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Life as a Young Sailor, Y.M.C.A.

Life as a young sailor

The Y.M.C.A.
Story by Dick Clinton

One of the outstanding things I remember about being in the navy was the action taking place at the Y.M.C.A. Most every large city had a Service Mans ‘Y’ where many men on a short leave or pass would congregate. It was not only clean but less expensive than the family ‘Y’ and usually filled with a hot bunch of horny service men ready to ‘let loose’ and try anything to ‘get off’.

I remember this one time at the Baltimore ‘Y’ where I spotted two of the sailors stationed at the same location I was at Baindbridge Training School. I had seen these two outstanding hunks several times and often wondered about their close relationship. I had registered a few hours earlier and when I got in the elevator to go to my room, they joined me. One of the guys, a handsome blond sailor gave me a quick nod and continued to chat with his tall dark hair sailor friend. I thought they recognize me even though there were hundreds of service men at the Training School.

I was interested to find out what these two married men were up to. They didn’t look like the kind to cruise the showers and halls for a good time. The blond sailor, which I’ll call Duke, was about 18, 5 ft 11 inches tall, medium build, showed a nice bulge, a nice firm butt, and a charming smile. The taller dark hair sailor, I’ll call Tex, about 19 or older, was very well built, had an even bigger bulge in his tailored whites and solid firm buttocks.

We all got off at the 4th floor where they had taken a double room. I was fortunate to have the room across the hall from them, which I’ll explain later.

They proceeded to drop off their duffel bags, strip off their clothes, and head for the showers together. I was determined to calmly join them so to get a good look at their naked bodies. I was delightfully surprised at the casual way they flaunted their perfectly sculptured bodies and large cocks. Soon they finished showering, shaved, and headed back to their rooms with their towels flung over their shoulders as if to exhibit to the other men what proud and hot looking men they were.

The men when into their double room, left the door open and lay naked on their beds. Luckily my room was directly across from theirs. I begin to be a little self-conscious about my apparent hard on under my towel, and started to slowly close my door, but before I did, one of the sailors called out to me. I looked up and Tex motioned for me to come to their room. I thought perhaps I was to be harassed but because of my sexual desire I cautiously stepped to the doorway.

“Hey mate! Come in and shut the door. We won’t bite, unless you like that sort of thing.” Tex laughed. “We saw you in the showers with us and thought you might like to do us a favor. You’re a nice clean-cut dude and have a good size piece of meat on you. Do you have a desire to be our buddy tonight and have sex with either or both of us? I’m the top and my buddy Duke can be top or bottom. What do ya say?“

I was stunned at their candor and sexually bewildered. WOW. Two of the hottest looking guys I seen in a long time and they were asking me if I’d have sex with them! I was astonished and almost speechless. I took a deep breath and tried to respond without making a fool of myself.

“Excuse me? Let me see if I have this right. You want to know if I want to have sex with the both of you?”

“Yeah? If that’s all right with you? Duke said as he looked at Tex as if to wonder at my question. You are a homo, aren’t you? I just assumed at your glances in the shower that you wanted some fun. So? What do ya say?”

I looked at Tex then at Dude and said. “Sure. You dudes are hot…but what’s the catch?”

“What’s your name? I’m Duke and this is Tex.”


“Mike you look like an honest dude and we want you to watch our backs. Last time we were here, someone robbed our tip jar and we lost about $200.00. Tonight we don’t want that to happen again. We need you to be here with us while we fuck, get fucked and sucked.

“It’s like this. You fuck me bareback and shoot a big load up my ass for lubrication, but every one else that fucks me uses a rubber. Tex lays back and let dudes suck on his 9-inch cock or set on his cock until the guy gets off. If they want him to fuck them, they wear a rubber that we’ll provide.

We want you to pimp for us tonight. We’ll give you the glass tip jar and you request they give us a tip of $10.00 or more, not a fee, but a tip. You stay here in the room and encourage guys to come in and have sex. We’ll have sleep mask over our eyes in case we recognize someone or visa versa. You’ll select the dudes that come into the room for sex, but not more than two people in the room at once. Be sure to encourage a tip before they have sex, and if they want to add more latter, or come back for seconds, that’s okay too.”

“Are you agreeable to do this? Any question before you fuck me and shoot a big load up my ass? If not, you can get started by putting this lube on your cock. It’s has been about 7 days since I had a good fucking so start off slow. I might point out, we’re both straight and we don’t kiss! We recognize that we have hot bodies, big cocks and love sex, and it’s a good way to make some extra money on the side.”

“Do you want me on my belly or on my back? I can do it in either position but I like to peek out from my mask and watch the dude’s faces when they cum up my ass. Let’s do it with my legs on your shoulders this first time. Go easy and let me guide it in, then you can use me as you please.”

Man this was hot. These dudes where awesome. I just hoped I didn’t cum too fast the first time. I’d never been in this arrangement before. I’d just come out this year and every gay encounter was new and exciting to me. I started to close the door but Tex shook his head no.

“If we leave the door open it will let others know we are open for business.”

I lifted Duke’s strong muscular legs to my shoulders while he gripped my hard cock and guided it to his tight brown fuck hole. It took a few tries but he finally edged the head of my cock in his opening. He suddenly pulled me towards him and it went all the way in with one warm and sensuous entry. We both sighed and then I started fucking slow and easy. Fuck! This dude was tight and so warm inside. I hadn’t fucked many asses before and this was beyond description. All I knew it felt so damn first-rate.

“Take your time Mike. You feel good in me. Just the right size. Umm Yeah! When Tex fucks he gets so rough that I almost pass out. He makes me cum about three times before he cums up my ass. Give me a good fuck and dump a big load and lubricate me good. Oh yeah, Mike. You really know how to fuck. I’d like to watch you fuck my ‘ole lady’ sometime. Mummm. Just like that. Deeper. Feels so damn good. You don’t have to be gentle. I can take it.”

Duke gripped my firm ass and pulled me tighter against his body. For a guy that claims to be straight, he sure likes to get his ass fucked….but who am I to judge? I know several straight dudes that enjoy getting their butts fucked.

I was so engrossed in fucking Duke’s ass that I forgot Tex had left their door open again. Tex was standing by our bed jacking on his big cock while a small number of guys slowly strolled by the opened door. I turned my head to detect Text’s cock about an inch from my face. His nice-looking cock was uncut but the foreskin had eased back from his large cock head. Clear pre-cum was oozing from the large piss slot at the opening of his penis.

He moved closer as I opened my mouth to taste his wet salty cock head. I opened wide as he eased part of his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the sumptuous large tulip shaped cock head. I was so hot fucking Duke and sucking Tex that I couldn’t hold back any more. My nuts were beginning to release my load into my sailor partner’s wet, warm aperture.

“Fuck man! I can feel your big cock pulsing and hot cum dumping a big load up my ass. Yeah. That’s great. That’s what I want. Give it to me Mike. Give it all to me. I need that load. Oh God. I’m cumming too. Fuck! Fuck! Un Huh. Ahh Yeah. Good one, Mike. Yeah. Yeah. Ummmm.”

Duke twitched a few times then took a deep breath. After a few moments of sexual pleasure Duke continued.

“Just let your cock soak in my ass before easing out. Pull out slow and easy. Let some of your cum ooze out of my hole and wet my ass crack. Guys like that. Hope the other guys are as hot a fucker as you are. Hey Tex. I think we picked a good one here. I wouldn’t mind getting fucked by you again Mike. Thanks.”

I moved out slow and could feel my warm cum and body juices oozing down Duke’s ass crack. I rubbed his chest and smeared his cum over his tight abs. He had cum the same time I did. I gripped Texas big cock and went down on him once to show him I wanted him sometime tonight. He rubbed the back of my head and said “Later.” In a soft sexy voice. He handed me the glass jar that said ‘Tips’. Inside was a 10 and a 20-dollar bill to encourage the other guys.

I set on the chair at the foot of the bed. A guy had been standing in the doorway as I fucked Duke. He stepped inside, fell to his knees between my legs, and started sucking on my semi soft cum covered cock. I looked up at Tex and he smiled. I let the guy clean my cock and ask him if he wanted to fuck Duke or get fucked by Tex.

“Really?” They’re so hot. I’d love to get fucked but don’t know if I can take that big dude’s cock. Can I just suck on him instead?” I held up the tip jar while he reached in his shirt pocket and pulled out three $5s. . I nodded. He went over to where Tex had seated himself on the bed, spread eagle. He nodded to the guy as he knelt on the floor and started to lick on Texas balls and suck on his dick.

Another guy had stepped in the door, leaned over to me and said.

“Can I eat out that other guys’ ass then fuck him? I have some money here for a tip. I was watching you fuck his ass and you left a big load. I’d love to eat your load out then fuck the hell out of that butch dude. He’s hot.”

“Sure. But I have to put this rubber on your cock before you fuck him.”

“That’s fine with me but you’ll have to suck on me to get me good and hard before the rubber will go on.”

“My pleasure man. Stand close and let me suck on it. Wow! You’ve got a big cock. Maybe I should use the bigger condom on you. Nice balls too. Don’t cum while I get you hard. Duke is a great fuck. I know you’ll enjoy it.” I said as I started sucking on his cock. Then as it got harder I carefully pulled the rubber over his cock. He moved between Duke’s legs and started licking and caressing his buttocks.

Meanwhile the other guy was doing an excellent job sucking on Texas big beautiful cock. He turned to me and said.

“I want to try to take it up my ass. Please put a condom over his cock while I put some lube up my ass. I may not be able to do this, but it might be fun trying. Wow. What a cock.”

He started putting lube up his ass as I unrolled a large condom over Texas big cock. I hope this cock fits up his ass. When Tex was hard his cock must be a good solid thick 9-1/2 to 10 inches of man hood. This was going to be a fun evening. I could see at least three other good-looking guys anxious to join the fuck and suck session.

This orgy continued for several hours before Tex and Duke called a recess. We had lost track of the service men that had partaken in the session but the tip jar was jammed with 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills. I was amazed how easy it was to encourage these young men to have sex with other men. I felt several were new at this man-to-man game, but it gave them an excuse to let go of their sexual hang-ups and desires for wild masculine sex.

As I watched the men having sex with my two new friends, I had been sucked by other men, and came 3 times. I hadn’t planned to cum this many times, but with all the action going on around me, and some hot mouths around my cock, how could I refuse?

I decided to go to my room and rest while Tex and Duke went to the showers to wash and clean up. I immediately fell asleep but a few minutes later I heard a commotion in the hallway. When I opened the door, Tex and Duke were being manhandled by a hot looking marine. It seemed the Marine had observed the action-taking place in the room earlier, so when Tex and Duke were showering, the marine made some comment and called them ‘fucking whore fags’. Well that didn’t go over too well with my two sailor friends, (after all, they were straight married men. Yeah right!)

They was some shoving and name calling until Duke and Tex grabbed the Marine and forced him down the hall to their room.

“Mike. Give us a hand here. It seems our ass hole marine friend needs a little discipline.”

Duke had opened the door and managed to throw the Marine on one of the beds. It was two powerful determined sailors against one muscular and angry marine. He finally gave in and lay flat on his stomach while Tex straddled his body and set on his buttocks while Duke set at his head holding his arms against the bed.

“You damn son-of-a-bitch, cock sucking fagot whores. Let me up so I can beat your funky assholes. How many dicks did you take up your ass, Punks? Let me up I said.”

“Oh listen to his nasty mouth. Perhaps we should wash it out with something. Dude. I think I need to piss. Shall we give our buddy some warm piss to clean out that nasty mouth?”

“Gnaw. That would be too good from him right now. Why don’t we show him how good it is to have nice big sailor salami up his poop shoot? I’ve often wanted to fuck a Marines ass hole. I hear they’re nice and tight.

We decided to shut the door to the room and have some fun with this hot and studly marine. He really looked like he was angry or he was putting on a good act.

Tex and Duke proceeded to pull down his khakis and undershorts. His beautiful solid muscular buttocks were so hot looking. Duke started playing around with his ass while struggling to remove his clothes. The marine finally realize these two sailors where just too powerful for him so he gave in for the moment.

Tex started fingering the marines ass and ran his finger up and down his ass crack. The marine tighten his buttock forming large dimples on each side of his cheeks. He was beautiful. Tex motioned for me to come over and feel his ass and place my finger in his ass hole. I was more than willing, but as Tex moved off just a little bit, the marine thought he might try to get up again but my that time I was between his cheeks and kissing his butt. He laid there wondering what I might do next. I started running my tongue up and down his butt crack and placing my finger close to his tight anus.

The marine relaxed as I forced his buttock apart and buried my face deep in his butt crack. I finally found his tight puckering hole and placed my wet tongue in as deep as I could.

“You fuckers. Keep your hands off my ass, you perverts. Keep you hands off me or I’ll beat the fuck out of all three of you mother. Fucken fag slut. Keep away from me, Let me up. Let me up, I say.” He kept yelling out.

“Keep your Fucken mouth shut or I’ll shove my cock down your throat.” Dude said to the marine as he slapped his semi-hard cock across his face.
Story by Dick Clinton.

Look for more sailor stories soon. 

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