Cowboy in the High-Rise

Cowboy in the High-Rise

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By Dick Clinton

I was living in Scottsdale a few years ago and often went to downtown Phoenix. There had just completed building a new high-rise condominium complex on Central North and were viewing model apartments to prospective buyers. I had driven by several times and was curious what they were offering. I stopped in late one afternoon just as they were closing but a young man about 25 was locking up the building. I didn’t know they had closed so I approached the front entry and pulled on the door. He had not locked this one yet so I entered. He came over to me and told me they had all gone home and he was closing up. I guess I looked disappointed as I started to head out the door. He said he could show me the apartments anyway but he had to lock the front doors.

 He was not dressed like a salesperson at all. He had on tight Levi jeans, booths, and cowboy shirt. Very neat, clean-shaved face and a hard trim body.

He had the hottest looking ass I’d seen all week and a sexy cowboy swagger.

We arrived at the models on the top floors of the high-rise. We quickly looked thru a couple furnished models, but I was more interested in him. We went to the last model and had entered the furnished bedroom. I thought to myself if I was going to make my move it would be now or never. I saw a wedding band on his finger, but that never stopped a man from getting a little sex activity on the side. I was looking at the closet and I leaned back into him placing my hand to his crotch. He did not move back so I started rubbing him. He started to get hard, so I turned around and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, then his pulled down his shorts. His cock was hard and immediately popped out of his shorts. I was amazed at the size of this little man’s big cock. He moved back and set himself on the nearby bed. I pulled his pants down further so I could get between his legs but realized I would have to take off one boot and pull one leg of his jeans off so I could get closer to him. I pulled the boot off then his jeans and shorts off one leg. I then had room enough to get between his legs and service his cock.


As I was removing his boot and pant his cock remained hard. I then proceeded to lick his warm tasty balls and run my tongue up the shaft of his big cock. He tasted great, so manly and clean. Like I said, I was surprised at the size of this big 8-inch cock on this small-framed cowboy. He had a nice set of low hanging ball as well. I wet one finger and placed it near his moist asshole. His legs parted as I buried my head between his legs to inhale his musky cowboy scent. His legs parted even further. I couldn’t resist. I lifted his legs up over my shoulders and started licking his ass crack until I found his puckering hole. He gasped as I started tongue fucking his tight pink anus. I ate him out for a short time and could tell he was going to shoot his load. I continued to service his ass, balls and then back to his big hard pulsating cock. I could feel his body ready to release his load. I continued sucking until he started moaning with pleasure and then he shot his sperm into my mouth. He shook, trembled, and gasps several times as he gushed out several big spurts of warm delicious cum. He was a hot wild cowboy and rode my mouth for all it was worth.


When I finished drinking his cum he set up and shook his head and said to me. “I sure wasn’t expecting that. I have never had a man give me a blow job in my life. That was so much better than my wife ever did, and she would never takes my cum. I was surprised you did but it was sensational.” He then stood pulling up his pants and shorts and set back down to put on his boot. I walked to the door of the apartment and waited for him to take me down stairs and let me out the door.

We went down the elevator and acted as though nothing had happened. We headed for the door and then he handed me one of the building brochures about the apartments. He said to me, as I was about to leave. “The time schedule is on that brochure and I always close up. I am here 7 nights a week so if you want to drop by again after closing I could let you in again.” I smiled and nodded my head as he opened the locked door to let me out.

I made several trips to visit him at the building until about a month later some tenants started to move in. He still let me in but they were hiring a doorman so it was more difficult making arrangements to meet. I must have sucked his cock 12 or more times in one of the model apartments. He told me he was going to be working at another office building in downtown Scottsdale and we could continue meeting there.

Every time I drive by that building I think of the good times I had sucking off his hot cowboy there on the top floors. He was really a hot number.

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