us together. This didn’t bother me because I didn’t want my family to know I was with him either..
Story by Dick Clinton at

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Community Service for men, Part 03

Community Service, Part 03

I'm In Trouble now!

Story by Dick Clinton

Well, well. If my handsome young son hasn't turned into a pussy boy. No, No. Don't get up. Stay just as your are, young man. I knew you liked your Pa banging your boy pussy, but didn't realized you like it so much. Your uncle Lynn and I enjoyed the show you two put on, and now its our turn to enjoy some of that sweet boy pussy.”

I slowly pulled my wet cock from Bobby's hole, still enjoying the last feeling of a good fuck. I stepped aside as Bobby's Pa gripped his son's leg and held them high.

Hey Lynn. Remember the time the four of us fucked that whore in St Louis? We fucked her so much that cum was over flowing from her cunt. Look at my boy's pussy hole. He's overflowing with cum just like that cunt. I think that is HOT. “

Walter undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He lifted his legs and rubbed his hand up and down Bobby's wet overflowing ass hole. He took some of the cum and rubbed it around his cock, then licked his fingers to taste my cum. He guided his cock to Bobby's hole and shoved his cock deep into the warm cum filled ass hole. Both men moaned as Walter started to rough fuck his son. It was exciting to watch.

While Walter was fucking Bobby, he introduced me to the other man.

Clint. This is my brother-in-law. Lynn. Bobby's uncle on his mother's side. You can see the family resemblance by the size of their big cocks? I'm glad we found you two having a good time, because now son, I'll fuck you as often as I want, knowing you're my pussy boy. I know after your uncle Lynn has fucked your tight hole, he'll want you again too.”

Your hole feel so nice and warm. Clint sure dumped a big load in your ass.. I like that.”

As Walter was fucking his son, I went over to Lynn and helped him out of his coveralls. He was a bit younger than Walter and had a fantastic manly body. When he took off his shirt I was excited to see all the body hair on his firm chest and rippling stomach. When I saw his cock I could see where Bobby inherited his cock size, only Lynn's cock was even larger. As his cock got harder I estimated it was bout 11 inches long and thick as my wrist. I was wondering if he intended on fucking his nephew with that beauty.

I couldn't escape going down on Lynn's cock. He tasted sensation. He was partially cut and the foreskin had already pulled back from a large tulip shaped cock head. I put my mouth over his cock. It was already so thick I knew I would have a hard time going very far down on his Goliath. I wondered how Bobby was going to receive that big eleven inch beauty up his boy pussy. I licked and savored his low hanging balls. He was very hairy, but I loved it. I don't enjoy sucking on balls that have been shaved. I like a natural man, hair and all.

As I was sucking and licking on Lynn's magnificent man cock and balls, I glanced over to watch Bobby take his Pa's cock. They fucked hard. His Pa was caressing and pulling on Bobby’s nipples. Their eyes were locked on each other. Sweat was rolling down Walters hard body and onto his son. Bobby’s cock was hard again. I could hear Walter talking to him in a rough and demanding voice as he fucked. From time to time I could hear him calling his son his 'bitch' and 'whore'.

Then Walter started to pound his sons ass hard like he was about to cum. Just then both started to moan with pleasurable intensity and they both climaxed in a wild and vociferous instant.

Walter fell on his sons wet and sweaty body, then softly kissed him on the lips. After a few minutes of relaxation Walter stood back with his feet still on the floor. He looked over at Lynn and me and said.

Are you ready to fuck this boy pussy whore. He likes it so much he came without me touching his cock. You don't need to be gentle with this stud. He can take it. He may like to take a cock up his ass, but he is still all man. Go have a good fuck Lynn and don't ever say I never give you anything. He's the best fuck in town.“

Lynn walked over to his nephew, lifted his legs once more, roughly stuck his finger in Bobby's wet fuck hole and said to Bobby.

I hope you're ready to take my eleven inch cock up your boy pussy because I'm gonna make you cry out 'UNCLE!'.” Then he smiled as he guided his cock to Bobby's well fucked hole.

Bobby was bracing himself and making ready to take his uncle's cock, but still made a surprising face as Lynn eased the whole shaft in with one move. Lynn waited for a short time, then pull his cock almost all the way out, then shove it all the way back in. You could hear the wet sloshing noise as his cock went in and out of Bobby's hole.

Oh my gawd! Walt, this is better than you said. Damn. Why haven't we been fucking this young heifer years ago?.” Mu-mm Yeah. I could fuck this sweet thing all night, but I can see I'm not gonna hole out that long. Mu-mm. Good ass. Good fucking ass.” Lynn kept saying as he ploughed Bobby's ass.

I stood close by to watch this unrestrained family breeding. I had only arrived today and I had all ready introduced three men in a new family love fest. Bobby was still enjoying getting fucked for the third time in the last two hours. I almost envied him but I knew I would eventually share some of this man meat.

Walters cock was already hard and ready to go again. It was my time to get my ass fucked by one or all three of these studs. As I gripped Walters cock I bent over the other side of the bed to encourage Walter to take advantage of my willingness to get laid. I guided his dick to my ass. I had already lubed my hole for easier penetration. I love to be manhandled and rough fucked like Bobby, but not as willing to start with a dry fuck. I hadn’t planned on a sex orgy this early in my arrival, but come what may.

As Walter penetrated my willing fuck hole, my face was next to Bobby. and Walter and Lynn were facing each other as they fuck us. Bobby turned his head towards me, smiled and leaned closer so we could kiss. It was exhilarating getting fucked by these two brothers at the same time.

I lost track of the time as I was getting fucked royally by Bobby's Pa. Both men started pounding our butts so hard that I thought the bed might collapse. The brothers were conscious of each others intended climax. Then as if by cue they both started to cum.

They looked directly into each other eyes. I thought at one time the brothers might kiss. They eagerly ejaculated their staffs of life filling us with their masculine sperm. It would be impossible to explain the sounds, moans and groans of positive stimulus that all of us sounded out. It was just absolute awesome.

After we all released our loads, we lay pleasantly exhausted in a period of Nirvana, a place of complete bliss and delight and peace
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Story By Dick Clinton

Word Count, 1326

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