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Mardi Gras Sailor, Part 04

Mardi Gras Sailor  

Continuing Adventures of Mike the sailor.

Part 04, Abducted

The next evening three of the Marines, Johnson, Jordan and McKinley dressed and headed out for a night of Mardi Gras celebration. Jordan had purchased an old Jeep from one of the ‘Grunts’ at the base, and it would serve as their transportation during the weekend. They made arrangements to meet at one of the local bars in case they got separated, but they all had the home address to meet later or the next day.

This was Mike’s first time at Mardi Gras. He was energized at the sights and sounds of the outrageously festive atmosphere. Soon they found a place to park the Jeep close to Bourbon and Canal Streets and were heading into a local saloon for some drinks. Before they could even maneuver thru the crowd to the saloon, an older man gave them all a free beer and said he was in the service when he was younger, gave us a salute, and disappeared into the crowd. The Party had begun.

Not only was it hard to find a place to stand, but also it was tough to stay together. Shortly Mike found himself separated from the other Marines. He spotted a vacant spot in the doorway of a closed shop and carefully squeezed into the opening and stood firm.

He took a swig on his beer, took a deep breath and prepared himself to watch the passing parade. Three men dressed in identical costumes joined him in the small entrance of the shop. The men were dressed as circus trapeze performers or acrobats with tights and open tank tops. Colorful eye mask covered their clean-shaved handsome faces. Each man’s upper body was muscular and perfectly defined, reminiscent of large jungle panthers. Mike had to move over to make room for the men as they surrounded him.

What do you say there swabbie? Are you dressed in costume or are you for real?” One of the men said to Mike while positioning himself close to his side.

Hi. I’m for real.” Mike smiled. “I’m on leave from Key West and came to enjoy the sights.” Mike responded.

You’re a good sight to look at, if I may be so bold, and you feel good too.” One of the men said as he cupped Mike’s firm ass in his hand. “I bet you get a lot of action when you are in that uniform.”

Suddenly Mike realized he was surrounded by three powerful hunks that could make him do whatever they wanted. They didn’t give the impression they would be interested in him sexually, but by the sounds of their bold actions; he felt a strong physically desire to submit to anything. The man facing him was already in progress of rubbing his awesome body against his. He could sense the firm muscular torso pressing against his. Another hand was now rubbing his cock while the man behind him was pressing firmly against his ass. Mike’s 13 buttons were carefully being unbuttoned one at a time, while his sailor bell-bottoms were being pulled down over his hips and over his bowling ball buttocks. The man in front of him leaned closer and started kissing him on the lips.

Mike was shocked at first by the openness of the men that were molesting him as they stood in the open doorway. Everyone around them on the street was either oblivious to the action that was taking place or they didn’t care. After all, it WAS Mardi Gras where anything could happen. Mike quickly responded back to the gentle loving kisses he was receiving. He felt a finger penetrate his asshole and he sighed.

Ah. We have a sensitive and willing sailor. Do we not?” The kissing man whispered in Mike’s ear. “Hey guys. Let’s give our visitor something to remember about the Mardi Gras. What do you say, swabbie?”

Sounds good to me!" Mike quickly responded. "Are you sure we can do this here in the doorway without getting caught?” Mike questioned.

That’s what makes it more fun. No one knows or cares what we’re doing, besides it is so crowded no one will even notice us.”
The finger fucking continued while the two men kissed. Mike felt his cheeks being parted and a dick was exploring the entry of his anus. More pushing and the dickhead began to open his sailor pussy ass. Mike reached around to help guide the cock into his asshole. He was surprised to find such a large cock but knew he could take it. He backed into the man and it popped thru the opening then deep into Mike’s body. Mike gasped at the fantastic yet painful penetration, and almost came. Someone gripped his cock tightly so he would not come yet. His first fucker paused, leaned forward, kissed the back of Mike’s neck, and whispered into his ear.

Oh swabbie! You’re going to give us some damn good fucking tonight, I can tell. What a sweet baby. Your ass is going to get a good working over tonight. Un huh.” He spoke to Mike in a foreign accent. “My name is Jock, and those are my brothers Zeke and Robby. Our other brother should be joining us soon. He was detained.” Jock continued, and then he slowly started fucking Mike’s ass.

Oh my God, Mike thought to himself. Three brothers have never fucked me at one time. This could be a record for me. I have taken on twins before, but never at the same time. This could be hot. I wonder if they’re all hung as big as Jock?

While Jock was fucking Mike’s ass, Zeke was still passionately kissing him while Robby was caressing his balls and dick. Jock fucked slow and easy enjoying each long withdrawal and deep penetration of his big penis in Mike’s ass.

Everyone was comfortable with the open session. A young teenager standing in the crowd near us, turned when Mike let out a moaning sound. He had his arm around his girl, but when she walked over to talk to some of her friends, he came closer to observe the scene. Robby caressed the teenager’s crotch and boldly unbuttoned the guys jeans, took out his cock, dropped to his knees and started giving him a blow job. Needless to say, the young stranger quietly gasped, shot a load of cum in Robby’s mouth, buttoned up and went back to find his girlfriend who was unaware of what had just happened.

Jock was about ready to shoot his load up Mike’s warm asshole. He wanted to fuck longer, but knew his brothers were hot to fuck some ass too. He gave little warning, closed his eyes and enjoyed his deep penetrating ejaculation. As soon as he pulled away from Mike’s ass, his other brother, Robby slurped down his wet cock to clean it of cum and body juices. Jake stopped kissing Mike and edged his way behind Mike’s cum fill ass. Jock took Jake’s place and gave Mike a deep tongue kiss.

Thanks babe. That was a good piece of sailor ass. Now Jake will fuck you next while I make love to you.”

Robby was still on his knees sucking on his brother Jake’s dick so it would be slippery to fuck Mike. No need for lubrication, because Mike was still filled with Jock’s warm cum.

Jake was now all set to penetrate Mike’s well-lubricated love tunnel. His dick was about the same length as his brother Jock, but he was thicker. The brothers always fucked by starting with Jock, who was nine inches long, and continued with the largest dick being last. This way they would relax their fuck partner or victims, so they could take the biggest dick last.

Jake spread Mike’s ass cheeks, pushed him forward while Robby guided his brother’s dick into Mike’s ass hole. Mike moved back to encourage the penetration. After his penis opened Mike’s tight sphincter, his cock easily slipped in. Another gasps of pleasure was heard from both Mike and Jake. Jake shuddered with pleasure then held Mike tightly in his arms waiting for him to grow accustomed to his thick cock.

Jock was still kissing and holding Mike in his arms while his brother was now using him for pleasure. Mike was so close to cumming that he gripped his own cock to slow down the orgasm, but Robby quickly engulfed his pulsating meat and encouraged it toward climax. Mike didn’t need much encouragement and after a few deep throat maneuvers he started to cum.

God this is so wild.” He uttered out. Three brothers at once! One was kissing him, after he had dumped his load into him, another brother was fucking his ass while the third brother was sucking the cum from his dick.

Mike released his built-up load into Robby’s welcoming mouth. His ass muscles tightened around Jake’s big thick cock. Jake was overcome with the excitement of the moment. He couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer. He gripped the firm buttocks and began pounding Mike’s ass harder and shooting his sperm deep into the warm crevice of Mike’s pulsating ass.

Mike could feel the gusher of cum shooting into his body by his fuck partner. His own cock was releasing wave after wave of cum down Robby’s throat. Jock’s kisses became more passionate. It was hard to breathe. He wanted to cry out with incredible pleasure, but he held steadfast, fearing that someone in the crowded area would misunderstand his cries of pleasure and think he was in danger.

Mike would have collapsed with pleasure, but the three brothers were so tightly entwined around him, he could only rest his head on Jock’s strong shoulder.

After a few moments of deep breathing and relaxing, Jake whispered in Mike’s ear. “Sailor boy. Are you okay? You sure are a wild one when you cum. We need to get you in a place where we can really work you over. You’re a good fuck.” As he slowly pulled his wet cock from Mike’s ass hole, he asked. “Where’s Robby? He needs to lick me clean.”

Robby was still savoring Mike’s cum, but quickly re-directed his attention to his brother’s cock to clean it of the remaining cum and body fluids after he had just fucked Mike. It was obvious by now, that Robby was the loyal servant of his brother’s demands. He was the cocksucker and cock cleaner during the brother’s sexual encounters. He began licking and cleaning Jake’s dick as commanded.

Mike started pulling his bell-bottoms back up over his butt, but Jake gripped his hand and said. “You need to be cleaned out before you leave. Robby is a good ass hole cleaner as well as a cock cleaner. Wait until he is finished with me then he will clean the overflowing juices from your asshole. He’s a real cum pig.” Jake continued. 

When Jake was satisfied that Robby had cleaned his cock well enough, he pushed Robby’s face into Mike’s wet ass. Robby happily licked and cleaned Mike’s ass opening, and then proceeded to penetrate his ass hole with deep tongue action, then Robby sucked his brother’s cum from his ass. It was kinky but very stimulating to Mike and he soon became hard once again. Jake and Jock continued to enjoy Mike’s company and conversation while Robby cleaned out Mike’s ass. Jock said for his brother’s to wait here while he was going to get us another beer and see if he could find his other brother.

Robby was satisfied that Mike’s ass was clean. He stood to take his turn to fuck, but before he could penetrate Mike, Jock hand returned with the cold beers and their other brother Peter.

Hey! What the hell you think you’re doing, asshole. You know I get to fuck before you.” Peter scowled at Robby.

So you’re Mike? Jock has been telling me all about you. I can see he was not exaggerating. You are a hot number. I’ve always enjoyed a man in uniform.“

Peter pushed himself into the doorway and gave Mike a quick kiss on each cheek.

Hello Mike. I’m Peter. You look very sexy. Jake, make me some room so I can get behind this hot little stud. I trust he is wet and juicy so I can get in easier. Mum! Yeah! You do feel nice. These butt cheeks feel nice and firm. Robby, get me nice and wet before I shove my 13 inches into this hot sailor’s ass.”
Robby was on his knees getting his brother wet so he could put his big cock up the sailor’s ass. Peter enjoyed his cock being sucked by Robby but he wanted to fuck Mike. He patted him on the head then directed his hard cock between the firm butt cheeks. He pushed him over so he could get the big head of his cock into the tender opening. Robby parted Mike’s cheeks to help his brother guide his hard cock into the pleasure hole. It was not easy to get his monster into the opening but once it was in, it started to slowly enter.

Mike bent over to receive Peter’s penis and leaned against Jock for support. Jock had taken his cock from his tights and shoved it into Mikes gasping mouth. He moved back hoping to take Peter’s cock with ease. It was not only 13 inches long, but thicker than a beer can. He paused, but before he was ready for more entry, Peter gripped his hips and shoved it all the way in. This caused Mike to moan out with pain and pleasure. Peter had hit his prostate and Mike immediately shot a load right on the tile floor beneath him. Peter didn’t stop fucking. He began to fuck him hard like a wild steer.
Never once did he pause from his brutal impaling of Mike’s warm asshole, until they heard a stranger’s voice. The men turned to see who had spoken. All Mike could see between Jock’s legs were a pair of black shoes and pants. It was a cop! No! Two New Orleans cops facing the men in the doorway.

Oh fuck!” Mike said in a quiet fearful voice. “They’ve caught us fucking. Now what am I going to do? Shit!”

Are we enjoying the parade men?” one of the cops said very casually.

Everyone froze. Peter stopped pumping Mike’s ass. Jock turned slightly around to face the cops, while Robby remained hidden on his knees watching his brother fuck Mike’s ass. Jake remained quietly next to Mike who was still bent over with Peter’s cock buried deep in his ass. Then the one cop looked us over and unmistakably knew what was going on.

Have a good time men, but don’t lean against the store windows too hard or you could set off the store alarm.” Then he and the other cop turned around to watch the parade and stood in the doorway like two guards, making sure no one disturbed us.

A sigh of relief and a soft nervous laughter was heard from everyone. Peter gripped Mike’s buttocks and slowly started fucking again. I was still taken aback by the cop’s reactions, but soon I began enjoying the deep plunges Peter was giving my ass. The session continued until Peter began fucking me harder and faster. I was concerned that the sounds of his gasping for air would draw more attention from the cops. I looked around the side of Jake’s leg to observe the cops reaction. One cop turned around a little when Peter let out his final grunt, and dumped a huge load deep inside my asshole. The love juices oozed from my anus, over my balls, and down the inside of my leg and into my pants. As Peter slowly pulled out, Robby was quickly licking away the excess cum from his cock and my ass.

I gradually stood to adjust my pullover as Robby pulled up my bell-bottoms Sweat was dripping from my well-used body caused by the New Orleans humidity and the wild fuck I had just received. I placed my cap back on my head, buttoned my pants and took a few deep breaths of air. One of the men handed me a refreshing beer. Now what? I thought.

Mike realized it was time for him to find his Marine companions so he could get a ride home later on. The men exchanged phone numbers and addresses and Mike squeezed his way out of the crowded doorway. What a way to start the evening! As he excused himself between the two cops still guarding the doorway, one cop said to Mike.

Sailor boy. We need to have a little talk with you, son. Come with us to our squad car parked here in the alley.” He gripped Mikes arm and guided him thru the crowd.

“You must think we don't know whats going on. We've overlooked your game playing for now, but if you want to stay out of the Navy brig, you better cooperate.” one of the police men said as he forced me through the crowd.

I had noticed the two hot looking cops standing at the entrance of the door way where I was fucked and sucked by the four studly foreign men from the circus for the last hour or so. I knew we were not as quiet as we should have been, but the noise of the carnival crowd blended right in with a few of our sexual moans and groans. I saw the Police man turn around a few times when we were exceptionally loud, and I sensed at the time they knew what we were doing, and yet they let us be.

Now I was literally being dragged through the crowd to the dark alley where they had parked their car. I only hoped they didn't plan on taking me to the Brig and have the MP’s pick me up for sexual misbehaving in a public place. That would sure mess up my weekend here in New Orleans.

“Okay swabbie get to the back of the car where we can frisk you.”

I immediately obeyed and stood so he could frisk me. I got a quick glance at both cops. They were almost identical in height and body structure. I had checked out their butts before as they stood in front of us in the door way entrance of the store front. As far as seeing their faces, they were still a mystery to me. All I could tell was that one was a white man and the other was a light coco color. Perhaps a black man or a Chicano.

As I stood cautiously waiting to see what was going to happen as one of the cops slowly ran his hands up and down my body two slow and deliberate times. This was more that a body frisk, this was a body caress. Then he roughly turned me around and started unbuttoned my whites. I was already starting to get a hard on knowing what might happen.

“Drop your whites and shorts. I think we need to make sure you don't have any drugs in your anus. Bend over and spread them.”

Story By Dick Clinton at eyeMrich1@msn.com
Word count. 2,836, 07/29/2005

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