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Farn boys adventures

Young Farm Boys Visit to Town.

Farm boys adventure.

Story by Dick Clinton

While I was living on the farm with my family, we would occasionally go into our small nearby town for supplies and auto repair. I was still in school so most of our visits in town were on the week ends. My father was having some problem with one of our farm trucks and made arrangements to leave it at the local garage while he ran some errands and got a haircut. I was to stay close to the garage and wait for his return.

I had never been to this garage before and the men in the shop were all new to me except the owner of the garage, George Fowler. I went to school with his daughter and I had seen him on occasion when he came to pick her up after school. He was a solid man about 35, 6 feet tall or better and had a great hair of hair. He was at the garage today and nodded to me when dad was talking to him about repairing the truck. He had a demanding face and deep hazel eyes. I don’t remember if I ever saw him smile.

When ever I saw him he was always wearing his garage coveralls. I couldn’t quite make out if he was heavy or muscular under his loosely fit clothing. I did notice he had very large hands and wore large shoes. I understood that was definitely an indication of a big cock.

My dad took me to the nearby store where I bought some candy and a D.C. Comic book with Captain America my favorite comic character from part of my monthly allowance. He instructed me to go back to the garage and wait for him while he ran his errands in town. When I returned to the garage I went inside to set on the wooden bench near the workmen to read my comic book. When Mr. Fowler saw me again he gave me a stern look and wiped his hands with a rag. He came over to me and told me it would take awhile for the repairs, and I should follow him.

We went to the back of the shop and into a storage room where they kept supplies and large oil or grease barrels. He didn’t say anything to me, but shut the door and locked it. I was getting a little bit nervous and wondered what he was up to.

“Take off your clothes boy. I want to see your farm boy body. I’ve been told by reliable sources that you like to get your boy pussy fucked.” He said as he started taking off his garage jumper. I was taken aback at his aggressive actions.

“Didn’t you hear me boy? Take off your clothes. We don’t have much time and your dad will be here soon to pick up his truck.” I stammered and tried to speak but was interrupted by him again. “I said take off your fuckin clothes before I rip them off you.”

I kicked off my booths, undid my jeans and pulled down my pants and eased them off my legs. I didn’t ware any underclothes so I was naked except for my t-shirt. 

He had removed his coveralls and stood looking at me while manipulating his semi-soft uncut cock. He had a fantastic body under his garage coveralls and a huge dick with low hanging balls. He rearranged his balls and flopped his dick back and forth.

“Come over here boy, and I don’t want to hear a sound from you. Get down on your fuckin knees and lick on my cock and get me wet, unless you want me to shove a dry cock up your punk ass.”

“No sir. I’ll do as you ask. I get you wet.” I said as I got on my knees and held his cock in my small hands. “You’re really big sir. Please take it easy on my ass. I might have some difficulty pleasing you.”

“Shut the fuck up. You’re gonna be my ‘boy bitch’ and I’ll do what I want with your fucking ass. Get down there and suck, slut.”

Once again I was shocked at his demanding ways, but I was eager to do as he wanted. My cock was already hard thinking about getting fucked by this hunk.

I was on my knees holding his cock in one hand and caressing his low hanging balls in the other. His cock was uncut but as it got hard the hood eased back over his glands revealing his appetizing cock head. His cock and balls had the unmistakable scent of oil and gasoline, but I found it a turn on.

I ran my tongue around his cock head to be presented with a large amount of his precum juices. His cocks had a salty and piss taste. I stooped under his massive physique to lap on his balls and struggled to suck them into my mouth. As I was taking pleasure with his balls, he spoke and moaned with delight.

“Yeah, you fuckin little slut. You know how to please a man, don’t you? Lick the sweat from my nuts. Un huh. That’s good. Now stand up and let take a look at your boy pussy.” He said as he lifted me up from the floor, pressed me over one of the oil barrels, wet one of his large fingers, and stuck it into my small butt hole. He was soon on his knees spreading my buttocks and searching for my pink anus. I felt his warm breath on my ass, then a hasty entry of his moist tongue. It felt awesome. He kept tonguing my pink hole and humming as he penetrated my aperture. All of a sudden he stood, grabbed his hard cock, and ran it up and down my butt crack searching for an opening.

“Boy. Your ass is better tasting than my wives pussy, now let’s see if your tight boy cunt is as taut as I know it’s gonna be. Fuck. You make me so hot. I don’t wanna cum before I ‘stick it to ya’, so hold fast while I steer it in.” He spit on his cock for more lubrication. His cock head found my tender mark. He pressed against my hole to penetrate me.

“Damn young-en. You are gonna be a sweet piece of ass. Oh gawd what a sweet thing you are.” Unn, Unn. He grunted as he tried to put his big cock in my asshole, but it was not going in that easy. He reached for the pump on the grease barrel and squeezed some on the palm of his hand. He lubed his cock again and this time his cock slowly eased into my tight boy ass.

He was so anxious to fuck me that he just shoved his whole ten inch cock deep in me with one thrust. I cried out in pain, but he quickly positions his hand over my mouth and held me. I whimpered but remained quiet while he pulled his cock half way out of me, then shoved it all the way in again. It stung like hell at first, but my body was growing accustomed to it. I tried to relax as he still held his greasy hand over my mouth. I took a deep breathe as he slowly released his hand and put it on my buttocks and started humping me.

“Oh young man, you are the answer to my prayers. I’ve needed some hot young boy like you to satisfy my sexual perversions. I want you to be my ‘bitch boy’ and every time you come to town, I’m gonna fuck the hell out of your pussy. Damn, boy. You’re so warm and tight.” He said as he gripped my hips and used me, and shoved his cock in me like a battering ram.

I wasn’t sure I could endure the pain. Tears were running down my cheeks. His cock was not only a good 10 inches long, or bigger, but it was also very large around. He was definitely stretching my hole to fit his donkey size meat. He started pounding me hard and fast. He constantly rubbed against my special spot, and I knew I would cum soon. I laid my upper torso over the barrel and let him use me. His balls would slap against me making a squashy sound. I started to loosen up and enjoy my rape.

“Oh you sweet young think. You’re beginning to enjoy my ‘daddy dick’ up your pussy, aren’t you? I knew once you got the feeling of a man size cock up your hole, you were gonna love it. Shit. I know I’m a liken it, boy. Awe yes. Such a nice warm, tight cunt.” Mr. Fowler said as he kept plunging his giant cock into my receptive hole. I knew any minute I was gonna cum. His cock was starting to swell. His movements became faster and his grip on my buttocks were beginning tighten.

“Uugg Fuck. I’ve gotta unload my prick. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna shoot my load up your punk ass. Oh gawd boy. Hold on to something. I’m gonna cum, gonna cum. Uugg. Yeah. Fuck. I’m cummmmiiiiinnnngggg.” He said as he pounded my ass with his battering ram.

His cock swelled and filled me with his warm juices. I came at the same time and shot my load down the side of the oil barrel. We melted together. I leaned backwards into him as he continued to cum. He kissed my neck and licked my ear. The sweat from his body rolled down his chest and onto my buttocks. He stopped moving and let his cock rest in my warm cum filled hole. He held me tightly against his hard muscular body then spoke softly to me.

“My young friend I want you to promise me that you will keep this ‘happening’ quiet. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our quick sex, but we can’t tell anyone else about this. And if you’re a good boy I will fuck you again sometime when you are in town. Would you like that?”

“Yes sir. I would like that very much. You won’t tell my dad about this will you? He wouldn’t be too happy with either of us. I would like to ask you a question though. How did you know I would like it. if you fucked me? Who told you I liked to take dicks up my ass?”

“No one told me. I just liked your good looks and thought how nice it would be to have your sweet hot mouth around my dick and to shove it up your tight ass. I thought you might be a virgin. I just took the chance that you would ‘put out’ and I was right.”

I stood for a moment in utter surprise. He decided he wanted me and took me, and man, I’m pleased he did. He is an exciting and hot man. I knew he saw me looking him over earlier in the garage. I guess he took the chance I would like him as well.

“Are you upset because I physically used you?

“No sir. You know I liked it.” I said as I started to pull up my pants.

“Wait a minute. Turn around and let me clean your ass and see if any of my cum is dripping out of your hole.”

I turned around before I pulled up my jeans. He spread my cheeks and put his finger in my cum filled hole. I was tender and I automatically jumped. He took the grease rag and wiped his dick, then opened my anus and let some of his remaining cum run onto his hand. He whipped his hands and my ass crack with the oily rag.

“Okay punk boy. Take this grease rag as a remembrance of our fuck. It’s soaked with the remains of my dick cum and your pussy juices. Mumm. It smells so good.”

“Now get your clothes on and get the hell out of here before I get another hard and throw another fuck to you. You dad will be here soon. Now remember what we said about our secret. Let me go into the garage first then you follow and head to the toilet. I’ll see ya again soon. Bye now young-ens, and thanks.”

I went to the toilet and made sure I was clean. When I left the room the other two mechanics grinned as if they knew their boss had his way with me. I was embarrassed but was looking forward to returning to the garage. Maybe next time the other men could fuck me also.

I returned to the wooden bench and position on my tender, well fucked ass, on the hard surface, just as my dad entered the garage to pick up his truck.

“There’s my little man. I hope you weren’t bored waiting for me. Next time we come here I’ll know where to leave you for the day to keep you out of trouble.”

Dad went into the office and paid the bill. I overheard the conversation between Mr. Fowler and my dad. It seems they had to order a part for the truck and one of them men would be out to pick up his truck next week. He said if I wanted to come along, I could stay the day and they would bring me home when the truck was finished.

I knew Mr. Fowler and his two garage mechanics had more plans for me. I was looking forward to my next adventure to Mr. Fowler’s Garage.

Dad came out of Mr Fowler's office to get me. He looked at me kind of funny and said. “How did you get that oil smug on your face?” then he looked up at Mr Fowler and winked. I often wondered if he knew more than he pretended. Every time I came into town with him he left me at Mr Fowler's Garage. Dad's truck was the best running truck in town and my ass got the best treatment as well.

Watch for more Farm Boy Stories.

Story by Dick Clinton


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