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Biker Man, Butch Trade

Biker Man

Story by Dick Clinton at
Near where I live is an old drive-in theatre, which on Saturdays and Sundays becomes a big Flea Market. It’s a hot place to cruise, and sometimes I would spot a hot looking dude and when the opportunity would present itself, I would invite a stud over to my place and seduce him.

 One day while shopping I spotted a guy all dressed in biker leather.  Wow!  This guy was hot.  I couldn’t help but notice his sexy smile under his blond mustache.  A set of dark sunglasses wrapped around his high cheekbones covered his eyes. He took off his jacket, and threw it over his shoulder as he strutted down the aisles looking over the merchandise, while I looked over his ‘merchandise’.  He wore no shirt under his tightly fitted leather vest that emphasized his muscular sweaty body.  There were tattoos on his arms, his upper chest, and torso.  He just reeked of sexy masculinity with every step of his trim body.  His legs were covered with formfitting leather chaps and his tight jeans hugged his round firm butt.  Under his worn jeans his leather chaps emphasized his bulging crotch. In his left rear pocket was the edge of a blue bandanna.  Even his black biker boots were sexy.  He was hot looking and he knew it.

As I stood watching and lusting over this hot looking stud, he reached for his bandanna and wiped the sweat from his brow and each armpit.  As he replaced the bandanna in his back pocket, it accidentally fell to the ground.  When he moved on a few steps, I managed to squat down and hastily picked it up placing it to my nose to savor the musky scents of his body.   As I breathed in deeply I suddenly felt his eyes looking at me. I raised my eyes to see him scornfully staring directly into my face. Suddenly embarrassed, I quickly turned away and sought the solitude of the nearby men’s rest room.

I knew he had seen me sniff his bandanna, but I was unaware that he was following me into the rest room.  I quickly headed to the end booth to try to calm myself down.  I sat down on the toilet seat while I inhaled his manly scent, but before I could even get settled, he pushed his way into the stall and looked down at me. I was suddenly at his mercy.  What was he going to do to me now?  I lowered my head, waiting for him to hit me, but instead, he straddled my legs, and reached down and pulled my face towards his body.  With one hand he opened his jeans and pulled out his semi-hard uncircumcised 8-inch cock. 

“Okay faggot.  If you want to smell my body sweats, then smell my cheesy man cock.  Put your mouth around my baby maker, and lick the dried cum from underneath my foreskin, cocksucker.  You better do a good job or I will knock the shit out of you.  Do you understand, fucker?”  He said without lowering his voice.

 I was shocked and fearful that there might be someone in the next stall.  He didn’t seem to care.  I had no choice but to put his hardening uncut cock in my mouth. I trembled slightly as my cock stood at attention as I started to go down on him.  He had a slight taste of pre-cum inside his long foreskin, with a lingering hint of sweat and salty piss.  I braced myself for the oncoming assault.  

His 8-inch cock was only semi-hard but the foreskin was starting to pull away from his big tulip shaped cock-head.  The large piss slit was oozing clear tasty juices.  I was turned on by the musky dried cum smell from his cock.  Usually I was turned off by this scent but this was different for some reason.  I stuck out my tongue to taste his salty jizz, and once again take a deep whiff of him.  I reached for his cock with one hand and searched for his balls with the other.  He moved in closer as I pulled on his low hanging sweaty balls.  I felt my cock harden as I was forced to suck this hot leather stud that I had desired earlier.  In the excitement of the moment, I no longer knew or cared if there were other people in the room. I continued to enjoy his tasty cock.  I glanced up at his handsome face, only to see my own reflection in his dark wraparound sunglasses.  He held the back of my head until he realized I was willingly sucking his cock, and was enjoying it as much as he was. 

“You like to suck cock, huh, fucker?  Well, you’re going to taste some pussy juice there too before you take my spunk.  I just fucked some chick in the back of a van. Didn’t have time to wash it off before her old man came back, so now you get the privilege.  Suck it good punk.  I need it cleaned off good and can use another draining before I go home to my old lady.  She can smell pussy juice on my cock 10 feet away.  Clean it good.  Yeah, that’s good, cock sucker.  Suck the juices out of that cock.” 

I was so hot for this dude that I didn’t care if anyone heard us.  I was enjoying his cock even though he said it was covered with pussy juice.  I continued to suck.  I licked and sniffed his balls as he moaned, and shoved my head into his warm body.  I sensed an excitement in his body movements, and I knew any minute he would shoot his warm cum into my willing mouth.  He lurched forward, pulled my head down on his cock, and dumped a big load down my throat.  I pulled away just long enough to gasp for air, then went back down on his throbbing shaft.  He gasped and trembled in the ecstasy of his orgasm.  After I milked down the last few drops of his sperm, he pulled away from me, wiped his remaining wet cock on my face, put his cock and balls back into his jeans, and left the booth.  

My cock was still so hard and with a few jerks of my hand I shot my load all over the floor and the inside of my jeans.  It was one of the best orgasms I’d had for some time.  I still had his bandanna in one hand and took a last deep whiff before I put it in my rear pocket.  I gradually got my composure, pulled up my pants, and opened the door.  I stepped out apprehensively, fearful of being caught having sex in a public place. 

I left the rest room to discover the man in leather standing talking to several other men.  He looked over then said something to the men and headed toward me as I briskly walked away from him to the exit.  I didn’t turn about to see if he was following, but hurried to my car, and as I was opening the car door he called out to me. 

“Hey buddy, he said as I fumbled with my keys.  “What’s the hurry? I want to talk to you so hold it a minute.”   By this time he was next to my car.  I didn’t want any trouble from him and just wanted find an excuse to get away from him before he beat the shit out of me.

“I’m late for a dentist appointment,” I lied as an excuse to get away from him.  He put his hand on the door and looked at me as he spoke.

“Hey, man.  That was a nice thing you did for me in there.  I needed to have my cock sucked.  I want to deposit more of my sperm in your cock sucking mouth.  So how about you and me getting together later this afternoon and have another go at it.  I know you want it and I want to give it to you.  What do you say?  He reached out his hand to me and smiled.  “My friends call me Rod,” he said in a more gentle way. 

I reached out my hand as my body once more tingled with the sensation of his manly hot looks and his friendly smile.  He knew I wanted him again and he wanted to fuck my face again. He pulled out a pencil and scrap paper and asked for my phone number and address.  I gave it to him and we made an agreement to meet at my place later on that evening. As I was driving away, I wondered if I’d done the right thing.  Sometimes your sexual desires overcome your good sense.

Later on that evening I waited anxiously for my new leather biker stud to come over.  I had everything already set up.  I bought extra beer, lit up a few mood candles, got out some extra trick towels and was ready to show him a better time than just getting head in the rest room at the flea market. 

I heard the sound of a Motorcycle pulling up.  My heart pounded as I anxiously waited for him to knock on the door.  Finally the knock came but I let him knock another time so as not to act too anxious.

When I opened the door he stood there once again in full leather, only this time he had added a leather cap and riding leather gloves.  I must have gasped at his sight because he grinned confidently.

“Come on in.  I’ve been waiting for you.  Would you like a beer?”  I asked nervously.

He stepped in, pulled off one of his leather gloves, and finally spoke. “You like what you see, fucker? Get on your knees and put your hot lips around my cock.  I need a quick blow job to get me warmed up.”

 I handed him the cold beer I’d picked up on the way to the door, and motioned for him to have a seat, but instead he opened his jeans and pulled out his cock and balls.

” I told you to get over here on your knees and get your first load,” he said as he pushed me down on my knees and stuck his cock into my mouth.

 This dude was hot already.  I was hoping to get him to relax more so I would work his body over real well.  I gulped down his hardening cock as he held the back of my head to face fuck me.  It wasn’t long before I started to taste a hot load of his cum.  I milked it down as he continued to drink his beer.  Then he pulled away and said he wanted to use the pisser, so I directed him to the washroom.

While he was in the wash room I turned on some fuck films and was ready for him to return.  When he finally opened the door he was still fully dressed in his leather, but he had removed his jeans.  His cock was hanging out the front of his leather chaps and his beautiful round ass was completely exposed.  He opened his leather vest to show off his manly chest and tattoos.  I was stunned by his mere appearance.  He sat down, adjusted his balls, and placed one leg over the arm of the couch, exposing his low hanging balls and his hairy asshole. 

“Get your mouth over here and lick the sweat off my balls.  You didn’t finish the job this morning,” he demanded.

I didn’t hesitate for a second and practically leap between his legs to lick and suck on his big balls.  His ass was now ready for my servicing.   I took a deep whiff of his musky balls and ran my finger close to his hairy asshole.  I wet my finger and placed it just into the sphincter for a quick taste.  It was a bit moist from his body sweat.  The musky manly scent was intoxicating.  He reached for my head and shoved it into his ass.

“If you want to taste my funky ass hole, put your hot tongue in there and explore it right.  Yeah.  Cocksucker.  Put that ass licking tongue in there deep.  Lick that hole.  Clean it out good.  Mmmmmm. That’s it babe, make love to that ass.”  He lifted his leg even higher as I tongue fucked his asshole.

His ass crack had the smell of leather musk and sweat, which made me even hotter.  I wanted to rim his ass and lick all the funky taste from his hot hairy asshole.  I franticly grasped his body and buried my face in as deep as I could. He let out a moan of delight and held my face there for a few delightful moments then he released me again to let me come up for a breath.

“I have been looking for a cock slut ass-licking pig like you.  My old lady won’t even put her mouth to my cock.  Here you are eating my ass hole like it was candy.  Now get your mouth back to my balls and lick them some more.  I don’t want to cum too quickly this round.”

I happily went back to this hot dude's balls and worked them over good then placed my mouth back to his juicy cock.  After a few deep throat moves and tongue movements, I knew he was about to cum.  His cock was generous producing plenty of pre-cum juices, and then he quickly grabbed my head.

“Yeah, you fucking cum slut, swallow my man juice, he said.   “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!  That’s good.  Swallow it all cocksucker.  Down all my Fucken cum. Awwww.” 

I was so excited and turned on by this dude that I just kept my mouth over his beautiful cock drinking down the sperm.   I kept on sucking his still-hard cock hoping to get another load.  Much to my surprise he came again still gasping and moaning with pleasure.  I kept on sucking him until he came a third time, then after a few more minutes he came again.  I hadn’t even taken my mouth from his cock during the whole session.  He kept giving me load after load of cum.  I didn’t know where it was all coming from but we both seemed to love it.  This dude was a cum machine and I kept on pumping cum out of him until I finally had to take a breather.  I almost collapsed on the floor between his legs. I would have continued but my lips were becoming numb and my leg had fallen asleep. I took a deep breath and lay my head next to his warm wet balls.  I needed a break.

“Hey, cocksucker.  Did I say you were finished?  You’re gonna to need more training than this before you can satisfy me, and a few of my choice buddy. Do ya think you could handle a half a dozen, or so, of my biker buddies next week?” Rod said as he looked down at me on the floor.

“What did you have in mind? I haven’t had my fill of cock for quite some time.”

“I live down by the docks.   I’ve invited a few buddies over to watch the Saturday Night Game.  I’d like for you to be there to serve and wait on us, and then blow anyone that needs to get his nut.  You think you can handle that cocksucker, or are you going to sissy out?  The dudes are hot, hung, and horny and would get pleasure from having a good ‘cum slut’ like you to service them.    I’ll write down the address before I leave.  How about getting me off one more time before I split?” 

I was already fantasizing about sucking off his buddies.  I was ready to take him off again.  I got into position and continued sucking off my cum machine.  It wasn’t long before he shot off another sweet load.  I had lost count that night but I estimated I had gotten him off 6 or 7 times in the past 2 hours.  What a cum stud!  I wondered how he produced all that cum but I was not one to complain.  I love the taste of cum and was exuberant when a hot stud cock would shoot off in my mouth.  I guess I really was a cum slut cocksucker. 

Story by Dick Clinton at