Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trailer Trash Mike, Part 04- Serving Truckers

 Serving Truckers

It had been an eventfully day with Eric the Electrician and his brother in law, Fred the construction foreman. I was looking forward to having them over every day this week while they constructed the Modular home across the street.

Right after Eric left my place I received a phone call from one of the truckers I had met last week at the truck stop. He was in town for a few hours and needed some action before hitting the road again. He said he would have another trucker drive him to my place, but I would have to service the other trucker as well. I hesitated at first, but sometimes a blind date could be interesting. Then I agreed and they were soon on their way.

Within 15 minutes, a small truck pulled up behind Eric’s van. Rodger, the trucker and his friend parked the small truck then came up to the trailer. I opened the door for them and let him and the other trucker in. I was introduced to the other trucker as Robin. Both men were typical truckers, partially unshaven, wrinkled clothing and often had the smell of oil and gasoline.

I don’t have much time so let’s go to the bedroom so I can fuck you now. Robin will wait here and watch your x-rated movies while we fuck, then you can either suck him off or let him fuck your boy-pussy. He’s been with cocksuckers before so he’s not shy. I’ve seen him get a blow job from a dude and I think you’ll be pleased with his big cock.” Rodger said as we headed to the bedroom. He had his shirt unbuttoned and was now unbuckling his pants. He was horny and ready to fuck.

I had not bothered to dress after Eric left, and still filled with his big load of cum. I stretch out on my stomach, put a pillow under my hips, spread my legs and was ready for use. Rodger kicked off his cowboy boots, pulled off his, jeans and white shorts then crawled between my legs. He spit on his cock and guided it directly to my anus. Soon as he got it in part of the way, he shoved it directly into me.

He had a nice trim body and a good size cock. It felt very comfortable in me and I would just lay there and let him use me as his cum dump. Most straight truckers don’t like to kiss or mess around. I knew all he wanted to do is get his rocks off and I didn’t mind. I enjoyed getting fucked and pleasing men.

He liked to hold my wrist against the bed as if he was raping me. I would struggled and try to get free from his grip. This turned him on. Then he began pumping his cock in me while he called me his cunt, pussy-boy, cock sucking trailer trash, and any other dirty or degrading names he could think of. Soon he was breathing hard and slapping my butt, and then he would groan and shoot a nice load of trucker sperm up my hole. He would suddenly pull out of my ass, wipe his dick on my buttocks, and tell me I was a disgusting slut then went to the toilet to wash up, put on his cloths and leave.

I waited for the other trucker to come into the bedroom but Rodger called out to tell me they were leaving and he would call me next time he was in town. Just a few minutes ago, he had called me ‘trailer trash’ and a ‘disgusting slut’ but still wanted to fuck me again and call me again. Straight men do not like to admit it but they enjoy a good piece of ass even if it is from another man.

I was somewhat disappointed at not being able to suck on the other trucker because he had a rugged masculine look about him that I liked; besides Roger told me he had a big dick, and I love big dicks. As I entered the living area, the door re-opened and Robin stuck his head in and told me he was taking Roger back to his truck and he would be back later. I was pleased and would be waiting to service him later.

Earlier I had started fixing my brother Tommy some stew for his dinner and went to the kitchen to check on it. He wouldn’t be home for a few more hours so if the trucker decided to return soon I would have time to suck him off before Tommy got home.

I saw the trucker’s small truck pull up front. The doorbell rang and I let him in. “Hi again. You still in the mood for some trucker dick?

Man, I’m always in the mood for dick of any kind. Come on in. Would you like a beer? Please set on the big chair in the corner while I put on some good pussy movies.” I saw him taking off his boots, loosen his belt, unbutton his jeans and take off all his clothes, except his ball cap. I only had a quick look at his cock before he set down and realized he was still soft.

Yeah. I’d like to suck on a beer while you suck on my dick. Come over here and get to work, cocksucker. Robin told me about you and said you were a fucken' cock sucking slut. I hope he was right. I need to get my nuts drained almost every week. I drive a delivery truck locally, and have been looking for a good cocksucker like you to drain my nuts now and then.

Most of the sluts around the truck stop want charge for their pussy or for a blow job. I’ve tried a few of them but they don’t know how to suck a cock for shit. I’ve had blow jobs from some of you cocksuckers before and it was good. It takes a man to know how to service another man’s cock.”

I shook my head in agreement. When he spread his legs, I discovered he had a thick uncut cock resting on a big set of ball. I gazed at his meaty cock, took it lovingly in my hand, and kissed it. He was beginning to get hard and clear moister had gathered around the opening of his lacy foreskin.

I looked towards his face. His body was lightly covered with soft blondish hair. He didn’t have tight abs like many guys I service, but he was very manly and sexy even with his love handles and a small beer belly. He left his ball cap on but that did not bother me. Many guys would keep their caps or hardhats on while I blew them. It must have been a show of their masculinity.

I held his growing cock in my right hand and caressed his big balls in my left hand. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue into the opening of his soft lacy foreskin. He had a succulent salty piss, and beer taste. I eased my tongue in deeper and ran my tongue around the opening to savor more of his cock. He had a small amount of ‘cock cheese’ around the head of his tender glands. I eager cleaned him and sighed as if I had tasted a delectable meal.

Gawd, you are a cock pig aren’t you? Tell me how much you like my nasty cock, cock sucking slut. You really like that cock don’t you. Go ahead, worship my trucker dick, and make me feel good. Take your time and lick all that left over ‘cock cheese’. Damn. I’m fucken delighted I came back. I’ve been looking for a cock sucking pig for a long time. Love that cock, cocksucker. Drain my nuts, pig. Get me off.”

I became energized by the way he talked dirty to me. I worked his cock over good, taking every moment to enjoy his big schlong. He began to get hard and it was larger than I had realized. I would just give him some good head this time, but hoped I could get him to fuck the shit out of me during our next encounter.

I licked up one side of his cock, and then go down on him as much as I could. His cock was not the longest I’d ever sucked but this trucker has a very thick cock. I realized if he would fuck me he might stretch me until it hurt, but I would still willing to give it a try.

I continued licking his balls and inhaled his musky body. He motivated his legs apart and pressed my face between his musky thighs. I place my finger to his anus and eased into the moist opening. He suddenly lifted his legs and held them back over his head exposing his hairy pink asshole.

Eat my funky ass, pig. Rim my dirty hole and clean it good. I love a good rim job. Lick my ass crack and clean my ass hole, slut. Treat my anus good like a good pig boy should.”

I was licking his funky ass crack and rimming his sweet pink bud. He did have a funky smell but I continued licking and savoring the entire funk from his musky buttocks and ass crack until he was clean. Then I went to his pink puckering hole and started tongue fucking him. He grunted and kept mumbling how I should lick his ass hole and make him feel good.

All right you ass eating bitch. If you’re sure my ass hole is clean, you can take a breather and continue sucking on my cock. You’re such an asshole pig slut, but I’ll soon give you a well-deserved load of my spunk, if I think you deserve it. Get to work again, pig. Worship that man cock. Suck my trucker dick and drain my nuts, cocksucker. Gawd. You’re a first class ass rimmer and cock sucking pig.”

I was contented that my truck driver was delighted with my service. He knew just the right things to say to get me turned on. I continued sucking and worshiping his cock until I felt he was going to cum. He grabbed the back of my head, held me tight and started grunting, moaning and calling me names again.

My jaws were aching because of the width and thickness of his cock, but I held on and soon he was shooting a huge gusher of cum into my mouth and down my throat.

I thought he would never stop cumming but I loved every minute of it. My eyes watered and I swallowed as quickly and as much of it as I could. Cum was dripping outside the corners of my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth just long enough to take a breath and taste his sperm. He shot a few more spurts then relaxed. It was great and he was very tasty. I continued to lick and clean every drop of cum from his balls and milked down his shaft to acquire the last drops of syrupy cum out of him.

He was relaxing on the couch with his eyes shut. I continue to kiss his cock and big balls, hoping for another load. I thought at first he had fallen asleep but then he looked down at me and said.

That was excellent for a cock sucking slut boy. Now show me to the toilet. I need to piss and I want you to hold it for me, bitch. “

I led him to the toilet where I lifted the toilet seat for him and held onto his semi-hard cock while he pissed. I waited for him to start pissing in the toilet bowl, but he had other ideas.

Since you were such a good pig boy today and since I gave you my load it’s only fair that I give you another treat: my piss to drink. You’re a deserving pig. Put your mouth over it until I start to piss then swallow it cock sucking pig.” He forced my head to his cock and rubbed his cock over my mouth until I gave in. I had only tasted a small trickle of piss before but that time I was forced.

I had no choice, took a deep breath, and held his cock head in my mouth ready for a warm flow of his trucker piss. I waited a few minutes then I started tasting his warm beer piss. It was not as bad as I thought and soon it would be over. I opened my throat muscles and swallowed his soft cock as he pissed down my throat and into my belly. He released my head and let the piss flow naturally until he was finished. I had swallowed it all without gagging. I held his big penis in my hand, licked the remaining piss drops from the tip of his cock, and pulled his foreskin back over his cock head. I looked up at him and he had a grin on his face.

You did well. Fuck. That was good the way you swallowed my cock as I pissed. I never had anyone do that before. Fuck that felt great. Now get me another beer while I dress. I need to get out of here before your brother gets home. Next time I come over I’m gonna fuck that bubble butt of yours until you cry for mercy. You think you can handle that pig. I’ve never fuck a ‘trailer trash, boy-pussy’ before. It sounds like it might be fun getting my nuts off inside your fuck hole.”

I have a confession to make. As I told you earlier, I drive a delivery truck locally, well one day I delivered some packages to the place where your brother works. We got to talking about sex and blow jobs and he gave me your name and told me you were a great cocksucker and hot piece of ass. I never got around to calling you, but today when Roger brought me over here, I realized you were the guy your brother was talking about. You looked so clean cut and sexy when I saw you that I just had to come back and let you suck my cock. Man I’m glad I did.”

Now that I know what a fantastic cock sucking pig you are I plan to call you again soon. It was far better than I thought it would be: and I’m still planning on fucking your sweet ass next time.”

Tell you brother thanks and how please I am. I gotta run now. If I run across another horny guy that needs your service, I will give him your phone number. Okay? Take care, my cock sucking buddy. See ya later.”

Robin left and gave a honk as he pulled away from the trailer. I was looking forward to that one again.
Continued stories and adventures of Trailer Trash men and boys.

Story by Dick Clinton

Word count 2544, 12/24/2008