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My Brother's Journals Exposed.Part 01

My Brother’s Journals Exposed-Part 01

Story by Richard Barber at

On my younger brother’s 16th Birthday I gave Shawn a leather covered journal so he could record his thoughts and experiences about the family, friends, school, hobbies and sport events.

He has always been a very handsome young man and very active in sports and kept himself in good health and condition. I was very proud of Shawn, but being 5 years his senior, we had never develop a close relationship until this past summer while I was on my vacation from college.

One day when we were out by the pool Shawn had left his Journal on a table open to the last entry he had completed. I respected his privacy but glanced at the first page just to see what he had entered. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I was shocked at first and discovered many secrets about my handsome younger brother. Here is what was revealed.

Journal of my Life’, by Shawn J. Johnson.

Brief history of our family.

I was born into a wealthy Boston family. My grandfather J. J. Johnson was a State Senator and a well know attorney with a prosperous law firm. When he died my father Jason II continued to manage the business and my older brother Jason III was expected to continue on with the family business.

My brother Jason is presently attending a University in Santa Barbara, California and I only see him when he returned during college breaks and holidays. I always looked up to Jason and admired his well developed body and athletic skills. He is intelligent, handsome, has great hair and striking green eyes. He got his looks from our family’s Irish background.

I was never personally close to him mainly because of our age difference. While I was attending my early academy classes, he had all ready graduated from high school. He always treated me as an adult and often introduced me to his male mates as his buddy. I think I have a crush on him, but never had the nerve to let him know. I still fantasize about making love to him and letting him fuck the hell out of me. I once caught him jacking off in the shower but he never knew I was watching. He is an awesome and sexy looking man.

My First Sex Encounters.

Our family lives in a very large home in an exceptional suburban area of North Boston. We have a large staff of servants in the home and the surrounding estate. My older cousins and my Uncle Bob spent much of their time at our home. During my early preteens my cousins, Adam, Jerry and dad’s brother, Uncle Bob taught me about sex.

Adam and Jerry live near by and we often spend the days swimming and hanging together. We often play games and wrestle. I enjoy the closeness of their well developed bodies and feeling their hard dicks pressing against me. We shower together and proudly flaunted our hard dicks. Even though I am the youngest I have a good 7 inch cock, compared to Adams 8 inches and Jerry’s big 9 inch cock. This led to other sexual adventures and I developed a talent and craving to suck cock and swallow cum. 

My Uncle Bob is a tennis pro and uses our tennis courts for practice while he lives in one of the guest houses. He teases me and pats me on my butt telling me I have a nice ass. I like my Uncle Bob very much and when he said he wanted to fuck my ass, I was more than willing to let him try. The first time we did it was in the Pool house behind the main house where he changes clothes and showers after his tennis games. We arranged to meet in the pool house where we had our first anal sex. 

It wasn’t as difficult as I feared and discovered it was more pleasure than painful. He lubricated his dick and massaged my ass hole with his fingers until he thought I was ready to take his thick 9 ½ inch cock deep in my virgin hole. I wanted to please him so much so I relaxed and let him use me for his pleasure. I found it rather pleasing, especially when his cock rubbed against my prostate and I shot my first wet orgasm when I was 12. He fucked me for about 30 minutes and came in me two times. He said I was made for ass fucking and wanted to share my tight ass with some of his tennis mates. I enjoyed being fucked that first time, and was looking forward getting fucked again by Uncle Bob and his buddies. I had already become a good cocksucker and now I was ready to enjoy sex to its fullest. 

One of Uncle Bobs tennis players buddies with me at the pool house. 

Not long after my first fuck from Uncle Bob he shared my ass with another of his tennis partners. Soon it became a weekly activity for him to bring a new buddy, and sometimes 3 other men to fuck me. I thought it was great to share my body with these hunky guys besides; I loved the attention and the good feeling of sex. It was awesome. 

I use the spare cot in the back room for my sexual activity. When I knew I’m going to have company I'd prepare myself, strip naked, lie on my stomach and let them use me. I heard Bob tell one of the other men I was his pussy boy slut. I loved it. I often wondered how dad would take it if he knew I was being fucked by his brother Bob and his buddies. I only wished dad would suddenly appear and fuck ‘his boy’ as well. My dad is a hot looking man. 

This past month I told my cousins Adam and Jerry that Uncle Bob was fucking my ass and how much I liked it. Soon they were fucking me on a regular basis too. They'd come over a couple times a week just to get sucked or to fuck me. They said I was better sex than their girlfriends. Even now that they are married they still come by to have sex with me. While we were preparing for Adam’s wedding they both fucked me in the dressing room before the wedding. I was now 16 and Adam’s best man. They both sure love fucking my ass. I’m just a busy sex machine male nymph. I still can’t seem to get enough cock to suck or to fuck me. 

Our Chauffeur, Jeff

My father employees a good looking chauffeur that drives for him and takes care of our automobiles. I came by one day when Jeff was washing one of the cars. He was shirtless and revealing his hot hairy body. He was wearing tight jean cut-offs that emphasized his firm butt and bulging cock hanging down his right leg. I immediately knew I had to have sex with him. He was awesome. I set on the edge of the driveway and watched him for a while. Then while he was giving the auto some finishing touches, he wave, groped his cock and headed into the garage. I took this as a sign to follow him.

Once inside the garage he turned and motioned for me to come into his apartment. He stood there for a moment, smiled and groped his hard cock again. I instinctively dropped to my knees, unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the floor. Out popped his 8 inch cock. I caressed it and licked the oozing piss slot and began to engulf it into my mouth.

After a few short minutes of sucking his cock, he gave me a big thick load of cum. His cock remained hard while I cleaned the cum from him and continued to suck on his hairy balls.

I stripped off my clothes, leaned over his bed and offering him my ass. He dropped to his knees and proceeded to eat my ass. This was the first time anyone had ever rimmed my ass. It was a great sensation. 

After a few minutes he stood and guided his hard cock to my anus. He roughly shoved it in all the way on his first attempt. I immediately shot a load on his bed. He rough fucked me for about 25 minutes and shot a big load up my ass. After he pulled out, he started rimming me once again and sucked out his own cum from my ass. He’s kinky but I like it. 

We have to be discreet about our meetings but we managed to get together quite often for some wild sex even though I was only 17. I think he was the first man that I had a crush on and the first man I actually kissed and made love to.

Our Gardener, Angelo.

Our gardens were quite extensive so we have a chief gardener and several other men to attend the yards. One day when I was coming back from a bicycle ride, and entered the main gate, I noticed some men working in the wooded area. It was Angelo, the chief gardener the older Italian man. I had to take a pee so I dropped my bike in the road and went into the bushes. Just as I took out my dick, I looked up and notice Angelo was about to take a piss too. As I was checking him out, he winked and pulled out a huge uncut cock and started pissing. I was mesmerized at this beauty. He winked and motioned for me to come closer.

I slowly approached him and positioned my hand on his big cock. It was larger around than my wrist. When it got hard it must have been 11 inches long. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to the ground. I guided his large cock to my mouth tasting some warm piss and dried cum. I tried to suck on his cock, but I could hardly get my mouth around the head. After a bad attempt to suck him, he pulled me up and turned me over a nearby stump. I pulled down my Spandex giving him permission to use my bare ass. I didn’t know if I could take his big cock, but I was in no position to change my mind. He wet his fingers and placed them to my ass hole. He guided two fingers in my hole and finger fucked me until I was ready to take his cock. He put his rough callused hand over my mouth to keep me from yelling, pressed against me and guided his cock to my hole and eased into my anus. When he had passed the ring he knew I was ready and shoved it all the way in. I tried to yell but his hand still covered my mouth. 

I had been fucked by several guys before and this but was the first time I had any pain from being fucked. He stretched my hole and touched places inside me where no cock had ever been before. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure/pain, but he held me close and nibbled on my neck and talked dirty to me in Italian.

 Right after he first began his fucking movements, I shot my first load. He became more excited and then he started fucking me hard and rough. By this time I had grown accustomed to his big cock and was having such pleasure I wanted to yell. Angelo fucked me for about 15 minutes and when he came, I came again. I could feel his hot warm cum shooting into my hole like a garden hose. It was awesome.

When he finished fucking me, he made me clean off his cock and lick off the extra juices. He rubbed my head and glanced over to Benito his 17 year old son that was watching us fuck. He motioned for him to come over. His cock was not as big as his fathers but it was still bigger than most boys his age. I took his cock into my mouth and gave him a good blow job while his father watched. When they finished having sex with me they both just left me squatting on the ground with my stomach full of cum and my used ass hole dripping with overflowing cum. Angelo’s and his son Benito fucked me a few times later that summer. It’s an exciting thing to have sex in the woods.

Benito, the Gardner’s son.

Benito was a hot little fucker, even though he didn’t have an 11 inches cock like his papa, he was hung very well. The first time I blew him in the woods, I thought he was shy, but I realized later when we were alone, it was because his papa was watching.

I had just come back from horseback riding one day, and was using the employees open showers at one end of the stables. Benito suddenly showed up, stripped off his work clothes, and proceeded to join me in the showers.

Without warning, he took me in his strong muscular arms and started kissing me passionately. He was a damn good kisser and I wanted to continue longer. He had to get back to work before his papa missed him.

I was unaware how great a body he had. He always wore sloppy work clothes but seeing him naked, I realized he was and awesome stud. A fine line of dark hair ran between his pecs, down his muscular stomach and to the dark bush of hair around his 10 inch cock. He was such a hot guy.

He motioned for me to turn around, and I gladly bent over to offer him my love canal. He quickly guided his cock to my ass crack and into my ass hole. This was the first time Benito was going to fuck me. I usually gave him a quick blow job behind the bushes or in the garden Gazebo. He was an emotional hot Italian and likes to talk to me in Italian as I sucked him off.

I never knew what he was saying but he sure loved fucking my mouth and dropping a load deep down my throat.

He humped me roughly and slapped by bare wet buttocks and started talking to me like before, but this time it seemed harsher and more demanding. It was over too soon, and he was about to cum. Then he began fucking me so hard and so roughly that I had to lean against the wall to keep from falling. Damn did he cum. He was wilder than I’d ever seen him before. I could feel the warmth of his load of cum emptying inside me, and the beat of his heart from his pulsating cock. It was a great fuck but not over with yet. 

After he came and pulled his sensational fuck tool from my cum filled ass hole, he turned me around and started kissing me again and began jacking on my cock. I came after a few strokes of his callused hand, and shot all over his crotch and balls. When we came down from our sexual high, we finished showering, dressed, and went our separate ways until the next time. We made arrangements to meet in the showers each Tuesday after my horseback ride. We never talked too much, just kissed passionately, and fucked. It’s nice to be the bosses’ son. 

Story by Richard Barber,
Word Count, 2621

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